Peeples Valley Woman Killed Husband, Ran Errands, Cleaned House

On January 9, 2017, at about 5 PM, 57-year-old Katherine Herbert came to the Sheriff’s Office in Prescott and reported she had shot and killed her husband, 58-year-old James Herbert. The couple resides in the 18000 block of Frontier Road in Peeples Valley, Arizona.

Katherine told deputies the incident occurred January 6, 2018, after James arrived home from work during early evening hours. An argument ensued which continued throughout the evening. Katherine claimed James was aggressive towards her and feared being assaulted. As a result, she retrieved a loaded shotgun from the bedroom, pointed it at him and told him to stop. James walked away and went into the bedroom. He returned a short time later and picked up a black bag known to contain a handgun. He walked back to the bedroom as he rummaged through the bag. Katherine grabbed the shotgun and followed James, stopping at the bedroom door. Katherine claimed she saw James, who was looking away and focused on the handgun, operate the slide on the handgun as if loading a round into the chamber. When he looked up, she thought he raised the handgun and she fired the shotgun, striking him in the head.

Katherine checked James, who had fallen to the floor, and saw a severe wound to his head. She ‘panicked’ and a short time later decided to drive to Snowflake, Arizona, where she stopped at an area church around 3AM on January 7th, to pray. She eventually returned home that morning to find her husband’s body as she had left it. She stayed home, slept and cleaned the house.

On January 8, 2018, she drove to Wickenburg, ran some errands, and returned home where she remained for the day. Late in the day on January 9, 2018, she called her daughter and discussed the incident, then drove to her daughter’s house in Prescott Valley. Her daughter then brought her to the Sheriff’s station to report the shooting.

Deputies were dispatched to the home in Peeples Valley where they found the body of James deceased from a gunshot wound as had been described by Katherine. A handgun was recovered.

After an extensive interview with Katherine and other factors determined during the investigation, Katherine was booked on a charge of 1st Degree Murder and remains in the Camp Verde Detention Center.

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  1. I will not let this go without being said, this is another case of intentional, extreme mental and physical abuse, Kathy was abused mentally and physically for 40+ years from James Dean Herbert, I have called Yavapai County Sheriff office to discuss the situation, because myself and many others know details to the entire situation of the past 40+ years, I do feel that Kathy was in defense of her own life from James Dean Herbert, as much as I personally dislike Kathy, I do know the truth, we have not spoken in many years but I do defend her and if any of you really care for Kathy or any abused women you to will defend her, I personally have witnessed the threats towards Kathy and if anyone out there would like to discuss this further, I will be sure to post our conversations along with police reports from both AZ and CA regarding James Dean Herbert if needed, I love you all in the family but I do not and will never support abuse, I’m sure there will be more but I am finished for the moment, if you don’t care about abused women then don’t even worry about a response because I don’t care about you!!

    • What, Again | January 11, 2018 at 5:29 pm |

      You are a stand-up man, Doug.

      • Thank you, Doug! There is not a person alive who can know what they would have done in Kathy’s situation…She is a woman with a forgiving heart. She stayed with Dean because she saw her mom do the same thing with her own dad for all the years of her childhood. People shouldn’t judge what they don’t know. Thank you for sharing what you know even though you have had a falling out with Kathy.

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | January 11, 2018 at 8:11 pm |

    Anyone who makes Jodi Arias look tame is a serious threat to public safety.

    The Oracle

  3. 40 years and no ability to leave. So I guess his problems are over and she just has a few more. If the police/sheriff had been to the residence time and time again ya think maybe they knew the match and powder keg? just saying

  4. Nobody cleans a house like Katherine…Nobody ! If her husband were alive we could ask him. 40 years and she just couldn’t get away from that monster…oh now..!?

  5. The Detectives released a statement to sell the case. To paint a picture that isn’t true to get a conviction before a trial. Carefull how you judge especially when you don’t know the truth because that is how you will be judged too!! Be thankful it wasn’t you! You have no idea what life has been like for her. This write up is worse than the Courier what a load of crap. The truth will come out. Those of us that lived it know the truth.
    We struggle with speaking out because we don’t want to say anything bad about our dad.
    I loved both of my parents with all my heart and was especially close to my dad. Sadly there were 2 sides to him and he could be terrifying and brutal. There is a long criminal history of violence. That is public knowledge. I never once seen my mom hit my Dad or instigate a fight. She has never been a threat to the public or in trouble for anything! Always taught us right from wrong and how to forgive. Thank you to those who spoke up even though it’s hard. There lot more to this and the article is not true. You will see. I know she was terrified. I know this because I was there I too was scared. I lived it!

  6. Terrible circumstance – as is the outcome. As is this venue to air these events for family. I have no doubts she will be released as courts review these matters. I would pray these family members get some help, prayer, council in dealing with not just this event, but the events of years gone by. May God Bless and care for all the survivors.

  7. I think it’s a little petty and terribly narrow minded to make rude remarks insinuating that it was untrue that she was unable to leave. Although, I can understand your disbelief because you have obviously not suffered the emotional and mental abuse that cause a person to feel trapped in their situation. I imagine it is easy to be a person on the outside of a situation, a person who can see things from a spectators view, one who observes objectively and can see a black or white answer- “He’s mean to you? Just leave!” But to be the person on the inside, the one who is constantly bombarded with comments meant to diminish your self worth or to make you feel weak, inferior, incapable, the one who is constantly threatened and told what will happen if they ever go against him, the one who’s been hit enough to know he is serious.. you can’t judge that persons ability to leave because you simply have no idea the power that fear has. Sure, it sounds ridiculous to you but I assure you it is not funny at all.
    I don’t know the people in this situation but after reading the comments of the people who do, I believe she saw no other choice than the one she made. I hate that the article tried to make her sound callous by stating she just went about routine afterwards when honestly she was probably deeply in shock. I hope those in authority will be fair minded and take her history in to account when dealing with this. My heart goes out to her and her family.

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