#ShumerShutdown Trends, Arizona Shutdown Tweets

The Federal Government is officially shutdown. The Senate was unsuccessful in passing a bill.


    • Matt Heinz clearly isn’t a doctor of education or he would know exactly what Harry D wrote: It takes 60 votes and there aren’t 60 Republicans in the Senate. As a matter of fact the Senate has at least four senators who prefer to vote with the Democrats. Two of them are from Arizona. What a proud moment for us. They have an “R” behind their names but identify as Democrats.

  1. It comes down to this: The democrats just put people who aren’t here legally ahead of all the legitimate citizens of this country.

    • “Criminals before law abiding citizens”….

      It’ll look nice on a protest sign at any future gathering of democrats.

      The Oracle

      • Democrats (aka progressive liberals) put everything and everybody ahead of law abiding TAX PAYING Americans. While we seem to be busy working for a living and paying taxes. They are busy giving our tax dollars away and “buying” the next generation of voters.

  2. This is entirely the fault of Schumer and the democrats. Period. Paragraph. The house and the President were on board. It takes 60 votes in the senate and the GOP only have a simple 51 majority.

    And don’t bother listening to mainstream media spin this. . Blah blah blah blah blah. They lost their explicit attempt to influence the presidential election. And now report bullshit story after bullshit story instead of reporting real news of the day. Get over it. Hillary lost.

    And one more matter. Anything Raul Grijalva says you can be certain is patently false. He does not care about America. The taxpayers. Or his constituents. He and the democrats only care about winning elections and controlling a large and growing government.

    • Unfortunately, it does not save us any money. It just gives government employees paid vacation. They still get paid for every work day not worked. Its just that they will not see the actual money till the #SchumerShutdown ends.

      • You’re right, and therein lies the problem. If Republicans really mean to be the party of fiscal responsibility (forget the dems, they’re beyond hope) They need to pass a bill -without delay – that during a federal shutdown all federal employee (including elected officials) will not be paid for the time the government is shut down. Only exceptions – military, law enforcement, border patrol, airport security.

        • It used to be kind of like that! Carter with democrats controlling both the senate and the house couldn’t fund the government 5 times. Everybody had to work with no pay till each time it did get funded, including military! Then his attorney general issued an opinion that the government had to shut down till funded except essential personnel! Something else Carter screwed up!

  3. Don’t panic about the Government being shutdown, we been there before and we made it just fine. It’s the weekend so the Government is off anyway. When Monday comes around the rest of us will go to work as normal and the Press and Politicians will be in all their Glory. Remember they work for us and they will ring their hands until they get what they want not what we want. Raise kids? You know what I mean.

  4. The dems just made a huge statement, by putting all Americans second, it’s always nice as a citizen to be held hostage by my government in order to solely benifit non-citizens….
    The dems need to wipe the big boo lip of defeat from thier faces and put the interest of real Americans and America first.
    Let’s see: King Obama illegally bypassed the legislature by executive fiat to create the so called dreamers, so the dems will now fight at all cost, no matter the consequences to preserve this illegal action. It’s very telling that what is a dream for a few has becomea nightmare for the rest of us. Thanks Obama, thanks dems…..
    Hopefully after a unpaid weekend of drunkenness and unbridled sexual misconduct the dems can get back to work and solve this problem they alone have created.

    The Oracle

  5. I just live it when the liberals put ILLEGALS in front of the needs of our citizens. SSDD in liberal land. What a bunch of idiot ass*&les led by Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Feinstien and the like. What bunch of pathetic losers. But on the bright side, it will save us money an the bureaucrats can’t screw with us for a while. Think about it folks, the party that wants ILLEGALS to be legal for their votes screwed everyone. Love it. Shows you how much they appreciate the real people of this country.

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