Fake Molehills Reported As Mountains

When President Trump arrived at this private golf course in Florida with House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, he was questioned about being termed a racist by news reporters. It appears that the biased news wanted to divert attention on a previous discussion concerning the elimination of the immigration lottery and chain migration that provides for a selection of merit-based immigration policy.  The focus by the news centered on the word that Trump used during an Oval Office meeting and accused him of saying “shithole” when referring to struggling third-rate emerging small countries, when it may have been called “hell hole.”  At that time, two Republican Senators did not recall Trump making a vulgar statement. During dinner at the golf course country club, four Senators who were at the previous meeting, stated it was a gross misrepresentation by the news reporters. President Trump denied making a vulgar reference and did not get into specifics about what he said or didn’t say.

It is a sorry state of news reporting that rather than stick to the major issues at hand on providing relief to DACA illegals in the United States, the need for a wall on our southern border and elimination of the immigration lottery, which includes chain entry, the media focused on poisonous fake molehill distractions. Even though President Trump has been enormously successful in his first year in office, the major news networks, except Fox News, have pursued demeaning anti-Trump mythology and the anti-Trump liberal Democrats have done everything possible to defame our President.

It was interesting that when President Trump’s health report was discussed in detail at the White House briefing by a Navy medical Admiral who conducted the examination that the reporters spent three quarters of an hour trying to dispel the good medical test results.  The media’s outlook is that they want to hear no good news about President Trump and are a disruptive force that makes America appear weak and indecisive.  90% of the time most media reports are negative anti-Trump news, while ignoring how the national economy is surging. The root cause is the news media represents a vocal minority that can’t accept Trump’s Presidency.

  David V. MacCollum

I have spent my lifetime involved in heavy construction, oil development, mining and have interfaced from time to time with the Department of Army and Navy.  At operating levels, vocal communication is often not politically correct, but is often roughly direct in course vulgar terms with no room for misunderstanding. President Trump’s successful experience has been building top of the line hotels, resorts and golf courses, and he has no tolerance for mismanagement. He is able to ensure for getting it right in no uncertain terms and the use of explicit language no doubt is common-place. This becomes the point of conflict with the weak minded appeasers who are without gumption or experience to get it right in the first place. Their tactic for combating President Trump is to confront him with minutia, such as groundless insanity, health issues, vulgar language and speculation that he will ruin our economy while comparing him to Stalin.  Our elitist leaders are ill equipped to make America Great Again because they live in a clean office environment with a do-nothing polite society and are unable to listen and understand the realities of our basic industries. The elitists can’t cope with anything outside their unworkable theoretical world.

Pursuit of reporting fake molehills as the basis of national policy provides no opportunity to Make America Great again. The myth of Russia influencing our election is ridiculous, as Americans are smarter than to be sucked in by this hoax.  Robert Mueller’s investigation is a joke that has wasted millions of taxpayers’ dollars, as there is no mountain of Russian influence with straight-talking Trump. Slowly, the tide is turning as the public is tired of the fake molehills that are falsely reported as mountains. The recent shut-down of our government by the cry baby elitists is proof they only want to talk about fake mole hill issues. They are unable to comprehend this seriousness of the rogue nations of North Korea and Iran with their nuclear and missile development that threaten our security and world peace, and as such, our government and military needs to remain open and funded to combat those threats.  President Trump and his White house crew are well-experienced on what works in our national business climate and the defense of our country. It is time to ignore the fake mole hill issues and focus our resources on draining the swamp. A booming economy will provide the funds to rebuild our failing infrastructure and reduce our 20 plus trillion dollar deficit spent by the liberals.


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David V. MacCollum is a past president of the American Society of Safety Engineers and was a member of the first U.S. Secretary of Labor's Construction Safety Advisory Committee [1969-1972]. He is the author of: Construction Safety Planning (Jun 16, 1995) Crane Hazards and Their Prevention (Jan 1, 1991) Construction Safety Engineering Principles (McGraw-Hill Construction Series): Designing and Managing Safer Job Sites Jan 8, 2007) Building Design and Construction Hazards (May 15, 2005)


  1. I guess this is another example of the democraps/left olympic aspirations to be able to win the pole vaulting over mouse turds competition!

  2. The Urban Dictionary’s definition of “conniption fit” accurately describes the reaction of Pres. Trump’s naysayers. The near future of the USA is in grave danger because of these conniption fit possessed left-wing liberals who are reacting in that manner to prove that our form of democracy, as outlined in the US Constitution, doesn’t work, their ultimate goal being globalization by destroying the USA and all that it originally stood for.

    • you sir are 1000% correct, all the rest is fluff, this is the goal, direction and end to which this will never stop till the USA is no longer recognizable as to what it was – Globalization – world domination – a one world controlling system – that is the agenda and goal of this ‘so called resistance’ – Trump just happens to be the current target, BUSH before that.. same s…t different day. This ‘civil war’ has just entered into a new phase – ‘they want it and they want it now’- it is prophecy that this time and nation will come.. not good news for the United States – it is the time in which we live. Maranatha. God Bless America.

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