1. Sorry to break it to you Mr. Lasley, but whenever I think of fake news, your misinformed bias scribble often comes to mind.
    This works ink spots are no exception to the endless parade of mono themed hate speech cleverly disguised as satire.
    While I personally haven’t watched TV news in years, from what I have seen at while other people’s houses, I’m struck with the fact that the commentators at FOX remain seated and calmly report the fake news, while the carnival barkers at CNN and MSNBC are rabidly jumping up and down whipping up the brainless zombie audience into a frenzied state of hate filled hysteria when reporting their one sided fake news.
    You sir and your scribbled hate speech are sadly no different in my book.
    As a child it was drilled into my upbringing to leave a place better then I found it. That mantra has always stuck with me, and over my many years I’ve really tried to live by that belief.
    Perhaps one day you might entertain giving it a try, but of course you’ll have to remove your blinders of hate first. There is enough hate in the world already Mr. Lasley, we don’t more of the same, and while you see your hate speech as “art”, I see a gross miscarriage of the word.

    The Oracle

    • Nice try Big Ooooo…
      However, your scribbling & Scrambled intense Bullshit are endlessly filled with hate for others you do not personally know❗️Some of us
      Simply hate Trump as president and express concerns as this man is
      Unstable and dangerous for our country. You are stuck on stupid with your ignorance…. Factless Facts and hate is what you can only spew❗️again you need help with your social/behavior skills ..poor You💋

      • I’m sorry you have not learned anything about Bullsh*t yet. Because you call sometime Bullsh*t does not make it so. Only facts, verifiable facts, and knowledge can do that.
        You continue to follow you emotion and impulse, Michelle. That is not being informed by facts.
        If you are certain in your opinion that the President is unstable and dangerous, give some facts. More here may agree with you. He may seem that way to you, but if you really care to have anyone really believe you – give facts.
        That you hate, dislike, abhor, or any other epithet of derision you feel compelled to hurl at the President is certainly OK, but cut the charade of having facts to support them. At best it’s your opinion. You will rarely support your opinion with any fact or reason. So, at best, it is impossible to believe you have anything other than some emotional response as a basis for your extrapolations to proclaimed fact less assertions. In this case “unstable and dangerous.” How about a few examples. Tricky Ricky can never give any!
        You even accuse others of “fact less facts” now. Wow! I’ve asked you for weeks to give some examples. Nary a one have you produced. Now is you chance.
        I fully understand the Master Bullsh*ter Tricky Ricky. You are harder to figure; actually appearing to be a Bullsh*tee becoming a convert to TR’s lack of substance and fact. And you don’t even see it.
        Hate and anger will blind you, Michelle.

      • So I guess I’m gonna follow your lead to hurl rocks this week forgetting to be civil.

        Ok double standard bimbo babe, using your own words, “However, your scribbling & Scrambled intense Bullshit are endlessly filled with hate for others you do not personally know” so please do tell…..

        Do you personally know Donald Trump?

        Seems you freely admit to hating someone that you personally don’t know.

        Please do tell, why it somehow right for you to rabidly attack Trump with your potty mouth, but it’s wrong me to accuse Lasley of promoting hate speech?

        If you weren’t so pathetically stupid you’d actually be funny.

        The Oracle

  2. YOU are soooo FUNNY Mr. Lasley ❗️🤣Excellent drawing and Totally TRUE❗️Hahahohoha Thanks for sharing your GREAT illustrations every week👍👍❗️

  3. Lasley is his own fake news – because he thinks it, he believe’s it’s correct… I would suggest him checking the source of his imagination – might be a wake up call for him.

    • Billy B …I suggest it is time for you to go look in your mirror…you will see teal reflection regarding your words…quit frankly YOU and YOUR Trumpster Buddies are in Need the”wake-up”❗️

  4. doe’s trump have a heart of gold?….that’s laughable……..at least he’s getting medical attention..something he desperately needed during his two faced campaign answer approach ,that made him the no.1 bullshitter of all time…………..we are now trillion’s and trillion’s in dept…are golden bozo pres…doesn’t give a rat’s ass…shocking isn’t it? maybe not for a rich a hole….he continue’s to ignore real new’s fact’s .. has gotten america into alot of messes now ,in way’s that fox new’s people are blind to ……his huge american bandage fix method” is the Donald dumbness act….seem’s this bogus crap has been intravenously fed into the arm’s of the golden boi himself ………this is not a morning TRUMP fix as Lasley state’s..this is a 24 7 fix …….maybe a rolling stone’s type blood transfusion is over do for don.. because it seem’s he’s has become cahos itself, help created by his own fox new’s lovey lovey doo fest episodes ……………………hiding behind people like fox new’s isn’t not gunna make Mueller vanish anytime soon……….fantastic picture by Lasley once again.. ……….wow ”what an artist that A D I has added to there roster…..thank’s ADI…..great stuff!

    • Tricky Ricky,
      Thank your guy BHO for being so concerned about the debt. He had a chance to do something about it (the national debt). But decided destroying the economic vitality of the nations by spend, spend, spend on marginally productive “shovel ready” projects and untested technologies. And then break the health care system, without reading the bill and lying. Tricky Ricky, all that got Trump elected.

      And OBTW, yes the current President may now heading down the same road. We can only hope that a strong economy will overcome this latest spending frenzy.

      I really appreciate that you are now referencing “Bullsh*t” often. But not good for you. It only will continue to point out your lack of facts, no reasoned discussion and inability to think logically and critically.

      You have absolutely nothing to support you assertions, or you would. Hard to support mendacity, I am guessing.

      Try to speak to Lasley’s cartoons, your disrespect for them can be cut with a dull intellectual knife. Lasley is very creative. I’ve been amazed that you at least can see that! You are not creative, just full of pernicious BS. Why not try to show you are not? Just asking; expecting nothing.

      We are lucky you are not on the national scene, as you continue to make the President look like a amateur when if comes to mendacity and BS. There a big issues facing this nation and you focus on the “so what”, and spout more BS. At least he got the economy roaring.

      Since you think Mr. Mueller has the goods on collusion, give us 5 undisputable facts that show he’s got evidence of that. As you have been challenged before on this for months and never produced one…more evidence of your BS. And if you have the facts that will lead to proving collusion, YOU are obstructing justice by not providing them to the Special Counsel.

      Have a great week.

