1. Very good Mr. Lasley. As a insignificant cog on the resistence machine, your little more then a parasitic piggy backing ticktard, leaching off of the lame stream media with the non stop fake news.
    Be sure to take a tin star out of petty cash for your partisan efforts at destroying real democracy.
    Not that I’m enameled with the great Trump, but I do give thanks everyday that the crooked cunt Hillary isn’t my President.
    Is the Donald perfect? Hell no, not by any standards, but I don’t care, because Hillary is an unemployed footnote of history and that’s all that really matters.

    The Oracle

  2. You have really gone disgustingly over the edge with your foul mouth use of the “C” word ❗️To even say that word aloud in the face or not about any woman is absolutely horrible ❗️You need to apologize to all women who views this site ❗️I mean it Mr. Big O❗️If you don’t, me and many other woman will think you are a scum-bag & low life….Fine, hate Hillary, BUT NEVER use that word aloud❗️Apologize YOU went too far……

      • Not funny Mr WHAT AGAIN❗️I AM ONLY addressing the USE of that “C” word❗️To use that word in the presents of a woman is like using the “N” word to a African American ❗️Only low-life men use that word❗️

    • Dearest Michelle:
      What no stupid emojis today of blown kisses?
      If the harsh realities of the truth have offended your sensitivities, might I suggest you find another site to cyber troll, or better yet start up your own informative cyber media outlet ( and unlike you, I promise not to cyber troll you from several states away). Until then bite me.
      Funny how you don’t deny the truth of my statement, instead in a continuing effort of further distraction, denial and deflection, you attack the use of mere words while once again ignoring the truth behind them.
      While your free to disagree with my opinion and or my terminology. You are not entitled to, nor will you (EVER) get an apology. My use of the “C” word is reserved for very limited cases. You really have to earn that title in my book. And unless we’re brainwashed, mindlessly adrift in a sea of progressive liberalism, we all truthfully know Hillary went out of her way to earn that title, so its use is fully warranted.
      Personally Michelle while I’ve found you, Lasley, Tin and Ricky’s existence on planet earth wasting my oxygen to be far more offensive then the use of the “C” word, I’ve never demanded an apology. In a constant theme, you yourself are little more then a overt outspoken sexist pig masquerading as a caring considerate voice of reason.
      If the shoe fits, but you might want to loosen the laces as I’m sure your feet are almost as big as your mouth…

      The Oracle

  3. who mentioned your old hat girly friend hillholeary…stick to the real new’s of the day …explain your sensitive overwhelming consuming thought’s on this lady….u can consider the c…t history, ya stupid dumbshit…get it clear in your mind ..sir..if there’s a perfect example of fake new’s,is u and your Hillary hang up problem….seem’s your 2018 support for the no’1 genius of the world …is weakening…totally understandable ….sir……take a deep breath and say to yourself…..Rodham will never be MY president …now start all over..and say something intelligent …..this week….are u an unhappy man big O ?….stuck in trump’s policy”s of venom?,…

    • Trump’s policy of venom?

      As the seahag and media immediately accused Trump a traitor utilizing Russia to win. Obama politicizing the apparatus of the federal government to assist the d’rats to win the election? Now that the Russian colluion farde has died and Muleface looks like a partisan fool, the left is now screaming “Trump’s insane” based on the Wolff collections of lies, stories, rumors and half truths.

      You sir, need to take deep breath and see what the seeds of division Obama sowed have done to this country and venom is it has given birth to.

  4. Does anyone get tired of reading Michelle’s over use of ! And emojis? Or Powers ……..
    Oracle I do love reading your thought out responses, but this one did go a tad to far. I do agree with your analysis of Hitlery, but the C word I don’t like, but that’s just my opinion. As for Lastly, I have grown tired of his message week after week the same idiotic thing. I usually go to see what the Oracles and others have to say and skip over Michelle! And ….Powers ….. as far as I’m concerned, these people don’t live here and I could care less what they think. They can complain all they want and sit on the sidelines and watch Trump effect pass them by.

