Arizona Lawmakers Pay Tribute To Grant Ronnebeck, Family

On Monday, Arizona lawmakers paid tribute to the family of 21-year-old Grant Ronnebeck, who was murdered three years ago to the day, by a criminal illegal alien.


Rep. Mark Finchem called on his fellow representatives to join him in a moment of silence.

Later, Sen. Steve Smith dedicated a committee hearing to Grant’s family. Smith had fought unsuccessfully last year to pass a bill named after Grant, that addressed the release of criminal illegal aliens by law enforcement officials.

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Grant’s father, Steve Ronnebeck told the ADI, “I’m so very proud to be Grants father. He was a kind and generous person willing to help anyone. He would be so honored.”

In an appearance on KFYI’s James T. Harris show, Steve said, “Grant had a great smile and was just a good kid. He would help anybody and give them the shirt off his back. After he was murdered we heard stories that if a customer came in and didn’t quite have enough money to pay for what they wanted to buy, he would take money out of his pocket.”

Harris asked Steve how he keeps going and what is driving him today. Steve responded, “Grant’s death was preventable. Brandon Mendoza’s death was preventable; Dominic Durbin’s death was preventable. Kate Steinle, Shayley Estes, they were all preventable,” said Steve referring to other victims of illegal aliens.

[Listen to the interview here]

The anniversary fell on the same day that government shutdown ended. The shutdown was forced by democrats who were demanding DACA protections for DREAMERs. DREAMERs are illegal aliens who were brought into the U.S. as young children.

“Last Friday, U.S. Senate Democrats chose to defeat a short term continuing funding resolution (CR) and shutdown the federal government,” said Rep. Bob Thorpe. “They had no problem throwing American citizens, like Grant Ronnebecks’ family, under the bus over DACA, Obama’s unlawful ‘Dreamer’ executive order, which ironically won’t even expire until March. By Monday, Democrat polling revealed that by favoring non-citizens over U.S. citizens, they were loosing the political debate, so they quickly reversed course and passed the CR. What a ridiculous stunt.”

Rep. Kelly Townsend stated, “As a widow, I to some extent understand the pain of losing a loved one. However, I cannot imagine the level of anguish experienced by this family. Here you have a young man who had his whole life ahead of him, killed by a vengeful illegal alien who had been thrown out of the same Quick Trip just days before. This man apparently didn’t like being told he couldn’t go somewhere where he was not allowed to be. His answer this time, however, was animalistic. He chose to come back and kill that young man, not over cigarettes, but over being barred from entry. The message sent to Altamirano during the Obama administration was that he was above the law of illegal entry. He took that message into Quick Trip three years ago and executed a man for the management telling him he was barred from the store.”

“Many feel we should allow people to stay in our country illegally out of compassion, and as we have seen, even the criminal was released back onto our streets,” continued Townsend. “ Yet at what cost? The Ronnebeck family must now continue to scratch out the ability cope on a daily basis. Where is the compassion for them?”



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  2. Trump – it’s going to be interesting what he comes up with – three more years to go; wall or no wall, what’s the Vegas line on this’ My bet a year from now there’s a pretty large segment of this wall built. DACA people are here as citizens – with vetting; stipulations; and entry fee’s, aka fines – that some form if immigration reform has been completed, but the numbers of people coming into the country is about the same. That the freedom? not sure that’s the word, to enter Mexico is restricted – from both sides,

  3. For whatever good may come from it, I’m emailing President Trump in no uncertain terms that he had best not abandon his campaign promises to end the hourly influx of criminal illegal aliens into this country and that he had better end DACA, deport all illegal aliens, end chain migration, and he had better make all efforts to empower Border Patrol to arrest and immediately deport all illegal aliens attempting to come into the US. Neither Grant, Kate Steinle, nor any of those who have died or who have been violated by illegal aliens will have died in vain and as President, Mr. Trump needs to be reminded of that.

  4. Only the looney left could abandon lawful US citizens for the promotion of selected criminal aliens.
    As a nation we have lost our compass.
    The notion “We are either a nation of laws or we are not”, should not be lost on anyone of voting age.
    The hero’s of the left are clearly all criminal douche bags selling out the American dream to special interest, one vote at a time.

    The Oracle

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