PETA Exposé Reveals Suffering At PetSmart, Including Peoria Store

PETA has released disturbing video footage and photographs of systemic neglect and widespread animal suffering documented by an eyewitness during an investigation of three PetSmart, Inc., stores across the country, including one in Peoria, near the company’s Phoenix headquarters. The investigation—which also included PetSmart locations in Brandon, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee—prompted authorities to execute a search warrant at the Nashville store Thursday morning.

A supervisor at the Peoria store told the eyewitness that workers didn’t take sick and injured animals for free in-store veterinary exams because “they don’t want animals [in a back room] to take care of.” Solitary hamster species were group-housed, leading to fights, and a supervisor advised killing them by “squeez[ing] as hard as you can.” Another worker referred to a stressed hamster as a “[d]umb b**ch” and asked the animal, “What the f**k is wrong with you?” The eyewitness was also instructed not to inform customers that the store was selling fish suffering from ich, a highly contagious disease that would infect other fish in an aquarium.

The investigation also revealed that PetSmart is stocking animals with diseases, such as ringworm and coccidiosis, that are transmissible to humans, including children, and that it didn’t schedule staff to care for, feed, and water animals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, despite having an annual revenue of $7 billion.

“This exposé is the latest example of systemic suffering and neglect at PetSmart stores,” says PETA Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch. “PETA urges consumers never to buy anything—even supplies—from PetSmart until it stops selling animals.”

PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way”—has released seven exposés revealing the abusive conditions endured by animals bred for sale at big-box pet store chains. A 2016 PETA exposé of Holmes Farm in Pennsylvania led facility manager Clinton “Art” Holmes to plead guilty to two counts of cruelty to animals and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to cite the company for at least 117 violations of 14 federal regulations.

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  1. Hey PETA.. i missed the protests when SenaturJefffLake’s kid negligently killed 27 dogs at the pet boarding shop in Phoenix.. JefffLake made YOU go away too..

    • And gold fish and birds too. I said Pets Mart does not sell puppies or get puppies from a puppy mill or buy them they sell insects for others to eat as well. Pets marts works hand in hand with rescue operations of cats and dogs. I have lived where my grandmother killed chickens chopped off their heads and let them run around the garden with their heads cut off too, and used every bit of that chicken nothing went to waste. I am not a fan of reptile owners buying small mammals for food but it is not illegal.

  2. @Blunt, I have noticed your comments about Pets Mart not selling animals. What about the lizards, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets. Not starting an argument, just wondering if those animals are considered rescues as well?

  3. This is just one of the reasons why I won’t shop at pet stores like PetSmart and PetCo. They get these animals from cruel breeding mills and they treat them like trinkets and novelty items. It’s easy to find pet supplies online or from stores that don’t sell any animals.

    • WRONG !!!!! Pet Mart does not sell puppies misinformed and ignorant to the animals Pets Mart allows to be sold in their stores. All animals are shelter animals and are sold by there handlers Pets Marts just supplies the space to do it in promoting rescue dogs for adoption.

  4. While traveling though Yuma stopped to get sons dog needs to San Diego. While shopping there right off the interstate like everything in Yuma. I was surprised Pets Mart in conjunction with Humane Society in basically the same building go through Pets Mart to get to the Humane Society adoption and vet care. What I found there was a Chiweenie puppy Fixed, chipped, shots, for $85.00. Annie was one of about dozen small puppies they had This has been the best extension to our family sine a new born. I understand that hiring employees and expecting all people hired to have the same degree of civil compassion and understanding. would be like getting the FBI to be honest. Both do the best to vet but looks what happens life a rotten apple dont pay PETA monies like Sharpton’s extortion.

  5. These animals are treated no better than bags of cat litter. I feel for them. Please, never ever support PetSmart; they’re exploiting animals, plain and simple.

  6. I had an incident once where I had taken my dog to Petsmart to be groomed and had found out a few years early the reason he didn’t like going there was because they used high speed blowers to dry the dogs off and it scared the life out of him. We found this out from taking him to Petco for grooming. I specificlly told the groomer no driers whatso ever. The groomer thought she knew better than I did and the dog flipped out so badly that he couldn’t even walk without the aid of a towel waround him to keep his back legs up. Because of this they gave me a “20%” discount and told me he was too old for grooming. As I was being checked out by the store manager the groomer told me in front of him that she didn’t think the dryer she used would be a problem. I went ballistic on her using language I tend not to use and told the manager if she was not fired on the spot I would be filing a 100M lawsuit for animal curelty and made a complaint about their service to the BBB. The guy becamse flustered and told me there was no charge but I insisted that she be fired and was escorted from the store for it. I will never use Petsmart for anything nor buy anything form them again.

      • It is when you don’t know what you’re doing. Unfortunately I had to have him put to sleep last August. He was 15 and had all sorts of health issues that were getting worse. 🙁 I miss him but now have 2 German Shephers that i only take to Petco because they are treated far better there.

  7. No one who cares about animals will spend a dime at Petsmart. This corporate chain cares about profits, not animals’ welfare.

  8. It comes as no surprise that vulnerable living beings are mistreated, neglected, and abused when they are bought and sold like merchandise. Caring people stay far, far away from PetSmart and other stores that sell animals.

  9. This is what happens when animals are regarded as commodities, and it’s not the first time PetSmart has been busted. Please, don’t buy anything–even a bag of cat litter–from PetSmart or any store that sells animals.

    • WRONG ! Pets Mart does not sell animals they supply ares for rescue animals to be sold by their handlers in the store Pets mart supports recuse animals.

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