  5. In regards to the subject matter Mr. Lasley illustrates exactly what events are happening and unfolding now❗️Absolutely the White House has been said to be full of 🐍 snakes…even called Viper snakes❗️The truth continues to unfold and now the book released by his XSideman❗️Wow❗️Perfect illustration of who & What is in and coming out of white house❗️BTW, MR. Lasley the snakes coming out of the White-House……Hahahohoha👍👍👍…Especially the one in the middle next to 🇺🇸. 😂

  6. we control your television set…tuning u in and out.controlling and stating the real fact’s..this has sent people such as mr’ ORaticle ..over the edge…..seem’s HIllARY cliNton’s name has been mentioned alot already by the trunk drunk punch dummey’s…..love sick are we?…after all, your love fest with the no 1 genius of the world..has now created snake’s………try having your love fest with your live stock animal’s….youv’e got to have some sheeeeeep…they should do a real good job for the perverted big ORACLE OF TUCSON…..

  7. if i stuck the wolff fire and fury book right up your azz..would that be fake new’s to the constipated on trump individual’s…billy b …to bad your to chicken shit to comment on this site any more ….after all ”it’s 3 againt’s the whole town….what are u afraid of? in fact it seem’s most of your buddy’s runaway and hide like snake’s in the grass….then return …… with there big hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssy fit’s….wow… u guy’s are really screwed up ..but before long my 80 million , follower’s,,will stomp out this fiery snake pit disaster of a white house……cheer’s!

    • sir, you wouldn’t be putting anything up mine… but you are funny at times – do you drool when your ranting?

    • rick according to mooshell you guys are the majority, hidden of course so how can you say “.after all ”it’s 3 againt’s the whole town? You need to get back on target and remember its not snakes its ‘fire and fury’ now according to the left. Dont know what you guys have been sharing but the DOJ is planning to crack down on smiking materials so better stock up while you can and be careful where you use it.
      Wgere dud you dig up this new gem ‘but before long my 80 million , follower’s,’? I thought it was just the 3 against the world out there!

  8. wha wha wha complain complain……what a bunch of funny farm people…u don’t like a d i’s buisness teqniques’? poor little babey’s”u are as spoiled as trump’s childhood..

  9. The Oracle,
    I have followed ADI for many months. Michelle has stood her ground against all of you men alone. Although I just observe the interactions, this time I must step in to say that you need to apologize to Michele and woman who visit ADI.

    • Marissa: While your entitled to your opinion, I’m also entitled to mine. We can either agree or we can agree to disagree.
      As for apologizing for my comments. I’m fully under the impression that Hillary is the text book classic definition of the “C” word. And therefore I stand by my comment and the use of my unpolitic and insensitive choice of language that some might find offensive.
      I’m perplexed by the demand for my apology by numerous women including Ms. Powers to apologize directly to Michelle, I didn’t point out the obvious, I didn’t extend my comment directly to Michelle by name, I didn’t attack her personally so why would I ever entertain apologizing to her personally???
      Your free to object to my language, but if an apology was warranted it would be based solely on my actions and not on Michelle’s hyper-sensative reaction to my questionable choice of wording.
      I personally am under the impression that Michelle is a clueless out of town cyber troll, an agitator and a professional self proclaimed victim always looking for a fight. Her propensity of overt comments on militant anti male sexism constantly overshadow anything I could ever say.
      In theinterest of equality, what’s good for the goose is good for the grander.
      After reading Michelle’s numerous ranting comments it becomes crystal clear she’s far from interested in equality, she clearly seeks sexual supremacy over all males, justifying her agressive transgressions by once again corning the victimhood claim.
      No apology will be coming now or in the future.