  5. When, like Lasley, you base your so-celled political cartoons (really just hate mongering with hand drawn pictures) on lies, your lack of credibility as a serious political observer is just about zero. Except for the drawing, everything about this latest submission by Lasley is a fake.

    • Luke you need to realize that YOU and your Trumpster Buddies choose to stand with TRUMP MONGERING ….PURE HATE❗️I for one only express hate for Trump as Leader of our Country.. I
      Hate no-one. I have not seen Mr. Lasley do anything hateful towards anyone. He draws facts that happen weekly and draws entertaining cartoons. I believe he is a patriot American that probably dislikes/hates Trump as President. Clearly, he realizes Trump is dangerous for our country as I and many other Americans fear.
      Mr Lasley takes his time every week to express events & creative fun cartoons using his talent. Obviously this man loves his country….. Shame on .You Trumpsters ❗️Even if any of you had Lasley’s talent,
      I’ll bet none of you would take personal time to share your concern for our country
      Every week❗️You all need to adjust your thinking…try to think past your long Trump noses❗️Shame on you all❗️

      • Michelle,
        This is better.
        I agree with you about Lasley. This week however seems to be straight opinion and not based on an actions or statement by the President. I could be wrong, because the national news is not news any longer, so I’m starting to avoid most of it.
        Correct me if this cartoon is based on some comment by the President or action.

  6. On what facts is this cartoon based? It appears to be a change from previous Lasley cartoons. Lasley most often uses the President’s own words. While opinion is OK, this one seems a bit of a step down. Did I miss Fox News (not the opinion talking heads on the channel) saying Mueller should be fired?

    • you know what happens when you pee into the wind dont cha? Well asking the 2 trolls to PROVIDE facts is just that. they call it pure hate by the prez, yet they are the only ones being hateful. All have agreed that the prez really does care for the country but the losers just can seem to get that into their heads, thus all they can do is produce screeches that he is hateful and they are not! They are the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Well, Michelle,
      Since you say Lou Dobbs said Mueller should be fired, I can see a basis for the cartoon in fact.
      I have a limited exposure to Fox News by design. Sean Hannity makes me crazy; has for years. Kinda like Rachel Madow too. Can’t take either. I do, do the Moring Joe a few times a week. That’s enough of that genre.
      I wish I had an ounce or two of drawing skill; most all news personalities would be easy to make fun of. Lots of laughs at how they think we are all stupid.

  7. u have a lot of question’s….figure out the answer’s to your own question’s Mansfield”..DISPLAY YOUR BRILLIANT’S FOR ALL TO SEE..PLENTY OF FACT’S HAVE BEEN displayed this week already…yet you have more question’s than answer’s adding to trump’s never ending fake new’s world .. u tell us mr. toOOooter man Mansfield ……or are u lost for the meaningful rebuttle debate fact finding’s……hand grenade’s are tossed are way at time’s to kill one’s opinion ….this is trump’s way of handling his enemy’s….” that would be the” average american” wow u guy’s seem stupid sometime’s

  8. think of how many patriotic american’s …. that would could make a great american pep rally speech ..lot’s and lot’s….ya don’t have to be a einstine..thus once again proving..talk is cheap..and in trump’s case very very expensive ..meanwhile seem’s your blinded and exphyixsiated with his continually breaking fake new’s…making all of u very very foolish…..except Michelle of coarse…Michelle knows alot more about reality , than u class act A hoooooooole’s ever will. As long as all you fool’s are hooked up to trump umbilical cord that is constantly feeding you full of bullshit ..your party is doomed ..the real new’s wave…the women” are on the way, and will wash away this party of degrading women …………….would Barbra bush put up with her husband degrading women like trump has?… would Nancy put up with this shit from Ronald..would Laura put up with this shit from George jr.?………..well well now….seem’s Hillary has put up with it, and her husband was fired…making it a great possibility that Ivanka trump could be better friend’s with Hillary than one might imagine………….

  9. To Mr. Mansfield and all you Trumpsters,
    Regarding Capital FAKE Fox News and Trumps intravenous morning fix….
    If you want some facts ,Mr. Mansfield, look them up yourself somewhere other than
    Fox news, Rush Bimbo, & some dusty old conservative history books; then stop complaining❗️You’re getting to sound much like Joe Friday on Dragnet badge 714–
    “Just facts, ma’am, just facts”. Since you are unable to find real facts here’s a few for your “little fax catalog”……December 12, 2017, Sean Hannity said on fake Fox News “Mueller and his team are an utter disgrace, a threat to the American Republic”
    and calls for Mueller to resign. Another fake news Sleezs, Lou Dobbs stated “Time to kill the Mueller investigation”.
    If lying Trump is so innocent of his lies and denials…. of what are they afraid? Is it not true that sometimes facts are distorted by other people’s fax or even “ alternative facts”………depending on where your allegiance lies? How can you, Mr. Mansfield, be so sure that in your mind the facts as you read them are true facts?
    Back to the basics…What is right- What is wrong❗️Consider trumps questionable scrambled in and out misogynistic Administration, including his own women groping tendencies, AND THAT IS FACT❗️
    Trumps presidency is a disgrace to the nation. AND THAT IS FACT❗️Trump can never Right his Wrongs!!!
    Mr. Mansfield, go back to the list of facts you requested for me a couple weeks ago. Study them and enter them into your little fact catalog where you can refer to them from time to time. In fact, if you prefer go study the past year of facts I’ve shared.
    Certainly you will get a full fix of TRUE FACTS ❗️
    BTW, There was a time people believed the world was flat.Then someone came along and proved that fact wrong!..

