Payne Cooks Up Bill To Serve Himself, Other Food Truck Owners

Rep. Kevin Payne

The House Committee on Military, Veterans, and Regulatory Affairs passes HB2371, legislation he sponsored to serve himself which requires the director of the Arizona Department of Health Services to adopt rules to create a statewide license for food vendors.

Payne, from Peoria, owns the KStar BBQ food truck.

This legislation requires licenses to be renewed annually and will have reciprocity in all Arizona counties. Additionally, cities, towns or counties may only continue to regulate a mobile food vendor to obey vehicular traffic and parking laws, as well as require private party consent for property owners before operation.

“I don’t normally applaud additional licensing and regulations, but in the case of food trucks, a statewide license is better than the hodgepodge of local licenses and regulations that vendors are subject to now,” said Representative Payne.

Payne is also the prime sponsor of HB2532, which would prevent a municipality from imposing an occupational fee or licensing requirement on any of the following professions:

1. Palmist
2. Phrenologist
3. Astrologer
4. Soothsayer
5. Fortune Teller
6. Mind Reader
7. Clairvoyant
8. Tarot Card Reader
9. Busker or Street Performer
10. Transient Merchant
11. Peddler
12. Canvasser
13. Solicitor
14. Auctioneer
15. Junk Dealer
16. Secondhand Dealer
17. Christmas Tree Merchant
18. Window Washer
19. Florist
20. Interior Designer
21. Photographer

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