      The Oracle

  10. hip hip hooray ….finally ..another woman with absolute real and important new’s ,has intervened on Michelle’s and for all women ….these women are totally aware of the disrespect and bullshit sent there way….u big O…ARE JUST A TINY WEENY o ,in the big scam of thing’s, setting a perfect example of where u actually are coming from..proving that women.are gunna chew your hero genius up, and spit him right back to where he came from……………. so thank’s Marissa…..u have put oracle in his place….in the snake pit’s of fire and fuuurrrry””””

  11. It think I’ll sit this week’s out. Since, as usual, more personal attacks, I’ll go read the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s economic indicators. They make me smile.

    But can’t help but think what the cartoon would be about the Bill Clinton White House. It makes me laugh a lot to think about it…but won’t describe in base terms. It would be offensive to many, I am sure. It has to do with Roi-Tans, dresses and a male body part, sometimes used as nick-name for it, and an eruption (like a volcano). “Oh No! Mr Bill!” Would be my caption.

    Until next week, then.

  12. evil mr. little o….u r a tricky……devil snake man.”spit your fang devil sause..trying to ruin this week ,,,very clvr..mr.o….u fooled people with this tactic ……….there running from the cobra spit man waiting in the grass………u won’t apologize respectfully, to the the lady’s out there, or even a d i………you haven’t fooled me or diverted me anywhere….little o….just this one fact alone…trump’s a danger..a rich bitch..and a danger to our government… … ….they need the poor around.. the sick around, the middle class to worry..for example…..this make’s feel even more powerful… securing them in there cheated position of power.this is a money drunk sickness in our government today..effecting million’s of us,who are just trying just to work and survive, and do the right thing in general….white picked fence?…no no no…it’s trump’s wall now.. it’s his dream wall…absolutely sickening …….we should never be fooled again….the electoral vote ….is being munipulated by rich sick bitch’s way back…same thing they pulled back in the al gore day’s ……..lot’s and lot’s of people are pissed off about this kind of crap going on with our government. that’s where Lasley’s message come’s in play..a bunch of rattle snake’s running this country..spitting fang’s… and every diamond on there back’s represent’s the trillion’s in american dept.dollar’s.. and what they put in there pocket’s …..fooling the people all the time..just doesn’t happen………………..WHOOO could that be coming this way? …………………………………well there’s fighting in the street’s…….with our children at our feet….and the moral’s that they worship will be gone……and the men who spurred us on….sit in judgment of all wrong…..they decide …and the shot gun sing’s a song……………………..i’ll tip my hat to the new constitution….take a bow for the new revolution….smile and grin at the change all around………..pick up my guitar and play….just like yesterday…then i’ll get on my knee’s and pray…..we don’t get fooled again………….oh no…………….a change it had to come…we knew it all along….we were liberated the fold ..that’s all…….and the world look’s just the same….”and history ain’t changed…cause the banner’s they are flown in the next war……i’ll tip my hat to the new constitution …..take a bow to the new revolution……just like yesterday…then i’ll get on my knee’s and pray…….we don’t get fooled again…………………..

    • Hum, one of the irrelevant idiot sock puppets once wrote:
      “wha wha wha complain complain”……
      Sound familiar Punky?

