“Horrible News” Of Rockwell Collins Move Wakes Up Tucson

On Thursday, Tucsonans woke up to the news that over 300 jobs would be leaving town. For the residents of the eighth poorest metropolitan area listening to Wake Up Tucson on KVOI 1030 AM, the news was devastating.

Wake Up Tucson host, Chris DeSimone, read from an email from Rockwell Collins to customers:

Rockwell Collins has made the difficult decision to permanently close it’s Tucson, Arizona operations due to a reduced demand for Super First Class aircraft seating produced by the facility. We will be moving the remaining portion of work to another Rockwell Collins location to fulfill requirements of our Super First Class product line. We have not made the decision on where the location will be, but expect to announce it in the near future.

This transfer of work will commence in June 2018 and will be complete by September 30, 2018. Additionally, transfer of key production management as well as key equipment will be part of this transition.

Our Supply Chain Management Organization and Program Teams in Winston Salem NC will ensure orders placed with your company or adjusted as required as to demand profiles and Ship To locations as the transition progresses.

We ask for your support and understanding in this difficult period and as we transition the operations.

As the rest of Arizona experiences job growth, southern Arizona is struggling according to economists.

In July 2017, the Arizona Daily Independent reported that University of Arizona economists with the Economic and Business Research Center found that the “job growth varied in Arizona metro areas: Flagstaff 0.8%, Lake Havasu City-Kingman 1.4%, Phoenix 2.5%, Prescott 2.2%, Sierra Vista 0.0%, Tucson 0.2%, and Yuma 3.1%.”

According to business relocation expert, Joe Vranich, there are good reasons for the disparity in job growth. Vranich of Spectrum Location Solutions, says corporations generally consider three factors when looking to expand or relocate; taxes, the regulatory environment, and lifestyle.

Tucson has developed an anti-business reputation over the years.

One politico said that while Tucson can attract mostly call center jobs, the local government leaders do very little to keep high paying employers here. From suing companies, to forcing them to compete with government subsidized corporations, southern Arizona’s employers are constantly put at a disadvantage.


  1. Within hours of this going public. The local leaders went on their “spin” tour explaining everything is just fine. The ADS. The Sentinel. Bronson. Rothschild. Lockstep in their talking points. Can you say? Same $h!t. Different wrapper. The only one missing from this BS campaign was Varney.

  2. Tucson is truly the armpit of hell. Anything this city has going for it is slowly being eroded by generations of crony liberalism. UofA was recently ranked as one of the most dangerous large college campuses in the country (and most dangerous in Arizona), the only jobs here are in the crappy service industry, call centers and the “gig economy”. The ONLY three things holding this city together are D-M, the urban island of UofA and liberal snowbirds and retiree boomers that don’t care one bit about the long-term health of the city.

    Add to that the “number one selling point”, the weather, is just too much for me personally any longer. We’ll be leaving soon either to Prescott, or out of state to Colorado Springs or Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho/Western Montana. Done with this cesspool of a city.

  3. Yep, same as usual. I have an elderly father here, hope it doesn’t happen any time soon, but after his passing, seriously will consider moving onto somewhere else. Not much of a future here if the Grand Canyon U’s of this world can’t even bring THOUSANDS of direct and indirect jobs, but yeah, bring on those $12 an hour call centers. You and thank the Raul Grijalvas and the rest for keeping this place a dump.

  4. “Taxes, regulatory environment and lifestyle.” Emphasis on lifestyle. There is not much to do here unless you are into downtown. What about those of us that live in the suburbs? I for one, am leaving for the Phoenix area. Might as well because we spend a lot of time driving back and forth anyway for the sports and other entertainment. There’s nothing here for my grandchildren either.

  5. This is exactly what is prescribed to save the planet and be a ‘sustainable’ city. No growth, no jobs, no future.

  6. Most of my daughter’s friends that she graduated with have left to work in other states,and my daughter is also leaving in the very near future. All these kids are bright and graduated from university. My own child has a bachelor’s degree in business and graduated from Eller college.
    Besides pushing jobs out, the city is also losing our bright children. Soon we retired will also move out of Az, as our taxes and utilities keep rising. Let Tucson become a ghost town, with just liberal policies and political corruption haunting this city.

  7. “Crony Capitalism” is alive and well in Tucson an example is the Rio Nuevo Scam and the Rep. Mark Finchem bill HB2456 extending Rio Nuevo to 2035 .

    Contact the State Senators and demand some sanity and stop this insanity.

  8. Tucson City Council and County Board Of Supervisors should be ecstatic over this decision by Rockwell Collins. Another evil business that has done nothing except provide a living for approx. 300 employees is finally leaving to another state with a better business module. Protect the call centers and hope that any big name corporation will settle in the greater Phoenix area. Let’s keep the zero growth business module flourishing.

    • Be sure to Re elect the leadership that has delivered a robustly shrinking economy to Pima county and the city of Tucson.

  9. The estimated $40+ million spent on the balloon toy site, (between the new buildings, the outdoor square-dance pad and the new and improved roads that benefit no one else)could have done how much to keep the 300+ jobs here, as opposed to maybe 70 from the cronies? Isn’t it nice to see the effects of government picking the local winners and losers in the economy?

    Christopher Cole
    Pima County Libertarian Party

  10. No growth, no jobs, no future. Exactly what the liberals have dreamed of and enacted for years.

    Tucson, Meet Yourself.

  11. I would imagine the reason is the lack of growth in the top end airline industry but I find it hilarious that Sharon Bronson was quoted in the ADS today that we don’t know that they are closing because we haven’t seen the email. He Sharon, you should have said, good another employer gone and our property tax base just got smaller. Guess we will just have to raise property taxes one more time. Idiots. Clueless and you dumbass people elected them. 400 jobs and the city and county did absolutely noting to try to keep them. Is it any wonder with taxes, enviors and the crap public education system that is TUSD no company like that wants to move here. Call centers is about it. If it weren’t for the Spanish speakers, we wouldn’t even have those jobs. What a toilet area of the state.

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