Maricopa County Man Sentenced To A Mere 90 Days For Decapitating Puppy

On Thursday, Decarlos Jones was sentenced to a mere 90 day jail sentence for the torture and decapitation of his and his girlfriend’s dog. Jones pled guilty to a Class 6 designated felony animal cruelty charge on November 30, 2017.

Jones’ 90 day jail sentence is followed by three years of supervised probation with domestic violence and animal cruelty terms.

On September 19, 2017 officers were made aware of an incident that happened at the home shared by Jones and his girlfriend. The girlfriend told officers she came home to find that Jones had killed their six-month-old puppy in the bathtub and then placed its head on a table.

When interviewed by investigators, Jones admitted he had become angry after the puppy had urinated on the floor in the home. He admitted he placed the dog in the tub and then hit the dog repeatedly against the tub before stabbing the puppy to death. Jones said he then decapitated the puppy and left the animal’s head on a table for his girlfriend to see.

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  1. He needs a serious psych eval and incarceration for life in a rubber room!

  2. When he gets out of jail I’d love to take him “camping” for a week or so. Some place real remote…..

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