      The Oracle

  13. billion’s of dollar’s of damage due to globle warming….trump does’nt care and doesn’t beleive it…Rio abandoned…imagine one of our city’s out of electricity for month’s”’these are Rio american’s with no elec. they got screwed by the tissue throwing ego man .. donny boi..yet the headline’s are a tax plan in favor of this anus rich. pres’,and his buddie’s of fake new’s…..billion’s on a wall”trillion’s added to the deficit…trillion’s from globle.. warming storm’s all over america..the worst ever recorded..telling us what a wonderful xmas tax present in store for all america…what a moron….he pay’s lawyer’s to shut up real new’s..divert’s ..confuses ..to the point people write book’s about his moronic way’s as president,,want’s to fire Robert Mullner now….no no no sir trump ..this is real new’s.. Robert want’s to talk to you little boy trump…your in trouble and entwined with your Russian buddy’s…..THIS GOE’S ON AND ON…. ..personal bank account already….never released or saw his tax plan..what a fucking coward…..i’d like to personaly kick his ass for that …….spoiled idiot i say….he lower’s himself to kim junk fish stew of Nkorea..willing to risk million’s of live’s on his watch..matching the evil of the little short dumbass himself….now what are ya gunna do mr,STABLE genius trump? , you’ve played right into the hand’s of little short shit …..wow…Olimpic’s in S KOREA trumpy boi , let’s see ya handle it,..the world’s watching……of course there’s the fuck up the media new’s plan.. his fake new’s plan was put in place to cover his own dumb ass as a diversion away from the 14 other diversion’s ….what a encompitant clown…fuck up the professonal football league will you dumb trump? ..trying to create job loss..to divert off the last fuck up he just created ..what a prick… nobody need’s to be lectured like a little kid, regarding the national anthem…we all said it 100red’s of time’s going to school as kid’s … doiii…by the way…100red’s of thousand’s of rio people escaped to american soil during there last disaster…trump has set his cute little rule’s in place, to ship them all back out of here back to Rio..just a complete priiiiiiiick…he pay’s the SAUDI’s billion’s of our money to protect Yemen.. stupid waste of our money once again ..and that’s billion’s …….he pisses off the Iranian’s..oh that’s real smart mr. president….isis love’s that move…….HE PISSES OF THE PALESTINIAN’S tO NO END….STUPID….he take’s credit for the dow ..what a clown…obama started that ball rolling ..same thing with unemployment state’s..again ..Obama started that ball rolling….also…..trump is willing to take away the care and medicine, to million’s of needy american’s and leave them on there own to basically get worse and die….sound’s real christian like doesn’t it?….NOT…he’s a sitting duck , while the woman are catching up….they will get his ass out of office..by then real new’s..should never be twisted IN FAVOR to a bunch of rich ass hole’s,especialy an egotistic maniac like Donald Trump…….”’CHEER’S “”

    • Your thoughts or did the Mrs. (Michelle) tell you to spew that rambling crap?
      Couldn’t help but notice she chimes in and a few minutes later you chime in as well.
      Punky you realty should consider packing dry ice up your as and chilling out, your gonna stroke spewing your non stop rabid partisan hate speech.
      Did the Mrs let you touch her IPhone or are you only allowed to use the laptop?
      Enquiring minds want to know?

      The Oracle

    • Absolutely EXCELLENT Mr Rick❗️🎯🎯🎯…Here is to You Mr. Rick Power🏆…..Well said and All TRUE❗️

      • Accolades to someone who can’t construct a complete sentence or articulate or convey a thought.
        Just proving when you have no real hero’s you can always worship a pet rock.

        The Oracle

  14. u little o man….are a example for all to witness…what is impossible and flat wrong with this administration…u seem more and more spineless every week….that’s ok little o…..u and trump can go down with each other ….the perfect love match….mean while, enjoy your ranch wackoff’s……….

  15. All you disrespectful women HATERS
    Need to go to YouTube & watch Oprah at the global give her speech ❗️Her powerful words will straighten out your sexist AZzs…..Especially the Filthy ugly tongue 👅 of ORfilthcle….💋off

    • Oprah REALLY loved Harvey Weinstein, heaping praise on him many times. The perfect enabler, just like Hillary.

      • She also loved Bill Cosby before she found out what PERVERTs they both are MR. wHAT AGAIN…… GET with it….you are way off🤪

        • Why is she so – ignorant of these predators/perverts? Can’t she see through it? It’s quite obvious to me, on a daily basis. Some men are dogs. Most men recognize them for what they are. Why not women, especially those that are held so high in the opinion of other women?

        • I know one thing …a pervert can usually spot a pervert….that’s way they hang out with other pervert❗️Woman are nurturing and want to see good
          In people…Unless a man acts out,gets caught or found guilty how would
          anyone know?….you’ve heard of Ted Bundy(the serial killer) ..that guy was handsome, educated and charming…He was a brutal killer of 100 woman.. Know one knows for sure what kind of phyco/perverts we might encounter Mr. What again..