      • Mr. BIG Oooooo….YOU are the CYBER TRoll who continually distracts, deflects and in total denial.. Not only that….You spew Fake FaCTs and love to
        spew hate towards others that don’t share your scrambled views…. maybe if you read more than “one sentence “ you could rise from your narrow minded hateful peanut brain 🧠❗️

    • Wow, Michelle,
      A lot of accusations.
      Go back and look at my list of news viewing/reading. Lou baby wasn’t on the list. Quit listening to Rushbo when he stopped doing parody and switched to political influence peddling. That was over 10 yrs ago. I’m actually aghast at you are taking time for so much Fox.
      You say, “If lying Trump is so innocent of his lies and denials…. of what are they afraid?” Who is afraid? In fact, all should be getting less so, nothing, zero, nada, nichts, non, neyet, evidence has be proven. Lots of lawyers sending our money on what is it…?
      Hey, you must be reading what I write and the tutorial as well. Again, your workd, “Is it not true that sometimes facts are distorted by other people’s fax or even “ alternative facts”………depending on where your allegiance lies?” Yes! Yes! and when the alternative facts are “manufactured,” that is bullsh*t. Thank you so very much.
      Did you read my comment on you list? You should go back and see what I had to say.
      I am sorry to report that many of you facts are opinions, and unreasoned ones at that. YOU should go back validate your SOME of your opinions. Because I say something is a fact doesn’t make it so, it must be actual. The same applies to you. Say what you like, it is a right, as you admonish. A right from a Constitution that your seeming not too keen on.
      Right and there is still a Flat Earth Society! The wonderful thing about logic, science, education, experience that what may have been believed to be fact is not. Belief is not a fact or truth is it can be proven no to match physical reality.
      Keep reading the RTTB, you’ll begin to get better at discerning fact from belief, wishful thinking and of course bullsh*t.
      Show me a fact I have wrong and as I have written many times, I’ll admit it and accept it. Tricky Ricky hasn’t taken me up on that either. Why?????????

    • why, you 2 are the EXPERTS on fake news and thats why you were asked to provide a SOURCE for your ‘facts’. But it is obvious that your ‘facts’ are just bogus opinions. Since YOU cannot provide the links requested it is fair to guess they are really NON-EXISTANT. So if you are so dedicated in your hatred it would seem that you would be more than willing to provide FACTUAL PROOF for your hatred, but when it comes from fairyland its hard to do.

      I would not know where to even start looking for the fairy tales you 2 believe in, nor would many here, thus the need for you to provide illumination.

      • Jeep telling it like it is Hank! Your right on target.
        You are for from alone in your assessment of the pattern of hit and run delusional attacks from Mr. & Mrs. agitator….
        Anyone capable of simply reading can see right through this endless factless mirage of emotional driven lunacy.

        The Oracle

  10. Clarification: “little
    FACT catalog “

    To Big O….. FAX should read FACTS (in case your frustrated). My IPhone can’t read my lips 👄💋
    AND THATS A FACT👅….no HANKy TURNip man it is a tongue 👅 ……………NOT underwear🤪

    • Don’t blame the phone Dumbchelle, it’s garbage in, garbage out. Your the sites biggest dumbass (that’s a fact) so we don’t expect much. Might just be easier for you to cut and paste your talking points since your incapable of ever projecting your own thoughts.

      The Oracle

      • Frankly, all of your cut and
        Paste work has sealed the FACT that YOU are a miserable OLD FACTLESS TURD💩

        • All three of you are sexist pigs🐷🐷🐷…..YOU all sound like your Idol TRUMP❗️You old perverts probably drag around shriveled dumbass’s…and one is extremely “el gordo”❗️Dream on boys… mine is smart and perfect❗️🤪💋

        • well I dont and I dont think the others think dumbass ricky is mine is smart and perfect❗️🤪💋!

          Guess you dont have very high standards, do you look up and over the curb much?

        • HANKy…..What??? You make no sense❗️Who is talking about Mr Rick? ……what are you trying to say Mr. TURNip man???

        • @ Dumbchelle.
          I see your nap didn’t help your unpleasant disposition…
          Facts Michelle facts, let’s stick to the facts.
          Just because you didn’t get your way, hardly makes everyone else sexist, your calling everyone sexist is unfounded and simply demonstrates how pathetic you are.
          Please elaborate on the facts behind such an assertion?
          I know presenting real facts is a something totally new and foreign for you, so please remember, that a fact is a statement that is true or can be proven with evidence.
          Good luck with that new concept!

          The Oracle

        • OrRatcle…okay now….here…YOU three saying sexist remarks about thighs & ass stuff❗️Total sexist
          Dumbass old perverted dudes❗️…Don’t need to play stupid Big Oooo…
          Ya already are🤪

        • michelle you started it, you do know that the images you use are what are found in the SPAM files for sexual related sites dont you? Just put several in the trash before coming here. Was wondering where you found yours so guess we now know. One was for russian girls or something so check your use of them if you want to attack using sexuality as an object.

          And who is your ‘perfect’ one, trick rick or is he/she just an alter ego for yourself? as to cut and paste yours all come right out of the democrap guide I beleive.

      • No worries Dumbchelle, if I wanted to be stupid I’d change my name to Michelle and become a brainless die-hard idiot libtard carpet bagging cyber troll from several states away.
        And for the record, you set the standard on being the overt sexist pig, just last night you cried sexism over being called out for your public stupidity.
        Just another overreach of desperation.

        Boohoo, please don’t start crying because we gave you a taste of your own medecine. You are such a two faced double standard cry baby for all to see.

        The Oracle

  11. Get your glasses 👓 on Mr HANKY TURNip Man!!! I know you will enjoy some more REAL FACTS❗️Enjoy boys💋💋

    • as I asked above WHERE ARE THEY and provide some LINKS! You 2 have yet to provide any FACTS in any argument/attack you post!

      • @ Hank:
        Dumbchelle can’t provide any facts, she’s not here to be to provide any facts, she’s only here in the capacity of an cyber agitator.
        When considering the facts of her “point of view”, always remember she’s as factless as the day is long, but never short on unsubstantiated opinions, mere opinions.
        She’s simply a one way street of discord.
        A mere cyber troll, only here to agitate while stifling any true debate that doesn’t suit her narrative.

        The Oracle

  12. Hopefully you OLD boys will remember
    Joe Friday….Certainly YOU must??? IN FACT, he is probably your IDOL ❗️Hahahohoha 👍🤣……FACT💋

  13. Be patient MR BIGoooooooo, my FACTUAL response has not been posted yet..🤪 waiting moderation…..Geeezze Go have a cup of warm milk 🥛 to calm yourself💋

    • We’ve been waiting since you arrived for your facts.
      What’s another year or two?

      The Oracle

      • Lets clear this up…Mr. Biggest Oooooo…I am the one who has not seen TRUE FACTS flowing from mouth your old-as-mold mouth🤨 for more than a year❗️

        • Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, but again no facts….. Just more endless troll babble from your dumbass

          The Oracle

        • One more important FACT:
          Mr BIG Oooooo is the BIGGEST “DUMBASS” TROLL you lingers with hateful pleasure ❗️

        • More bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, all worthless factless opinions….. Just more endless troll babble from the sites biggest loser…..

