Arizona Leaders React To Tax Reform Vote

The House and Senate vote on Tuesday for a massive tax overhaul. The bill passed on a 227-203 vote in the House with 12 Republicans voting in opposition. The Senate voted 51-48 shortly before 1 a.m. All Republicans voted in favor of the bill.


  1. Kirsten Sinema is a joke. She tries sooo hard to pretend she’s not a radical leftist.
    She is NOT qualified or deserving to a Senator.
    She will serve her democrat party and ONLY her democrat party when it comes to undoing the quagmire her leftist ideology has created.
    She did NOT vote to help working families keep some of their hard earned dollars. She voted with her party and not for US the people who pay her $175K year salary.

  2. counting chicken’s before they hatch….maybe not wise right now? it all sound’s like a wonderful tax plan ahead…YOUR over reacting after the tax victory buzz…just relax.. time will tell, if this is fake new’s for the middle class , what’s real new’s right now? want to to see, who can out rich who……….ooooooooo….now i need a now i need a Pepto bizmal ……..

  3. i’ll give the powerful one’s credit for something…they passed something….it seem’s by there word’s this tax plan should make people happier, whistle while you work next year?……….give it a chance…if it work’s …..for the hard working working people …………….we’ll see…trillion’s in dept…and these guy’s get even richer on there plan …….if this plan pisses people off next year…well you won’t see any smiling smerking faces like today’s big cheese republicant’s episode………..

    • In less then 24 hours, announced cash bonuses for more than 300,000 people, thousands more looking at increased compensation as companies raise their internal minimum wage, billions announced in investment in US based business.

      Off to a rough start huh Rick?

  4. The middle class will pay less in taxes. With the new rates, and the thresholds to which they apply,it will happen. Americans will like it.You watch.

  5. The Democrats have become a criminal organization with what we now are seeing as collusion with the leadership in the FBI and their attempts to overthrow the Presidential Election. Start jailing some of these bums and vote the rest out.

    Can America survive these destroyers?

  6. Raul’s comment should have read: “Since its called Congress and not Progress, tomorrow I’ll be voting NO again”….

    The Oracle

  7. The major beneficiaries of the tax cuts, the big corporations, have already started buying up more of their own stock — just as they did when Pres. Reagan got his “tax holiday” through. No jobs there. No, the working and middle class get some temporary breaks and face a big rise in their taxes in a few years while the fat cats and cronies laugh all the way to the bank.

    As for the Democrats, well, it might help if they actually had a program. “No” is not a program for the people.

    • Once again the Communist pontificates on a subject he has no knowledge or experience with, just hateful contempt and envy.

      Businesses must grow or die. The less money they pay in taxes, the more they can invest to grow the business which absolutely means more jobs. In the case of BIG public corporations, if you think they will only use the money to repurchase their stock and reap a windfall, you could simply purchase those shares also. It’s called a free market. Everyone has the opportunity to participate.

      At least you are admitting that the working and middle class will realize a significant reduction in taxes and if the Congress chooses to hand out a BIG rise in the future (to what it is today), the voters will be heard.

    • The only ones who will be wanting to raise taxes on individuals in a few years are the Democrats Al, and you know it.

  8. wrong headline as NONE of theses clowns are LEADERS! They are professional politicians sucking off the tit of the people of Arizona and the USA and do little to get what they get!!

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