Cindy McCain Says Husband Will Not Resign

McCain looked sickly at his August 2017 Facebook "town hall" event

On Thursday, Sen. John McCain’s wife tweeted out a message in response to a report that her ailing husband was set to resign. Almost immediately Arizonans responded to Ms. McCain on Twitter.

Sen. McCain has not returned to the Senate since the Winter Break. The few photographs made public of the senator since December reveal a man who appears to be wasting away from the aggressive form of brain cancer he was diagnosed with late last year. While the public has not seen pictures of the senator, they have been able to get a glimpse of his current condition through his wife’s tweets.

Ms. McCain called readers of True Pundit “crackpots,” in response to the website’s article about rumors that “McCain is not expected to return to the Washington D.C. politics.”


  1. Rumor has it. If he steps down. Arizona will finally get a republican for senator.

  2. Will be a great day when this walking corpse finally succumbs. The day of establishment cuck Republicans is long past. They have done nothing to serve our interests, have “conserved” nothing, and only helped in our nations’ rapid decline to “progressive” insanity. The voters in this state never fail to amuse in continuing to elect useless clowns.

  3. Clearly, Arizona is not getting the representation in the Senate it deserves. But, come to think of it, when have we ever in the last 20+ years. Not with Sen. McCain, because it has always been about him, not Arizonans. Flake no better. And in 2010, we could have had J.D. Hayworth. He wasn’t perfect, but would have been a great improvement.

  4. Wow the same Republicans who were kissing his backside are now stabbing at him and his family ( Whooo Republicans).

    I have never been a supporter of McCain. He is a vagabond.

    I do however respect the fact he is older , ill and y his wife and family what you do to the least of God’s children will be steps to heaven.

    You folks elected him, nor allow him the decency to leave office by his method of choice. I know John McCain did what he believed to be best interest of his party and his special interest.

    Be well , live well ignore these haters. Enjoy your days with family friends.

    I trust when John passes ( as all humans do ) these same folks will be singing his praises for life well lived. AMAZING what Republicans will do, sell own soul forget to forgive and love.

    Richard Hernandez

    • “I know John McCain did what he believed to be best interest of his party and his special interest.”

      Just couldn’t resist, could you? But true! The number one special interest is John McCain. Everyone else, pay for your position in the line.

  5. Like John, it is apparently second nature for Cindi McCain to believe Arizona voters can be treated like mushrooms. The voters have a right to expect elected officials who cannot do their jobs due to illness, or any other reason, to resign. We do not know why Senator McCain has not resigned though he is obviously too ill to do his job but we do know Cindi does a disservice to Arizona for maligning those who have a right to question the Senator`s course of action in this matter. It is understandable that Mrs. McCain wishes to protect her husband but in this instance, “#crackpots” is not the appropriate course.

  6. He should not get a paycheck if he’s not working and that includes medical. However, as a veteran, he would get medical anyway. Unlike the rest of his fellow veteran, he gets top of the line care.

  7. Of course he won’t. That would exhibit some class. As usual, he wants to stay to wreak as much damage as possible upon Americans.

  8. This is incredibly selfish of McCain and I have no doubt that he is doing it just so he doesn’t have to pay those exorbatant medical bills that come with diseases like Cancer. As long as he’s a US Senator his medical is free so I have to agree with some of those who’ve posted above. This isn’t about the Arizona Voter and their representation it’s him sucking on the government teat until he dies all the while making it worse for Arizonans who have no representation in the Senate.

  9. Senator,
    You owe it to your family to spend the time left with them. You owe it to your constituents to be represented. And finally, you owe it to yourself. Please, please resign.

    • Don’t bother addressing to him, he’s only being spoon fed, diapers changed and his ass wiped.

  10. This is typical of the contempt and belief that Voters are stupid that has been displayed by John McCain and his family for years.

    I know the pain of losing a father to cancer, acceptance of the inevitability helped every one close to him. At a time like this Ms. McCain the rest of the world doesn’t matter. Be honest.

  11. As I have said before, it was never about the voters of Arizona, it was and always has been about little Johnnie. He is dying, most likely won’t leave the compound again unless its in a hearse and Cindy says he is fine and won’t resign. As always, its about little johnnie and not the people he took an oath to represent. Just like the old days, right johnnie?

  12. As this situation plays out to its obvious conclusion, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that there will be no winners, the biggest of whom despite the Flake holding down the fort, will be the residents of Arizona who have no representative voice in the Senate.
    Speaking of crackpots Cindy, John isn’t doing fine. Apparently what’s in the best interest of the nation, Arizona and its people are of little or no concern to the crockpots hiding from reality within the McCain compound in Cornville.

    The Oracle

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