          The Oracle

        • Here’s a big FACT proving what a worthless two faced POS you are.
          In Your own words: “However, your scribbling & Scrambled intense Bullshit are endlessly filled with hate for others you do not personally know”.
          Please do tell Bimbo Babe…….
          Do you personally know Donald Trump?
          I’m only asking because you couldn’t turn off your vile Trump hate spigot to save what’s left of your worthless oxygen wasting existence, for once in your pathetic factless life, practice what you preach.

          The Oracle

        • ORRATCLE ❗️Start reading more than “one sentence “ Again……..READ slowly…..This is what I have repeatedly expressed “ I hate Trump as the President of the United States .
          Get it?? Re-Read

        • YOU get to bed❗️It is your bedtime❗️Go get some beauty sleep NIT-wit……
          I have had about enough of
          You today… You need to go
          Soak your head in the toilet before you drift off to sleep; as this will help you come up with more bullshit
          tomorrow 💩💩

        • More bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, all worthless factless opinions…..
          Just more endless troll babble from the sites biggest loser…

        • Since this is your admission of NOT posting FACTS:

          Michelle | February 12, 2018 at 8:40 pm | Reply

          “Be patient MR BIGoooooooo, my FACTUAL response has not been posted yet..🤪 waiting moderation…..Geeezze Go have a cup of warm milk 🥛 to calm yourself💋”

          Maybe you could actually try and cut back on the democrap talking points

    • Gee I wish I would have thought of that first.
      I guess we can add plagiarism to you most note worthy qualities?

      The Oracle

    • Always the helpless sexist pig right to the end? Play the big mouth poor women victim. Are you really that shallow that you don’t think everyone who reads this can’t see right thru your shit.
      What a pathetic overreach of desperation.
      I guess your capable of attacking any and everyone, but once your made to be the fool, you suddenly morph into the helpless female.
      Just more never ending distractions, deflections and denial brought to us by the sites cyber troll.
      You’d been wise to take notice and stuff a sock in it and not start a rock fight. But your incapable of letting sleeping dogs lay, once again your blatant stupidity simply overwhelms you for all to see.
      Your no role model Michelle, your what people want to avoid being in life.

      The Oracle

      • You pathetic old moron….The other way around NUMBSKUL❗️.only your little man love Buddies will hold close💋…

        • Let it go Michelle, go to bed. Your grasping at straws out of desperation.
          Try to save some of your dignity thereby sparing us your full public meltdown.

          The Oracle

  14. Clarification: only your little man love Buddies will hold you close. (And we know who those two are) 😆❤️
    sweet dreams..💋

  15. The Weekly Installment of: Rickety Towers Tutorial on BullSh*t – Dedicated to Understanding: What Bullsh*t Is; How to Detect It; Identify Tricks Bullsh*ters Use

    Lesson #3: Further concepts

    The commentary observed since the beginning of the RTTB has pointed to a couple of additional definitions that are important to the identification of BS. These definitions are important not only to recognize BS, but to verify truth (fact) the pernicious BS’er most always ignores, twists or lies about. The best defense against bullsh*t is to be aware of context, and have subject/topical knowledge (or recognized the need to obtain it) to sense what may not be factually true or contextually accurate. In the age of the Internet and ever increasing use of social media, devoid of personal contact, the chances of encountering and failing to recognize Bullsh*t increases. There are none of the traditional cues of voice, gesture, facial expression or maybe even physical location that give indicators of words’ meaning and validity. And online exchanges do not occur in real time. Having awareness of context and having knowledge can help avoid becoming a Bullsh*tee. Online Bullsh*ters count on their targets not knowing context or having the knowledge to detect their false statements or out and out mendacity.
    Context: is what provides the information necessary to correctly understand a word, phrase or even an event that could otherwise be interpreted in different ways. Many words or phrases can have different meanings based on context. The collection of words surrounding a specific word or phrase also helps determines the appropriate meaning is context. Quoting someone out of context is at best unfair if it alters the meaning. Purposely repeating what a person says without enough information to prevent mis-understanding the true meaning of the quote is likely bullsh*t.
    Here is a very simple example:
    She says, “If you like cool summers, southern Arizona is a bad place to live.”
    I quote her as saying, “She says, southern Arizona is a bad place to live.” But, by not presenting the introductory preposition of the sentence, the context what she was actually referring to is altered (even ignored). The quote I repeated omitted important information – the context of summer in southern Arizona. Her statement refers to nothing else that would be bad or good about living in southern Arizona. But my restating of the partial quote can give the impression she said and meant southern Arizona is a bad place to live.
    Steven Bradley summarizes context well, “Context is everything. It shapes the meaning in all communication. Without context you can’t communicate effectively. When your message is delivered in one context, but received in another, it likely leads to miscommunication.” He goes on to say, “The meaning of communication is shaped by the context in which it is delivered and that meaning can be completely altered by delivering it in a different context.”
    The Bullsh*ter knows this, and this will be a topic for future lessons.

    We’ll discuss knowledge in lesson #4.

  16. i googled tower’s…….trump leaning tower’s of shifting, swaying ,spewing lie’s after lie’s came up.. they said it proved trump brought his pathological lie’s straight to the white house ..he just couldn’t help it…doiiii………..then…………i clicked,on the” monitor man” of the rikcity tower’s tutoring school’s ……………….
    …..t……low and behold..what come’s up?…the Robert Mansfield tutor tower’s… .. turn’s out this is a fake teacher ,,fake licence …fake new’s….shocking isn’t it?..FIRED and forced to an early retirement, Mr. Mansfield now has way to much time on his hand’s…. so i clicked on that ………..WOW…………….to much time on my hand’s….to much time on my hand’s………………………………..to much time on my hand’s………yeeaah …i’m sitting on a bar stool , talking like a dam fool, I ,got the 12 o’ clock fake news’s.. and iv’e given up hope on the afternoon soaps, and a bottle of cold brew,is it any wonder i’m not crazy, is it any wonder i’m sane at all….i’m so tiered of loosen..i got nothing to do… and all day to do it… is it any wonder iv’e got to much time on my hand’s, it’s ticking away with my sanity..iv’e got to much time on my hands, its hard to believe such a calamity, ive got to much time on my hand’s, and its ticking away , ticking away from me……………………… i’m a jet fuel genius, and i can solve the world’s problem’s with out even trying…..i’ve got dozen’s of friend’s,just as long as i’m buying……isn’t it any wonder i’m not the president…isn’t it any wonder i’m null and void?…isn’t it any wonder….. i’ve got to much time on my hand’s ,ticking away ticking away from me…………..this message has been approved by stix and stone’s foundation’s ..toooOOOT..