        • You sure you want to stick with that logic?

          If a woman can’t judge the character of a man then they certainly could not function as the leader of the free world.

        • I should have said not just women….ANYONE can NOT know if a pervert is standing in front of you unless they act out, get caught or found guilty.
          Women are stronger than men❗️Women have endurance, deep empathy, they carefully think matters out rather than jumping up to beat-up someone! They
          are the backbone to their man❗️They are SMART and are not distracted by the testosterone problem .
          Which is obviously a huge problem with men! Honestly, our country needs a woman president ❗️Women
          are powerful and YOU men need to realize this and be appreciative to your wives, sisters, daughters and all the good we do for you
          men!……..Food for thought MR. What Again

    • Dearest Michelle: In typical libtard fashion, once again you’ve become exactly what you claim to hate.
      How ironic the biggest self appointed sexism monitor is also the sites biggest man hating sexest pig.
      Wallow in your carefully chosen words of anti male sexism Miss Piggy….

      The Oracle

      • I have four sons and all brothers. I love men when they are respectful and not perverted❗️Especially when they are intelligent enough to never use the “c” word ….Importantly, when they are man enough to apologize when necessary ❗️IT is the low-life sexist pig who goes out of their way to blatantly behave with cruelty & disregard towards women❗️But yet….they would never survive without a woman❗️…..

        • PS: Get that through your SEXIST PIG SKULL 💀 Maybe then…you will stop Oinking 🐷 ….YOU FILTHY OLD FOOL❗️💋-off

        • Please elaborate Mommy Dearest, are they your equals? Our have you conditioned them into subservitude via emotional castration?

          The Oracle

        • Geeze….I hope you don’t have daughters……God forbid what your sons are like❗️….Tell me you don’t have kids???….Big 0oooo
          You are impossible……🤪

        • Why should I answer Mr. Big Oooooo? You’d tell me I am bragging about my kids cause I’d tell you they are loving and perfect….
          You didn’t answer my question…Do you have a son and/or daughter???

  16. After reviewing the post time stamps, I couldn’t help but notice that great regularity Punky Powers and Dumbchelle always seem to come on-line within minutes of each other….
    Coincidence or calculated conspiracy of the looney left to stifle conservative thought by drowning it in the bottomless sea of leftist insanity?

    The Oracle

  17. YOU have a major SCREW loose❗️Frankly, YOU have imaginary Friends….one is the “ME” Buddy and Jose..Jose…Jose was another. I am beginning to think Your sister HANKy is imaginary too❗️Get rolling to Nurse Ratchet & take those Meds…Pathetic FILTHY Fool❗️

    • You know, you make it hard for people to like you when you get all delusional and throw your tantrum rants.

      The Oracle

    • mooshell, you sure have funny if idiotic way of attacking people. You whine and cry that people are mean, yet you cannot control yourself and attack the person, not the facts presented. I am sure mr O would apologize to women, but not to you directly and I do not think you are due one. YOU however along with your girlfriend need to APOLOGIZE to the readers on this site for your attacks and idiotic rantings IMNSHO. The posting yesterday of a imogi of your underwear was an affront to Big O and others just as much as what he had to say. You of all people have little room to be throwing stones at anyone, so grow up, post a site near where you and your girlfriend are located so we can visit and see how you respond.

      • WHAT the hell are you talking about.. UNDERWEAR ?????
        This is not the first time you’ve snatched lies out of thin air about me Mr. Hanky❗️Are you Hallucinating?…clearly your little brain is distorted sister-boy❗️

  18. oppoligizzzze to Michelle bIG O……….EVERYONE IS WAITING……be a good boy…u can do it… throwing a rock in the bush’s trick .. isn’t gunna fly ……

    • Bring a lunch Punky Powers, it’ll be a very long wait before that ever happens….

