Judge Allows Loftus, Jeffries Lawsuit To Proceed

(Photo by Nathan O’Neal/Cronkite News)

This week, a Maricopa County judge refused to dismiss a case against the State of Arizona brought by Charlie Loftus and Tim Jeffries for defamatory statements made in a DPS audit of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. The judge did find in favor of the State on its argument that many of the claims made in the report were not about Loftus, but the Department as a whole.

The audit was conducted last year in response to false claims that Jeffries, who at the time served as director of the Department of Economic Security, had ordered and Loftus, as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, to stockpile weapons and ammunition and that Loftus had done so.

Jeffries, Loftus and others were relieved of duty by Governor Doug Ducey based in part on the baseless claims. There are allegations that Jeffries and Loftus were investigating highly questionable technology purchases and practices and Medicaid fraud by politically connected individuals.

Earlier this year, ousted Rep. Don Shooter made similar allegations regarding technology procurement practices. Shooter alleged that he was targeted by the governor for his insistence on questioning the actions of the governor’s staff.

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  1. Go get ’em boys, you deserve anything that you can get from the state. What a crock of crap. Talk about slime politics at its best. Ducy’s got nothing on the swamp.

    • Governor Ducey, along with Senators Flake and McCain. is a big part of the swamp in Arizona and like all swamp creatures he thinks the law should not apply to him as long as he pretends his decisions are made in good faith in the performance of his duties as Governor. It may be news to Ducey that even though his acts PURPORT to be in furtherance of his official duties, when he crosses the line as he appears to have done in the Jeffries/Loftus scandal he is subject to being kicked out of office as well as other legal sanctions. The law recognizes that some acts made as Governor are so clearly based on personal reasons and for personal ends that the Governor must be held personally responsible for them. The law suits of Jeffries and Loftus are meant to test that question in the courts and hopefully the suits will be decided before the election because the acts in this instance were specifically aimed at enhancing Governor Ducey`s re-election prospects.

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | February 23, 2018 at 6:10 am |

    The stench of corruption goes right through the state legislature and lands squarely on the desk of future inmate Doogie Douchey.
    Unfortunately, to save his worthless ass, this case will be settled out of court as ice cream boi and his crew will never take the stand to avoid the bigger looming charges of perjury.

    The Oracle

  3. Thank you, ADI.

  4. when will Az DCS & CPS Be investegated ? Gov Doug- Where is the contract my 15 and 11 yr old daughters signed, when they were removed from their mother’s home without notifying custodial father?

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