    • There is never enough time for getting the truth out, Tricky Ricky.

      And it is amazing how you are so well fitting the profiles of Bullsh*tery.

      I am glad you are a genius and see yourself a capable of solving the world’s problems so effortlessly.

      I am sorry, truly sorry, you believe you are null and void. That is sad, sad for someone to think of them self so. Maybe if you would base you thinking of facts and truth, that could help you self-image to over come your negation. Fine to dislike the President (or anyone fro that matter), but to have to use mendacity for justification is rather like null and voiding you very being. You seem to be sensing that. Simply because you have not rationally presenting an understanding of why. The truth should not hurt you; “The truth will set you free.”
      Oh, also, BTW, maybe OK to always be buying, if you can afford it. But, what you are selling should not be balderdash. You should stop that line of product.

      For everyone else, they are like mostly host thinking folks, who need to understand BS, and since you are on this ADI channel, they should understand more about why you are so full of it. The tutorial is for the people; so they can discern the truth, from facts, for themselves. Since you know the all the facts and all the truth, the tutorials should do you no harm.

      And maybe, just maybe, you’ll start respecting the Lasley cartoons by using them to cover your dealing in balderdash.

      More insight into BS in the next installment of the tutorial. You may find knowledge to your liking.

    • Dear ME, If ya want to get some real yawning going, go check out Mr. Mansfield’s or Mr BIG Ooooooo…don’t forget to bring your recliner cause you will enjoy yawning to Mr HANKy TURNip man too!! 😧

    • Actually Michelle, you bore me with what you and Rick say every week. No facts, just attacking other people’s opinions (which I’m sure you’ll attack this one too). At least Mansfield and the Oracle are intelligent in what they say. You and Ricky are the same bullsh*t every single week. I have to skip over all your ! and 💩 and all of Ricky’s ……………..

      I’m surprised ADI allows you guys to respond. I guess it’s time to stop reading nonsense and move on.

      • Right on poster “ME”…..
        Total 🎯 regarding the sites two full-time cyber trolls. 👍

  17. Michelle….u touched on a couple of serious nerve’s regarding Big O’S PERSONAL LIFE…it was a big flag up as to why he seem’s like a tweeeeeeeked bitter old man…………. ya can’t get through to damaged brain individual’s such as MR. ORACLE the no.1 name caller…………dealing with people that have continuous bastard breath , IS LIKE TALKING TO the NURSE RATCHET PATIENT’S..their not only trump drunk…there oracle drunk…..so consider the source Michelle…there all saturated WITH FAKE NEW’S,,living in fear, and are using it as there security blanket sucking on there little trump thumbs……..so continue on Michelle.. your rope a doping these guy’s in a big way!

  18. Maybe we got all the routine banter out of the way, and we can try to comment on the issue this week’s Lasley cartoon raises. That is the news media’s influence on our politics and in a broader sense our national well being.

    News, particularly TV news, in the case Lasley is pointing out is no longer news. At best if seems to be advocacy for one party or the other; for some ideas over others, etc. The rise of cable TV really changed the “news.”

    At one time the news was only a small part of TV programing. Now there are channels that are completely “news.” But really? Most is commentary by folks that are really taking roles for advocacy and the like. The aren’t giving us news but telling us what to think. And they are crafty about it.

    When our political leaders take their cues and justify there actions from “news fixes,” We are in very deep trouble. Lasley hit the nail on the head. This is a bad fix to get hooked on. Regardless of our opinions, political likes and dislikes, we should see we are in a crises. I my opinion, it’s a crises because the advocacy “news” is making money at this. So they continue and the politicians hook-up. The only way to stop it is to turn it off. Ratings drive revenues. Ratings come from viewing. It may be interesting or some form of entertainment, but it is bad for us.
    I again thank Mr. Lasley, even though he has no respect for the President or his policies, he raised an issue worthy of thought. In my opinion, his cartoons are more than the seem.

    It would be interesting to know if he does this intentionally. It happens often enough to make me believe he does. That is good satire.

  19. name any law’s regulation and rule’s constitution’s amendment’s voting regulation’any political understanding’s around the world ,respect for billion’s of american’s, politician’s ,immigrant’s ..fbi dabbling..any court regulation’s…tax twisting to twist the knife in the side of middle class , the poor…all there family’s ..making fool’s of american’s….reactivating battle’s and war’s around the world, with our ‘ dallors ..lie after bullshit after lie…….now the guy want’s to rewrite the constitution …postpone election itself….500 trillion in dept..and this guy want’s his own ego parade for the world to see….just a few more example’s of how fucked up trump really is..to be continued

  20. HANK❗️Just noticed your absurd sexist gutterish POST…..YOU ARE WHACKED OUT…Russian girls???? .. NOW we know what YOU do ….YOU SLEEZE BUCKET❗️🤮…….SHAME on you❗️❗️

    • Obviously Dumbchelle has nothing to add to the subject matter so she’s self appointed herself as the sites thought police.
      I’m unsure if anyone outside of Punky Powers cares about what she has to say about this or anything else.
      More bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, all worthless factless opinions…..
      Just more endless troll babble from the sites biggest loser…

      The Oracle

      • Talk about
        Distractions and denial…YOU really need to look 👀 in the mirror this morning (I know this is difficult) Tell your HANKy pervert Buddy to do the

    • no when deleting spam folder noticed your favorite images, and because they were going into the trash I thought of you!

  21. PS: Don’t even attempt to place my name or intentions anywhere near your garbage ❗️You owe me an apology ❗️

  22. Let’s hear you state something intelligent regarding this Sunday’s illustration subject matter…Instead of your mindless insults❗️
    Give it a try BIG Oooooo ….here🧠🧠 these might help ya…👅

    • You should be reading those of us who seriously comment on Lasley’s work.

      Too bad you missed it. Expect that from TR.

      But then again maybe you have found the personal attacks so much more interesting.