      The Oracle

  19. shut up…what a reeeediiicckkculous responce hank O.. and u BOTH know it…making trouble WITH the same crap u said before ABOUT WOMEM……proving u guy’s can ruin your own reputation’s , while women read this stuff throughout our state’s….keep it up az’ boy’s..your just helping to cement the dump trump campaign cause for million’s to witness unfold…..

    • remind me when I have commented on women, Also just look at the post from mooshell on 9 jan her little underwear imoji says it all. as to you, what reputation do you have other than being a troll here?

      Just remember the PEOPLE that count have spoken, hitlery and company were found wanting and will be forever except in your 3 minds (notice not the majority or millions you claim here). Yes there are snowflakes all over who just cant cope with REAL life and are continually whining and crying like you guys, but its still 3 years to go

      • AGAIN…..Underwear??? Where???? GO drop some more ACID…..MR. Handy
        Maybe fly off a building 👍🤪

        • Michelle: just my observations, I believe the confusion is coming from the emoji of you sticking your tongue out(👅), which could be easily confused for red underwear.
          Of course you could just join the adult world, put your crayons away and drop the emojis all together to avoid further confusion. I’m sure to can drive home your point without the constant distractions of colorful emojis and exclamation points.

          The Oracle

        • You see!!!You and your HANKy sister are perfect examples of the testosterone pervert problem that men can’t seem to overcome❗️Your minds are in the gutter as usual❗️You old turds need to get more powerful prescriptions for your eye glasses 👓 ❗️Geeezze ….Keep a magnificent glass handy and keep your minds focused dear ones💋👅

        • Dumbchelle: Lol. Typical libtard idiot, it’s always someone else fault that your a trolling mouth breathing imbecile.
          No wonder your a life long democrat. It’s never about your failed results,it only about your intentions.
          Nice parting shot by the way. Twisting your use of emogis from your failure to command English into a sexual tirade against men. I get the whole penis envy thing but like Lasley’s mono themed cartoons, it’s all getting old. Perhaps you could try a new approach and pretend your a deaf mute, or better yet jump off of a building as you suggested to Hank.
          Are you overdue for your rabies vaccination? Might be too late, you seem to already be foaming at the mouth.

          The Oracle

  20. Above comment to Mr. HANKy (Big O’s sister)……enjoy your Colorful hallucinations
    With you sister💋

  21. try saying something nice about the hard working lady’s of our COUNTRY …any thing positive to say?…little boi o and the hanky neg o man?..give it a shot..ya smart asse’s…..because at this point it’s to late for your cheepass apology’s ….u have branded yourself’s for all to see, how impossible and screwed up the repuplicant’s actually are…,especially since trump did the same thing that you 2 imbecile’s have…that is..your herassment and disrespect toward’s women , ……you have become the ….”DOIII” BROTHER’S….OF ARIZONA……

  22. let’s see..miracle mile of Tuscon..doe’s the orac..t of tucson have a real new’s snake in the grass question? ..hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. is it the mile u run after your ass is put on fire with miss liberty’s torch? hmmmmm……maybe the last mile you run right before track star k.Jenner catch’s ass and rip’s your little tiny weeny weener ball’s off?hmmmmmmmm………….maybe the miracle mile is a stretch of street or blv ,Where the Orac..t of Tucson has been doing his share off beating his pocket snake hmmmmmmm……THAT’S IT!….am i on the right track sir Oracan’t of tucson ? should i go on? hmmmmmm ……..maybe a place where you visit regularly ,and find it a miracle to finally get a stubby?hmmmmmmmmm a blv. where women have been whipping your white ass while you crawl across the ground like Beaten red assed male chauvinist biglet.?……hmmmmmm

    • Punky: Lol. Every time you get near a keyboard you make a bigger azz out of yourself then then last time.
      Like most people reading this site, I’m quickly beginning to believe that your only on planet earth so others can feel better about themselves no matter how screwed up their lives become.
      Michelle can heap all the praise she can on you, but at the end of the day you’ve become little more then an embarrassment to humanity.
      Keep typing Punky, everyone needs a good laugh….
      You might want to check in with the local lost and found to see if anyone turned in a mind, because you’ve clearly lost yours…

