Biggs Renews Call For Mueller To Resign

Former FBI director Mueller is recognized by President Obama at a ceremony announcing the nomination of James Comey as FBI director [Photo from FBI]

On Monday, Congressman Biggs renewed his call for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign.

“Our citizens rightfully demand that our government officials be held to the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and accountability. And yet, each week, we hear of another Department of Justice bureaucrat being reassigned or relieved of their duties after finding they were unable to carry out their duties in an unbiased and professional manner. Just last week, Attorney General Sessions, following recommendations from the FBI’s disciplinary office, fired former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after learning that he authorized the disclosure of sensitive information to a reporter and misled investigators when asked about it.

“President Trump continues to be undermined by the Department of Justice and our own law enforcement agencies at the highest levels. Many of these officials are facing disciplinary action. I have repeatedly urged that Special Counsel Robert Mueller be given the same scrutiny – as his investigation has been tainted since its inception. First, his appointment occurred because of a disgruntled former FBI Director, who potentially engaged in criminal activity by leaking government memos to influence an ongoing investigation. Mr. Mueller then proceeded to surround himself by partisan prosecutors and has demonstrated a propensity to stray from the constrains of his original charge. Mr. Mueller is wasting taxpayer dollars in an attempt to find evidence that meets his predetermined conclusion. This must stop, and I renew my call for Special Counsel Mueller to resign.”

On June 23, 2017, Congressman Biggs became one of the first Members of Congress to call for Robert Mueller’s recusal.

“Contrary to his attempts to rewrite the facts, Andrew McCabe was fired because of his own actions and dishonesty,” said Biggs last Friday. “Attorney General Sessions was justified in accepting the recommendation from McCabe’s former bureau, and I applaud the Attorney General for his thoughtful and decisive consideration. Americans deserve to know that members of their law enforcement and intelligence community will uphold themselves to the highest levels of integrity. Most of these public servants adhere to these admirable standards. Andrew McCabe did not.”

“Andrew McCabe served under one of the most corrupt Presidential administrations in U.S. history, and he likely had support from his superiors to engage in his nefarious behavior,” stated Biggs. “McCabe’s conflicts of interest in handling the Hillary Clinton investigation have been well documented. He should have removed himself from that investigation – as well as any query into the ongoing witch hunt against President Donald Trump. Instead, he joined Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, and others to insert their own agendas into the Justice Department, subverting the will of the American people. McCabe’s firing makes the appointment of a second Special Counsel more imperative. Americans must have full transparency.”


  1. this was and is an attempted coup de tat – many of the nation agree and would like the nation as we know it to collapse to the global group… NO THANKS ! I’m not a huge Trump proponent, but I can see the facts of what is occurring and support him more as these days go by. The one thing that is obvious is the Hernandez types want nothing more than a leftist social government – NO THANKS.. at any price.

  2. Though fairness might commend Rep. Biggs desire for Mueller to do the right thing and resign, no one should be holding their breath. By his recusal from the “Russia collusion” probe, Attorney General Sessions allowed the appointment to proceed and now we are stuck with it. Given the circumstances, the President seems to have worked his way to as reasonable a position towards this farce as is feasible, and the hiring of Joseph diGenova should be the final step in the process of Trump`s evolving strategy to make the best of a bad situation. It is my understanding that the appointment of a Special Counsel is appropriate only when there is evidence that a specific crime has been committed but with the Mueller appointment all we have is a broad CLAIM of collusion by Democrat activists that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian Government to win the election. Worse, this claim seems to have been made up out of whole cloth, there being not a single shred of evidence, after about a year of investigating by BOTH Special Counsel Mueller and a House Committee that has also been looking into the claim of collusion, that any such collusion took place. Thus, because the Democrat Party refuses to accept the legitimacy of the election of Mr. Trump and therefore now also refuses to accept the legitimacy of the transfer of the executive power by a legitimate election as prescribed by our Constitution, the President and the country are faced with a highly unusual political attack to undermine the President, an attack masquerading as a criminal investigation. This is why it is correct to characterize the Mueller probe as nothing more than a fishing expedition or “a political witch hunt.” President Trump`s response is the correct one, label it for the witch hunt it clearly is so that all America is put on notice of what is really being attempted by the Democrats and let the process work itself out while taking every legal precaution to ensure Mueller does his work strictly within the law. This response by the President will be immeasurably helped by the hiring of the highly qualified Mr. diGenova.

  3. As I recall an agent of the border patrol was killed in early October of 2012 shortly before the November election. This death in Cochise county was surrounded by considerable controversy. Although the FBI swooped in and called it an unfortunate friendly fire incident. There is considerable evidence that it is a cover-up and Agent Ivie had been killed by smugglers. Unfortunately the FBI was headed by “respectable”Robert Mueller. It is beginning to appear that Robert Mueller is the perfect man for this scam investigation.

    Is the death of Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie the result of friendly fire, as the government claims, or a shootout with illegal drug runners, and covered up by the Obama White House, just days before the 2012 Election? This from an article May 17,2017

    Ed Ashurst, one of the area’s best known cattleman, is also an author. He retold the death of Ivie, as a part of his latest book, Alligators In The Moat.

  4. If there is nothing to the investigation, let it then be completed.

    Thus far we have Trump staffers indicted and soon I trust sent to prison. Should Trump himself be guilty or complicit he need to be IMPEACHED.

    I obviously support impeachment period.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Obviously. Trump Derangement Syndrome is an incurable affliction striking liberal women and feminized men.

    • Richard, there is an old saying that goes some thing like this. Keep quiet and people will just think you don[t know what you are talking about as opposed to talking and proving you don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. This whole investigation into the Trump campaign is little more then a unlimited fishing expedition at tax payer expense.
    Partisan Law enforcement misused as a tool to hobble the Trump administration as part of the left’s resistence.
    Short of any real criminal behavior, this whole abuse of authority is nothing short of a miscarriage of Just-Us fueled by the radical left.
    Sadition at its finest.

    The Oracle

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