  23. remember when you were a nice young man, way way before your tiny fingered trump hero ever was heard of…ya know the day’s when your little hand’s could make a steeple..open your hands and see all the people? sure ya do….Lasley has shown absolute brilliant’s these week in his latest presentation of art work……..look again” ya fake new’s supporter’s”….your unconsciousness of real new’s ,,,and now your unawareness of what’s right in front of your face…check out trumpy boi’s finger’s, now look close… i know your not an artist but look anyway…if trump made a steeple he’d have an extra middle finger to flip all us americans one off with….which is part of his master plan as the continuous american….. shit ….. ………hooooooooole……tooooOOoooot……

    • Mr. Tricky,

      I remember when truth, honest discourse and respect for others was the most important part of one’s character.

      Nonsense and ranting was to be pitied. And I do very much pity you. But then again that is a religious thing, you don’t like to hear about… (And for others of you who so strongly object to religion, at least Christianity, sorry to offend you.)

      And I do wish you’d stop disrespecting Mr. Lasley’s work so. You are blinding many others for taking a serious look at it. And you are cementing their opinions. But then division and deception are the ways of the professional pernicious BS’er. You are a top practitioner and purveyor. Well done.

      You need to take your Trump now, and please wash you Putin. And you should first wash your face, then your Putin, not the reverse as you know do. Not only is it more healthy, you may see things differently and less inclined to BS. Looking a life through a smear of feces is taking a toll on you. You should not take you profession so seriously. But then again that is my assumption; you my be actually using BS to cloud your vision. Hope you are trespassing on AZ ranchers’ land to get it; could be dangerous to you health. Some are not as enlightened as you; they still have firearms.

      • Mr. Mansfield…You are taking stuff way to seriously regarding Mr. Rick. He does not disrespect Mr. Lasley’s art illustrations❗️What don’t you address Mr. Big O, HANKy, BS, Billy B, Luke, gordo, & other’s who Bash Mr. Lasley’s illustrations week after week? I have never seen Mr. Rick Bash or disrespect Mr. Lasley’s illustrations ❗️Don’t see how you interpret his writings as Disrespectful to Lasley❗️WRONG…. The others here are Blatantly disrespectful & hateful to Lasley & his art❗️
        Again, Lasley has never spewed hate like your fellow ADI buddies❗️It is directed to Trump as President or political ongoing Events.
        Seriously, Mr. Mansfield, you best direct your concerns regarding disrespect to Lasley towards your buddies here…..NOT Mr. Rick❗️

        • Clarification: Why don’t you address ADI Buddies for their Blatant and utter disrespect to Mr. Lasley???
          Rick is NOT disrespectful to Mr. Lasley❗️…..Geeze…next thing your going to say is that I am disrespectful to Lasley❗️You make NO rational sense ❗️

        • Michelle,
          Because “Tricky Ricky” is the most dangerous.
          Oracle has toned it down, unless attacked.
          I hate, really hate, hypocrisy. Yet, I don’t hate the hypocrites. I ask that the God I believe in to forgive them. But I will not let their hypocrisy go without comment.
          Other’s you list are not showing themselves to be hypocrites. The may be wrong and coarse, but not BS’ing hypocrites. I believe Mr. Lasley is NO hypocrite. To me that is clear. The others are expressing their opinions and reacting as best they know to personal attacks. I don’t like it, have expressed it numerous times here. But get it.
          As I have aged, I’ve gained many experiences. Mr. Rick is a BS’er of the highest caliber.
          Yes, I do believe many of the criticism of Mr. Lasley’s cartoons are unfair. He his an exceptional illustrator. He has a point of view. He expresses his point of view. He shows, I believe insight. He really, really dislikes the President. But, Mr. Lasley is not being a hypocrite. On the other hand, how many times has your Mr. Rick stated we can’t take a joke or have a sense of humor, after particularly vicious rants and personal attacks from him? He is just joking and sees Mr. Lasley’s cartoons as a joke? So he is really in the Oracle camp? Mr. Lasley is trying to make us think (and influence us to consider and even come to his point of view); so I believe. Your Mr. Rick deals in BS only. And I will continue to give it back to him. For him it is not about Mr. Lasley’s cartoons, it is about pushing an agenda based on mendacity. I object to that. Assertions without facts can only be lies. I don’t see Mr. Lasley doing that. Your Mr. Rick deals in them. When his non-facts are pointed out, he rants more.

          As I write this, tears well up in my eyes for the parents and families of those killed today in Florida. What did your Mr. Rick offer about Las Vegas. A nonsensical series of rants; never addressing the issue. Mr. Lasley laid it out there; giving his point of view (which was no surprise). When you took the issue very seriously and raised a very cogent and valid point about number of gun owned, your Mr. Rick ignored you. Why? Because he is not interested in solutions or rational thought, he is a pernicious bullsh*ter. Aren’t you even curious why he would not comment, even when repeatedly asked to? As an NRA Golden Eagle, I mostly agree with your thought on the number of guns, of certain types, individuals own – and this is important, CERTIAN TYPES – without some sort of licensing and training, just like a CHL. Our Constitution has a 2nd Amendment for a very important reason, and it’s not about hunting. But it is not intended to facilitate mass killing of our children! There are other actions that can be taken too. But will your Mr. Rick engage, in other that rants…a resounding “NO!” Why, because he doesn’t want any. He’s a pernicious BS’er with an agenda. If you want to engage in a dialog about other ways to end this madness, I’m happy to. I’m sure your Mr. Rick, not so much. It takes away from this BS.

          And therefore, he disrespects Mr. Lasley’s cartoons.

          That is what my experience, knowledge, education and gut tells me. He fits the profile almost like a glove.

          There you have it!

          We could have some enlighten exchanges on this ADI channel, if your Mr. Rick would cut expressing himself out of his Putin-hole. There are likely hundreds of people reading this dialog. Maybe just for entertainment, but maybe civil discourse, based on facts, would be useful to them. I’ll try in my meager way to help them.
          And, while you find the tutorial a yawn, it is fact based, and even as you are fall into boredom induced sleep, you may learn somethings you didn’t know. I am a very good researcher, and this is all verifiable and not by bullsh*t. (It is of course, titled IHO your ADI best bud. But as he likes to say, “lighten-up, it’s only humor.”)

