Douglas Questions Tashima’s TUSD MAS Ruling

On Friday, after Judge Wallace Tashima ruled that an Arizona law, A.R.S. 15-112, was unconstitutional, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas called on lawmakers to work with her to develop a constitutional law that would prevent educators from engaging in hate-based pedagogy.

In his ruling, Judge Tashima found A.R.S. 15-112, which prohibited classes that promote the overthrow of the United States government or promote resentment towards a race or class of people, to be unconstitutional based on his belief that the law was passed for racist purposes. Tashima based his finding mostly on the racist rants by Douglas’ predecessor John Huppenthal.

“I am disappointed with the Judge’s ruling in this case. I am looking forward to a scheduled meeting with Legislative leadership next week. My first item on the agenda, will be to see if we can find a legislative remedy to the judge’s ruling,” said Superintendent Douglas in a press release.

“I am supportive of teaching history and cultural studies,” added Douglas, “but I don’t understand why the Judge felt he needed to strike down the entire law. The provisions that prevent tax payer [sic] dollars being used for classes that promote the overthrow of the United States Government or promote resentment towards a race or class of people, just sound like common sense to me. Those should stay,” concluded Douglas.

[Read Tashima’s finding here]

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7 Comments on "Douglas Questions Tashima’s TUSD MAS Ruling"

  1. Just another judge that puts his personal feelings above the law.

  2. Progressives and their ideology believe our Constitution as it stands needs to be changed. Within that Constitution, it lays out how change can come about, the Courts are not where changes are made.

  3. the progressive ruling is more about the destruction of the constitution than the matter it ruled on – the desire is globalism – the means ; anything that can inflict disarray in the rule of law makes the system weaker till it collapses – that’s the plan in all regards and we’re watching that happen.

    • Agree completely Billy…. Right before our eyes…..

    • You’ve already supported the collapse of the Constitution, the rule of law, with your support of illegals. Now you are just once again diffusing, diverting the issue to protect the ‘integrity’ of Radical Chicanos, your Wannabe compadres.

  4. Working Man Blues | December 30, 2017 at 9:35 am |

    While I agree with Douglas opinion. Nonetheless. Her opinion and .50 cents won’t even buy you a cup of coffee anymore. She has no political clout at the state legislative level.

  5. In our legal system, judges are not authorized to overturn laws which are constitutional as written because the judge believes the intent of someone advocating for the law did so because of bigotry, a bigotry that the judge has divined by reading that person`s mind. The legislature, not Arizona`s Superintendent of Public Instruction at the time, John Huppenthal, passed the bill and the Governor signed it into law to make sure tax dollars were not used to teach hate in our schools. The law does not need to be rewritten for the simple reason that the judge was wrong to find it unconstitutional and the remedy for this improper decision is for the appropriate authority, probably the Governor or the Legislature, to appeal Judge Tashima`s decision to the appropriate court. To allow the decision to stand by not appealing it will leave the impression for some in the public that Judge Wallace Tashima was right and that Arizona passed an unconstitutional law because the legislature and the Governor are racist when that charge is nothing more than the result of a bad decision by a judge or the use of that judges office to smear as racist our legislature and governor. I have not read the decision but did Judge Tashima also call for a boycott of our State?

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