Arizona Votes On Omnibus Bill

Yea  D  O’Halleran, TomCD1
Yea  R  McSally, MarthaCD2
Nay  D  Grijalva, RaúlCD3
Nay  R  Gosar, PaulCD4
Nay  R  Biggs, AndyCD5
Nay  R  Schweikert, DavidCD6
Nay  D  Gallego, RubenCD7
Yea  D  Sinema, KyrstenCD9

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar voted against the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, calling it a “present personally gift-wrapped by leaders in the House and Senate,” to “liberals and special interest groups.” Gosar was joined by representatives Raul Grijalva, Andy Biggs, Ruben Gallego, and David Schweikert.

H.R. 1625; the Consolidated Appropriations Act, better known as the omnibus spending bill was renamed the “OmniBUST Bill” by Gosar, “for busting through spending limits put in place in 2011.” The bill passed 256-167.

Gosar and others complained that the bill provides funding for Planned Parenthood and blocks penalties for Sanctuary Cities.

“This pork-riddled bill forks over half billion dollars to build a tunnel for liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer. This bill also fails to fully fund President Trump’s request for a border wall along the Southern border and does not include language allowing carrying concealed weapons across state lines – a promise made to me and our entire Republican majority,” said Gosar.

“Good process builds good policy,” argued Gosar. “With only 12 hours to read this massive, 2232 page bill and waiving all rules establishing regular order for debate and consideration, Members of Congress were asked to hold their nose and vote. That requires the impossible task of reading 185 pages per hour. No one knows what’s in the bill.”

Just after midnight on Friday, the Senate voted to pass the $1.3 trillion bill. The Senate passed the bill in a vote of 65-32.

Sen. John McCain, who is dying of an aggressive form of brain cancer. was in Arizona and unable to vote on the measure.


  1. Why is my comment awaiting “moderation”? There’s no profanity. There’s only fact and opinion. Isn’t that why the comment section is here?

  2. Voting for McSally, the lone Arizona Republican who voted in favor of the anti-Trump, anti-conservative, Establishment Omnibus Bill, is a vote for Jeff Flake.

    Flake could not be re-elected in Arizona for much the same reason: he voted like McSally, another amnesty advocate. Reject McSally for senator. She’s bad enough as a Representative.

    • another amnesty advocate – I say they stay with condition and clause – not amnesty. It’s not their fault they were brought here.

  3. The “TRUMP” is considering “VETO” – I agree, this is just a sham bill for the “D”s.. which in the process are dumping the DACA – to weaponize this measure for 2020. No thanks, VETO NOW!

    • Unfortunately President Trump is starting to become like any other politician. Lies to the American people about the veto then screws us over by signing it. Sad. It is going to make me seriously consider whether to vote for him or not in 2020

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