  24. Hahahohoha ❗️Funny❗️YES❗️I was wondering if anyone noticed that🤣—-Good one Mr . Rick👍👍

  25. PS: You have no clue regarding Mr. Rick personal religious beliefs….so why do you even go there? ….Just because you don’t agree or don’t like the way he expresses himself….with passion, lyrics, creative writing & humor; while having to defend himself after ongoing insults from others,
    Doesn’t put You in Tutorial Position to pass judgement on him❗️Frankly, it is my opinion that all of YOU are the biggest Bullshitters here❗️…Regarding TRUMP and politics; In the real “personal” world, I hope to God that you all are not such HATEFUL idiots ❗️

    • @ Dumbchelle: And yet your an complete expert on Punky Powers personal religious beliefs… How?

      • I don’t know & I don’t care as it his Rick’s personal choice…..Mansfield is asserting to Rick what Rick feels ……How the hell does a know what Rick really feels?……..Mansfield you are being sarcastic and Big Oooo… settle down❗️

        • So applying your stellar sense of “logic”, you neither speak for him or against him which begs the question why do you feel so compelled to speak at all on a matter which you have no knowledge of, or concern of, or interest in?
          Enquiring minds await!

          The Oracle

        • I guess like TR, and often you, Michelle – I can only assume by what I read and see before my very eyes. But, as the tutorial points out, that is a problem with social media and lack of personal contact.
          But all I have to go on.

        • Because…Mr. Big Ooooo it is YOU who needs tutorials. TO much energy on Mr Rick instead of YOU❗️❗️Get it?🤪

    • Michelle,
      I’m not passing judgement on him with the tutorials. I’m enlightening all who read this on FACTS. Sorry you as well as TR don’t like them.

      I did not attack his personal religious beliefs. Show me where I did and I will certainly publicly, immediately apologize! (Remember you kinda opened the religious can of worms with you disrespecting comment. While all are entitled to opinion, belief…not to expect some push-back is, well not realistic.)

      I think TR is a bit on the hateful side.

      • No …I have not opened iany can of warms regarding religion….. Billy B is the person who started all that over a year ago❗️Then YOU got all defensive while I simply voiced that I think religion is personal and I don’t like it pushed on me❗️Also, you made assertions. I never said you attacked his beliefs.
        Again, the most hateful and cruel person at this site is Big O❗️You are not Dumb and you know it❗️Your lessons should be directed to HIM.. Frankly, I think you are scared of the old mean TURD…
        It is amazing how some people can be so smart in one way,but straight up stupid in others❗️ Go figure…

        • All you say about Hank may be true.

          But you responded when silence was probably better.

          You offended me by your response, so you got one.

          Guess, law of unintended consequences. But expect response when you legitimate opinion is not accepted. Issues of faith are not so clear cut.

        • Seriously Dumbchelle, you did rip open the can of worms. Billy B didn’t force his religious views on to you, please stop crying the constant helpless victim, you act as if your were being forced to convert against your will.
          In my recollection, you publicly attacked him for publicly professing his beliefs.
          While we both share that one’s personal beliefs are just that, personal. I also believe that while we’re not forced to condone someone else’s beliefs, we’re equally not forced to condemn someone for thier beliefs.
          But your efforts really amounted to suppressing Billy B’s voice.

          The Oracle

      • Mr. Mansfield… guess I am missing something here? regarding Hank? What does he have to do with you? Do
        Get what your saying?

        • I believe I do.

          One of the problems with social media like this.

          A comment you made that I attacked Mr. Rick for his religious beliefs. Can’t see where I did that. But, I can easily accept you or he may thinks so. If that is the case, specifically point that out. I certainly don’t want to come across that way. As I have no idea what his religious beliefs are or are not.

  26. now Mansfield want’s me to wander on big O’S PROPERTY ..so the guy can pull out his gun and blow my head off…….TYPICAL GUN OWNER MENTALITY…i have a fact to share with u and your twisted brain gun owner friend’s……a kid grabbed there parent’s unlocked gun AGAIN and SHOT UP another Florida high school full of kid’s……what’s your fact changing way’s on this one Mansfield.?…it’s the 16 th school shooting episode this year…..wow.. u r clueless….. alot of time’s …..sir

    • @ Punky Powers: My two four legged girls will eat you alive well within the first 50 feet of the gate, your simply not worthy of the price of ammo so don’t drag met into your delusions by making more factless claims.

      The Oracle

      • Oh Geeeezzze❗️YOU do have girls❗️OMG❗️❗️Poor female creatures in your household Mr. Big Ooooo…be a nice gentleman to them…especially today❗️You probably don’t even know it is
        Valentine’s Day…..Yes Mr. Big Oooo…Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart ❤️💋

    • TR, you are much more demented that most.
      I doubt that you are in any danger from Oracle. Sorry that you have another blind spots not – recognizing the irony of you own words.
      Interesting that when the Las Vegas thing came down, you would not even engage in a very sensible thought Michelle had. Even when asked. Why? Hard to say. Guess it does not fit your BS’ing narrative.
      Something clearly needs to be done. Other than your mindless rants, and blaming the President, want to engage now?
      Start with your thinking on Michelle’s thought. Or you could not see through your BS covered eyes that she even proposed something? I can remind you if you like.
      U r less than clueless…most of time’s……sir. Maybe your speaking too much through you your Putin-hole?
      What to get have serious dialogue…many here are probably for you to join in.

    • Seriously Dumbchelle, have you been talking to yourself doing your mirror, mirror thing again?

      The Oracle

      • Mirror Mirror?? What?? Is that some kind of Valentines wish Big Ooooo….do I detect kindness …Mirror….mirror on the wall??? 💋

        • Your last name must be lead, because your apparently beyond really dense.
          Read slowly so you can keep up.
          You wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day to all my loving ADI Buddies”, but truthfully, outside of your lone pet rock Punky Powers you don’t have any “buddies” at ADI, and certainly none that love you.
          So it begs the question, have you been lying to yourself again trying to convince yourself that you have any loving buddies at all?

          The Oracle

    • Michelle,
      I answered you questions about Mr. Rick above.

      Happy to discuss in more detail if you like.

      • Nope…Don’t agree as you go directly after him and not the others as They RANT and carry on endlessly with Bullshit…each including you share rants and BS….
        Nope ..You Target Rick❗️Wrong❗️

        • Guess you did not read my earlier response to you.

          That is OK, but I answered you honestly.

          Sorry you can’t understand.

