McSally Expected To Announce Senate Run [POLL]

In foreground: Rep. Raul Grijalva (D), Rep. Martha McSally (R) Background: Tucson City Councilman Richard Fimbres (D)

On Friday, Representative Martha McSally will launch her campaign for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake. On Tuesday former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced his intention to run in the race as well.

McSally is scheduled to hold very controlled events in Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott, Arizona.

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In November, the ADI reported that McSally, “who lived in Germany and worked as a professor at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, flew in to Arizona to announce her bid for the CD8 seat in 2012 Special Election. She lost to Jesse Kelly in the Republican Primary for the Special Election that resulted from the retirement of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.”

McSally raised the ire of the Republican Party’s grassroots when a member of her campaign team, Sam Stone, “let it slip that he was trying to sabotage Kelly and McSally was overheard in Cochise County telling people to vote for her so she could run in the general.”

McSally lost in the 2012 General Election race to Ron Barber. She ran again and won in 2014.

McSally, the establishment pick, has been a controversial figure since she arrived in Arizona from Germany in 2012.

“Just a few months ago, Martha McSally was caught worrying aloud about Donald Trump’s impact on her reelection to her swing House seat, saying “right now this environment would have me not prevail,” according to American Bridge. “Now, she’s contemplating failing up and wading into the messy Arizona Senate GOP primary…. Although she votes with Donald Trump 96 percent of the time, she’s been a vocal critic in the past. Trump and his allies already don’t like her and are even trying to scare her out of the race.”

McSally will face Arpaio, and former Arizona State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward.

Whoever emerges from the Republican primary will likely face Representative Kysten Sinema [D-CD9].

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  1. When it says someone is an “establishment pick” that should say enough not to cast them a vote. Irregardless of whatever UK experience, some comments say is needed…???
    She was part of a university over there so she is a flaming socialists! Just like conservative students face death threats, etc… here. You CANNOT exist as an employee of a university from where she hails from without true blue socialism holding them panties up!
    No wonder McCain would back her.

  2. There are two senate seats coming up. Do we see a strong Dem contender on either of them?

    Yea McSally flew in from Germany and attend Harvard School of Gov. commanded a fighter wing. The understanding of Western European affairs NATO the east/west European conflicts. Since the Crimean Wars that brought Napoleon beget, UK & Duke of Wellington beget, WW1, beget ww2, the now going on the third century of the European civil war both by force and economics. McSally has my vote.
    The Euro is going to fall China cant buy them as the are an agreement not an country. China will stop buying US Treasuries so will They buy Euros or put more stock into Asia? The answer to all who look at economics over social. The US cant be brought to 3 centuries conflicts with no resolve. This continent needs to be worked on NAFTA was to equalize but intern made pensioners investors monies while hiding profits. Mexico and the next president need to work on their social responsibilities. Mexico can’t blame the US for 160,000 murders in the last decade more than anywhere in the world in those with was going on. I Do blame Raul Grijalva for his contribution.

    Howard I hope when you do the write in ballot for yourself I hope you keep the spelling ability. Do it like it sounds to you, your right on

    • Some forget that her own Wingmen spoke out against her and that some of her claims that she had done didn’t ring true including a time when she had to miss an exercise because she forgot to make sure the plane was full of fuel and ran out and had to turn back. I will vote Democrat before I vote for her and I do not believe she has done anything good for this part of the state.
      BTW I used McSilly on purpose it was not an accident. She is nothing more that McCain’s chosen one and part of the establishment

  3. Do you think it was an accident that she was sitting one seat away from the President in the DACA docudrama yesterday?

    Come On get serious.

  4. Already started getting the What if surveys on my phone last nigh. “If the election for US Senate were held today who would you vote for Martha McSilly or Kelli Ward I chose Ward. When they asked again between McSilly & Arpaio I chose Arpaio. If McSilly wins the nomination I can see that I’ll be doing what I did for the Flaskster and McSHame and writing myself in

    • If President Trump does not support McSally she cannot win an AZ Senate seat so she had best start mending her fences with the President or a general election with her as the candidate is doomed. Ditto Gov Doofus, though it is debatable that even Trump can carry him across the finish line given his failure to support conservative policies in AZ and his scandalous treated of Jeffries who is a real conservative.

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