      The Oracle

  23. now on a serious note…..doe’s anyone really think CNN for example.. doesn’t know trump’s completely wrong at time’s.. with the running of his foul mouth, at the wrong time,saying the wrong thing ,pissing alot of people off .Not only in our country,but in other country’s across the world? can u admit just that? doesn’t sound like an american president the has a tight screw to me…..he’s a loose screw ..screwing alot of america all up…no?

    yes? if yes , please leave your comment’s on this dotted line……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….all comment’s welcome

  24. trump is ruining america’s great reputation we used to have around the world. a place where u could come to work hard.. and live a better life ,right here in america..this freedom was been the magnet around the world for people to come and have a better life for yeeeaaar’s ……….now we have trump living in fear in so many different form’s now…..the very people he had to have build and maintain his multiple trump tower’s, were built and maintained by the same people he call’s shit hole’s and kicked out of U S…. talk about flat wrong and just plain fucked up ..TRUMP IS FUNCTIONING AS A FRIGHTEND PRESIDENT in alot of different way’s…we are becoming the of shit hole country known around the world”’………… HE’S making great america great again? what? trump is simply a bad man for our president..while his made up fantasy for america’s GREAT safe future.. is slowly exploding in his face…….TO BAD ..THE REPUBLICANT’S ,JUST CAN’T GET IT RIGHT..PROVING ONCE AGAIN.THE DEM’S HAVE COME TO THERE RESCUE ONCE AGAIN….THEY.SPEND TON’S OF OUR MONEY ON THERE TRUMP FANTACY NEW AMERICA PLAN…..THESE GUY’S ARE DOOMED ..COMPLETELY FULL OF CRAP…. THE OLD MAN OLD SCHOOL WAY’S..AS…THE BIG RICH A HOLE’S IN POWER, IT’S NEVER GUNNA FLY AGIAN LADY’S AND GENTS ….AT LEAST NOT LIKE THIS RETARDED DUDE named DONALD SITTING DUCK TRUMP, THINK’S IN HIS SO CALLED TOP GENIUS MIND OF THE WORLD…NO WONDER THE DEMS. END UP COMING TO THE RESCUE …U REPUBLIACN’S HAVE A WARPED SINCE OF POWER..AND CREATING A BAD REP. FOR THE GOOD AND NORMAL CHRISTIAN’S ……TRUMP IS MENTALLY IMPAIRED……..GET A CLUE….

  25. Been looking over this dialogue. Looks like some really polarized name calling. You guys should be in the U.S. Congress!

    What’s the point of this site? Looks like it’s not about the political cartoon at the top.

    • You are absolutely right Time Traveler❗️Unfortunately, the Trumpsters here will not stay on the subject matter of the illustration. Instead they need to insult Mr. Lasley. They hate Lasley while he draws current events and the ongoing developments regarding Trump. These interactions have evolved over a year of Sunday’s. If they’d back off with their cruelty, I would be able to respond without putting them in their place. Mr. Big O is beyond cruel and mean❗️…..Maybe you can get through to him? I would like to express myself but they go into attack mode. I am only women and they hate what I say.
      Go for it Time Traveler see if you can straighten them out❗️👍

      • Lol. I’ve seen less sap on a maple tree farm.
        Attacking Lasley is after all fair game, whenever (constantly) he attacks the president, I attack him, it’s not rocket science.
        But you my dear along with your pet song lyric regurgitating halfwit dunce consistently start the personal attacks on your fellow posters who fail to share in your delusions. I make a point to not make personal attacks against you and your lone sock puppet posse member until I’m personally attacked, to which only then do I justifiably retaliate. Somehow I guess you conveniently forgot to mention that part in your delusional desperate plea for outside help. Perhaps suggesting Hank go jump off of a building wasn’t exactly the wisest thing to post when your misrepresenting yourself as the victim of attacks.