  27. Mr. Mansfield, let me make this clear,
    Mr. big Oooooo has NEVER “toned it down”❗️How you can make that statement is beyond me❗️
    Mr. Rick has continually expressed his dread and horror regarding the on-going shootings❗️ I will say that I am glad to see that you are interested in making compromissing changes towards the gun problem in USA…I still have a daughter in school and I can not imagine the horror and sorrow families endure. My prayers are for them.

    • Michelle,

      He has a very strange way of showing it. His words ring hollow to my ears.

      I have been MORE than interested for years. I was a supporter of the Brady Bill in the 1980’s, sent money to help get the effort to get it passed, until the liberals made it a ban movement. The politicians don’t what a solution; they want the issue for votes! And many liberals want more that that.

      I guess you find it really OK that your Mr. Rick will not engage in any real discussion on the issue, and ignored you when you presented one. Well, it bothers me. He is a hypocrite! And must not care. Just likes the rant.

      That’s OK, his “right.” And mine, to point his BS and hypocrisy out.

      I CAN imagine the horror and fear. My wife and I went through terrorist attacks. One where I was unharmed but our oldest son was in school less than a quarter of a mile from it. Hours went by before she knew. I was too busy to have thought about it at first; preparing if there was more explosions to come, and about the injured, dead and dying. There is no greater fear for a parent, especially a mother, and it lingers for many years. I came to understand my grandmother better. She had a melancholy way about her. I thought it was because she was German. Her boys came back from WWII; her daughter did not; until exhumed, where she died in Normandy, France (Oct 4, 1944), in 1947 for reburial in our home town. I truly pray you never have to experience anything remotely like either of these – ever. My sister lost her Army son five years ago. There is little real joy in her life yet.

      Your boy Mr. Rick doesn’t appear get it, sorry to say. But you are entitled to your opinion of his motives and honesty too. Everyone of us has our back stories.

      I won’t comprise the Constitution’s purpose for the 2nd Amendment, but will gladly support, and have, sensible actions. There are several that should be considered. Clearly, your Mr. Rick is on the side of the politicians…just loves the issue. Not interested in solutions or discussing them. If he did, he would.

      Prayers help! But are not sufficient. Nor are just words casting blame.

      I know you know this. But has to be said.

      • Mr. Mansfield, Sorry you and your family had to endure that horrifying experience ❗️ Very sad about your grandmother & your sister’s son.
        I too heard stories from my grandfather, a French man, during World War1,
        escaping a
        GermanConcentration camp❗️My ded’s high school friend’s
        horrifying experiences and deaths in Korean war❗️As a young man, my dad had to
        endure getting his face
        paralyzed during service to our country❗️
        If we live long enough, we
        all have story’s of struggles & experiences in life that are sadly unfair❗️I would never wish some of my personal life experiences on anyone either,
        Mind you, Mr. Rick is Mr. Rick… He has his own life experiences…
        With that being said,
        I agree, your last paragraph above DID NOT need to be
        said❗️Prayers bring hope and comfort…mine are sent from my heart.

        • Yes, for sure, we all have our back stories.

          Not looking for sympathy. The point is fact, experience and knowledge are important. They inform good communication.

          I suspect you are saying having a discussion in this forum about how to ensure our right to bear arms and also protect lives is not to you liking. That’s fine.

          And I do not doubt your sincerity. Never have. Yes, Mr. Rick is who he is.

  28. what kind of dog’s do you have big O?……what are there name’s ? are they friendly? when i come to visit ,will they wag there tail like neighborly kind’s of poooch’s…have u raised them well?..sir”are they mistreated little female’s hmmmm ..just checking…giving your neighbor’s a heads up regarding your sweet 4 legged girl’s …next door

    • @ Punky Powers:
      Just when everyone thought it was impossible for you to be even more stupid, you never cease to amaze.
      It would be a severe violation of OPSEC to reveal anything that sensitive in a public forum, especially to a mentally disturbed idiot with questionable motives such as yourself.

      The Oracle

  29. ” don’t talk about my dog’s” zero say’s…that’s sensitive classified top secret information …you mean if u told me you’d have to kill me? ..wow..it’s starting to seem like u actually live in fear big O…BIG WALL’S laced with barb wire surround’s your desert ranch ,with roaming pit bull’s to scare the shit out of people than might accidentally roam near your ranch spread…wow…surely there police trained, that would be your specialty right? ,,,sir…wonderful… big ZERO…. do you live in fear on your own spread?..even with your stocked up weapon’s….hmmmmm .since you aware of top secret info…maybe you should right to trump and explain to the guy the value’s of fbi top secret’s . publishing this type of information for the whole world to see is like uthinizing your own pitbull’s……..

  30. Before tomorrow’s cartoon, here is another thought on this past week’s. Sorry, no personal attack – the art form most loved by many commentators on this site.

    There is a very real peril for those who continually are shown, by verifiable facts, that what they are saying is clearly neither truthful nor verifiable ;or are not supported by standard knowledge. After multiple times of being wrong about facts/truth, or forecasts are not born out, notable people/institutions i.e. the news media, just are believed less and less. The story of the “boy who cried wolf” too often comes to mine to describe this. We all recall how this story ends for the boy.

    Sadly, all the news media seems to be doing this. Giving credence to pronouncements to individuals who have notoriety of sorts, that are base on no facts, just opinion or wishful thinking. This is dangerous, because reality does bite. Some things, even important people say, are not true in the whole.

    Here are some examples that we all know not to be true, but I suspect some people may still believe them.
    `- Barak Obama was not born in the United States.

    – AIDS was started by the CIA to kill homosexuals and certain racial groups

    – No human has ever been to the moon

    – Cigarettes are not really bad for you

    – Repressed Memory Syndrome in small children is always real

    – Childhood immunizations should be avoided, totally

    – The Holocaust never happened

    – If you are a true believer of your religion, medical attention is not ever needed for you children

    The facts are- none of these were ever true. But still people, some to this day believe them. People have died because to these non-facts and others imprisoned. Saying something is so, does not make it factual or truthful anywhere but in one’s mind.

    In these days just because the news channels report and give significance to something, doesn’t make it true; or the outcomes their endless commentators spout based without any logic or facts. Because the news media chooses to prefer to be “reality shows” rather than news shows (my opinion based on observations), and focus on ideology and entertainment rather the pragmatic and important topics – “fake news” gets legs. And of course “social media” increases the problem.

    Thank you Mr. Lasley for making me think about this. Seems like too many of us are willingly taking these fake news transfusions. Facts and truth and critical thinking are antidotes.

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