Willcox K9 Team Find 2 People Hiding In Trunk At Immigration Checkpoint

Canine alerted agents at the SR80 immigration checkpoint of two Mexican nationals who were in the trunk of a vehicle being inspected.

TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents from the Willcox Station arrested a Phoenix couple and two illegal aliens Thursday evening at the immigration checkpoint located on State Route 80 near Tombstone.

The agent working the primary inspections lane encountered a Hyundai Elantra driven by a female with male passenger; both 19-year-olds from Phoenix. The Hyundai was referred to secondary for further inspection where a canine alerted to an odor it is trained to detect.

Upon searching the vehicle, agents discovered two male Mexican nationals hiding inside the trunk. The driver and passenger along with both illegal aliens, ages 22 and 23, were arrested and transported to the Willcox Station.

The illegal aliens are being processed for immigration violations, while the United States citizens are facing human smuggling charges.

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  1. Both of these 19 year old’s need to be deported with them, stories like this make me want to vomit !

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