Miller’s 30 Day Challenge Strikes Pima County Gold, Time Running Out

Kino South Sports Bridge Installation (yes, that’s right!) … read the memo dated Sept. 25, 2017 re: Kino South Sports Complex-Alternatives to Accelerate Project. Despite voters saying “NO” in the 2015 Bond Election, the “County” decided to move forward with this portion of the project on July 10, 2017. Increase in Master Agreement for $1.5 mil … read the fine print on page 3 of the memo …. $1,500,000

Once again, Huckelberry found a creative method for funding a project voters rejected in the failed bond election in 2016. The memo dated September 25, 2017 to Deputy County Administrator Carmine DeBonis reads in part:

County Administration desires to accelerate the Kino South Sports Complex to begin construction In late spring of 2018. Due to this extremely tight time-frame the Project Management Office (PMO) and Procurement Department have met to discuss alternative options in an attempt meet this accelerated schedule.


The PMO office was notified of the County’s desire to move this project forward In July 10, 2017. Internal stake holder meetings were held through August 11, 2017 and the project charter was approved on August 28, 2017. Following procurement code, the project’s call for professional services was published on September 8, 11, 12, and 13, 2017. The pre-submittal meeting was held on September 18, 2017.

Responses are due October 3, 2017. The contract wlll go to the BOS In December for award, with a design start shortly thereafter.

In order to expedite the construction schedule and ensure that the project scope stays within the allotted budget, the PMO is suggesting that a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) delivery method be used for this project. Below are pros and cons with this approach.


● CMAR Contractor and its subcontractors are selected based on qualifications and experience.”
● CMAR’s Input In the project design increases the effectiveness and constructability of the design and reduces risk of change orders due to design errors or omissions.
● Important design decisions affecting both the types of materials specified and the means of construction are made with full consideration of the construction perspective.
● Value engineering provided by the CMAR during the design phase
● Budget controlled by modifying the scope of the project during the design phase to provide an accurate guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for construction.
● Ability negotiate multiple GMP packages to ensure schedules are met (for example, develop a GMP package for the fields so they are operational for tournaments In October 2020).
● A collaborative approach to design and construction provides maximum flexibility. This approach is well suited to projects subject to change up to the point of agreement on cost of construction.
● Utilizing the CIVIAR delivery method reduces the overall ·project schedule by approximately 4 months


● Removes the traditionally utilized low-bid method
● Once in construction, owner requested design changes can be potentially more costly to remedy
● Potentially reduces the pool of available local contractors that do not perform CMAR services

Utilizing the CMAR approach will provide an overall benefit to this project and allow construction to begin before the entire design package is completed; however design will still need time to be completed to a level necessary for a GMP site package to be negotiated. The earliest an anticipated site GMP package would be submitted Is in early summer 2018. The remainder of the design and additional GMP(s) would follow with overall project completion in late 2019. Use of the design/bid/build delivery option would push back construction start to early spring of 2019, with completion in spring of 2020, as in the current charter.

To meet a construction deadline of late spring 2018, a Job Order Contractor (JOC) is recommended utilizing the Parks or Paving JOC Master Agreement for a design-build of a specific portion of the project, such as the pre-cast bridge over the Julian Wash. However, this would require an amendment to the Master Agreement, approved by the Board of Supervisors to Increase the contracting capacity In advance of its April expiration date.


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11 Comments on "Miller’s 30 Day Challenge Strikes Pima County Gold, Time Running Out"

  1. Voters, what stinking voters, right Huck? Don’t need any because its all a sham. What you want you get right? Thought so. A bridge for non existent soccer fields? How unique. Thought the voters told you to stick that project where the sun don’t shine but only you can tell the voters to go screw themselves and not get fired because you got three votes. How utterly shameful and all the enviros and cronies are so proud of you. How does it feel to be the administrator of the 8th poorest area of the country? You wouldn’t know would you? You are one of the highest paid administrators in the country aren’t you…. Pathetic.

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | December 6, 2017 at 5:19 am | Reply

    Just shut up and pay your hefty taxes, leave the graft, corruption and theft to the professionals.

    The Oracle

  3. I don’t see any articles about “Tucson Golf” the City leased the courses to the private company, in under two years? – either way a very short amount of time, the courses are in great shape! A real asset to Tucson with its winter visitors… and they are IN THE BLACK! Something the COT could not accomplish in 30 some years or running the courses.. all COT could do with kill them, poison them, run them into the ground, piss away money on dumb ass spending projects that failed.. but this private company comes in an ta da, Tucson Golf is GREAT! and at a reasonable price… how can that be!?

  4. has the balloon left for the edge of space yet? How many passengers have now left the planet ? What’s that per PC taxpayer price?

  5. You just can’t make this stuff up. I wouldn’t be surprised if a study of Pima county politics becomes part of a political science class in the near future…

    • No John, they won’t put it in books, no one would believe the BS that goes on in this county and that the voters let those responsible for the BS walk away free to do it again and again. You know, the democrat/liberal way right???

  6. We need to get Ally Miller some help.

  7. Maybe Chuckles can save some money (HA!) by leasing the Rattlesnake Bridge from the City of Tucson. Just have to move it back and forth from downtown, when needed. Likely to be “never”.

  8. The stretch of road on Broadway from Camino Seco to Harrison had been bumpy and crumbly for the last 13 years that I have experienced. I lived there for 10 years and have gone for 3. The last month I had to go that direction and the road is worse now. How disgusting to have voted for these Scams of “Propositions” just to get let down for the last 13 years at least. Then there is a patch on Campbell past 22nd. And there is another patch on Country Club can’t remember the cross streets. I was getting ready to video record the bumpy drive and then I saw your post. Great Idea Ally. Although you do have a Great Mind lol

    • Country Club, Speedway north to Ft. Lowell – what’s worse – being taxed for this over and over and never having anything done, while things like balloon ports are built – taxation without representation – so what..

  9. Ted Hetherington | December 7, 2017 at 5:49 pm | Reply

    It is frightening how far LEFT this area has turned. I first bought my home here in 2005, the culture seemed to be fairly conservative. Now we seem to be reflecting California politics…..scary!
    Ted H

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