        The Oracle

    • you only ask a question and now you are a target of the attack. That is the problem these drawings bring out. They just cannot accept the fact that hitlery and the left lost so they attack here and then whine and cry that the respondents dont appreciate their rants. Remember its always someone elses fault not theirs. BHO tried that for 8 years against bush and now he is trying to blame it all on someone else also, even though he was in the chair for the last 8 and did no wrong!

      • I am NOT attacking Time Traveler ❗️I am encouraging him to get through to you both…however I doubt that he will have any luck with you and Big O! Hillary is history ❗️We are dealing with Trump. Trump is a racist and sexist! Every day gives more clarity. Today his talk about people from Haiti while saying to let more people in our country from Norway! REALLY???!!!…
        He is a unstable and dangerous President! I state my concerns not as a democrat or republican ,but
        As a concerned American citizen❗️🇺🇸 Tell me what’s wrong with that????


    • Hey Mr. Power,
      I just got here. And noticed that there is little if anything said about the cartoon.
      Trying to figure out what this site is about. You cleared it up; not about the cartoon.
      I’m not contradicting anything. I asked a question. What kind of screw-ball logic do you use?
      I looked at the some of the back cartoons. They hit on some interesting aspects of the president.
      I don’t see in this string you have, or most every one else, don’t discuss the cartoon. Looks like a verbal Hatfield and McCoy deal going on here.
      Too bad, as what I saw of the cartoons there could be some cool discussion.
      Guess I was wrong, at least in your case.

      Thanks for not jumping in my shit. I think you were trying to explain.
      Man, this guy Powers is really F#@ked-up!
      Guess best to stay out of this mess. Too bad, b/c the cartoons are interesting.
      Looks like Mr. Powers doesn’t see any value in them.
      Good luck to you, Michelle. With friends like Powers, and some of the adversaries…like mostly disgusting dialog.

      I’ll check in to see what the next cartoon is. Maybe something about the idiotic “shit hole” statement by Trump. Would be cool to see how a cartoon of it would look. Speaking of “shit hole” seems to me that is where Powers lives.
      I’m not telling him anything, as he is a first class A-hole. He can’t hear anyway as he has his head-up it!

      Don’t see any reason to join in the verbal pig pen.
      Better to just watch the show.

  27. wow..forget about this traveler guy Michelle, IT turn’s out he can’t handle the truth either, or even LASLEY’S real new’s picture’s..the traveling dictator , has a major chip on his shoulder it seem’s……………ya know..setting the pervert tone with the first comment of the week by oracle… has proved his absolute hatred toward’s H Clinton … we all know it..my point? ..now it seem’s he has little respect for women at all ..he has continued on with this pervert crap for day’s ..reread his cute little comment’s , and you will see how it led to the miracle mile question ,asked by mr. orican’t himself…ya know…….. so there i was ,and here i am again…. diverted… responding to oracan’t. and his stupid pervert divert tactic’s……..i must say though…mr. travelling wacky guy has comment’s that actually work well for this site….and for LASLEY’S and adi’s brilliant work…beleive it or not ..there hard work is actually good for some u trump drunk moron’s out there……. a real new’s perspective, and making sure every one reading there paper understand’s that they them self’s , were dealing with some of the worst block head’s right there in there own neck of the desert……..

    • I stand by my previous stated observations Punky:
      Every time you get near a keyboard you make a bigger azz out of yourself then the last time.
      But don’t worry, your puppet master will be along shorty to prop up your sad delusional ramblings with another worthless thumbs up emoji.

      The Oracle

    • Mr. Powers,
      Are you deranged?

      If you were not “Barking Dog Mad” I’d invite you over to Sierra Vista for a beer (or coffee) to discuss.

      Still can’t quite figure how my first comments got you so fired up.

      Watch out, Michelle…this guy is certifiable wacko. Can you explain why he attacks so? And shows no seeming respect for the content of artist Lasley’s cartoons.

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