Arizona’s Universities Propose Tuition, Fee Hikes

AZ Board of Regents‏' tuition increase workshop in March 2017.

Arizona’s three public university presidents once again are proposing to gouge students and likely strap them with more student loan debt according to their tuition proposals for the 2018‐19 academic year. The proposals were released on Friday, and include tuition increases for incoming resident freshmen at the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University.

There are no tuition increases proposed for continuing resident undergraduate students at Arizona State University (ASU), Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the University of Arizona (UA).

No tuition increases are proposed for incoming and continuing resident undergraduate students at ASU.

The tuition increases proposed for incoming resident freshmen at NAU is 3.5 percent and a 2 percent increase at UA.

A mandatory $150 per year athletic fee is proposed at NAU, and ASU proposes an increase of $30 per year in its mandatory health and wellness fee.

Although Arizona Board of Regents Chair Bill Ridenour claimed “tuition affordability and predictability have been crucial priorities for the board,” he said he was “proud” of the latest increases. He claimed the regents have kept “increases low for Arizona students and families.”

“This year’s proposals align with the board’s direction to keep tuition as low as possible while also allowing the universities to stay on
course as they achieve critical goals for the state,” Ridenour said.

The next event in the process for setting tuition at Arizona’s public universities is a public hearing that the Arizona Board of Regents will hold for students and individuals to comment and provide feedback regarding the tuition proposals from 5‐7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27. Comments at the tuition hearing will be heard on a first‐come, first‐served basis at sites throughout the state.

On Thursday, March 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., ABOR will host a tuition workshop where the university presidents will present their proposals at the ASU Memorial Union, Turquoise Room. On Thursday, April 5, the board is expected to set final tuition and fees for the 2018‐19 academic year. The meeting will be held at the University of Arizona. Both meetings will be live‐streamed.

Public comments regarding tuition and fees will not be taken at the March 29 or April 5 meetings given the statewide public hearings that will be held on March 27. Individuals may also send comments via e‐mail to the Arizona Board of Regents at; by regular mail, at 2020 N. Central Ave., Suite 230, Phoenix, AZ 85004; or by fax at (602) 229‐2555. Comments received prior to April 2 at 5 p.m. will be shared with the regents in advance of the April 6 meeting.


  1. Wow, here we go again. Why do the universities need the extra money? Can you say salaries of the “professors” and other BS projects. Its not about getting a quality education anymore, its about gouging the kids as much as possible. And the ABOR and their lackeys at the three state universities do that quite well. One of these days in the very near future only the rich will be able to afford a higher education and guess what else will happen. College loans will be the next to cost the taxpayers billions when the s*&t hits the fan and the defaults start. Bernie and the liberals will want to forgive all of the debt and guess what, they will probably get their way and the taxpayer will take it in the shorts one more time. Free, free, free, right Bernie. Its the millennials right to all free stuff that everyone else had to work for. Yea, seems about right to me says the old white guy.

    • “Why do the universities need the extra money? ”

      When you’re paying out millions and millions in severance packages and hiring professors for six figures that do nothing but propagandize and indoctrinate to socialism and communism, it costs big bucks.

      I can’t understand why anyone would send/pay for their children’s indoctrination at these public universities.

      I also can’t wait to see the payout given to Sean Miller to leave. Where do you think that money comes from.

      • Speaking of Miller and the Arizona first Round loss to the Buffs, how about those Virginia Cavaliers. A number one seed losing for the first time ever to a number 16 seed Taking the focus off of Miller.

  2. Remember just like all democraps/libs the abor loves to spend other folks money and as long as they can put their hands in your pockets it will never end. These political indoctrinaors supposed known as educators or the same way. Their dependents get to go to school on a free ride so they dont care, everybody else foots their bill.

  3. The FAT CATS fill their pockets once again. It is a good lesson for the students about the real life ahead of them dealing with the government’s lust for cash. High priced degrees that get you nowhere; when vocational schools would bring a skill to make more without a huge debit and malpractice payments.

  4. Why is the headline NEVER “The Universities, The Board Of Regents And The Governor Work To Make The Cost Of Arizona`s University Education As nearly Zero As Possible” As Prescribed By The Constitution?” It is in the interest of the power hungry control freaks running our universities to do as much as possible to enhance their political clout (not educate Arizona citizens which should be the aim) and thus always try to increase their budgets. This university empire building is in direct conflict with the Arizona Constitutional mandate regarding achieving as low a cost of a university education as is feasible. It surely must be time to reform this process and focus on a good, low cost education for our students, not the aggrandizement of the educational establishment. Too bad the students themselves seem to have bought in to the education establishment`s empire building, not a low cost university education ideal.

  5. Let’s see… get rid of one over-priced UA President for being greedy and trying to moonlight, and replace her with an even more over-priced President with no management experience at a huge university. Constantly build athletic facilities that really aren’t needed but are more for show to potential recruits (who ultimately leave after a year to go pro.) Waste more and more money on ways for students to NOT attend class but have a “great experience.” Pay college coaches ridiculous sums for no more than they do. (Really.) Give out bonuses like M&M’s to presidents (and we’re just not talking about UA here) and others for “changes” that make little or no sense except they ARE changes, often for no benefit or actually serve to disrupt an able and working system. And keep on questionable professors whose only purpose is to poison a young mind. So why NOT raise the tuition and fees, especially on students who actually attend with the real intention of, duh, learning? As an aside, I’m not sure how many professors are actually making 6 figures… but for all the grant money that UA sucks up, the UA shouldn’t have to take it out on students/parents resident or not. Our son, a stellar student by the way, went to approximately 3 football games during his entire time at an Arizona university, yet he/we paid athletic fees and other nonsensical fees just because. I’m a UA grad (1975) and as a resident the most I paid was $450/semester, and at Pima (1973) I paid $60 and both included fees abd parking. Sure, times change… but trying to bankrupt the very people you trying to serve is wrong. THAT NEVER changes.

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