Reactions To Ducey’s Teacher Pay Increase Plan

On Thursday, Governor Doug Ducey announced a plan to give teachers across the board a permanent 9 percent pay increase this year, with a 20 percent total increase by 2020.

“Education is our top priority in Arizona,” said Ducey. “Our teachers are the biggest difference-makers in the lives of Arizona’s children. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.”

House Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios called the governor’s plan “simply a shell game that robs Peter to pay Paul. Shifting money away from vital educational needs like a school buses, classroom materials, utilities, utilities and building repairs to pay for teacher salaries is not a reasonable solution to this crisis.”

Earlier in the day, Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard announced his proposal to increase teacher pay. The governor rolled over Mesnard and rolled out his own plan, leaving legislators in disbelief.

Video of Governors Press Conference


  1. Ducey who do you think your fooling? It re-election time so NOW your pro education.

    Do not be fooled this Republican Legislature and Governor only live and respect is for the almighty dollar $$$.

    Don’t believe this liar he is only insuring reelection.

    The future only has one chance to improve for ALL Arizona residents, EDUCATION.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Only people exploiting children for money in their pockets are the liberal ‘teachers’ funded by the democrat party.

    • Richard you should know by now that most politicians play the same game, whether there is a D or an R by their name. Politicians need to keep the votes and gain some, it’s that way to ensure their status, but their hand is always in our wallets.
      When you say our one chance is Education, it depends on what kind of education. The public schools are no more than indoctrination facilities.
      Are they really teaching History? or only what the progressives want to teach like racism,and bigotry, are they teaching science as the only god in our lives and nothing else is possible?
      Frankly most teachers may have started out wanting to teach but progressive guidelines and restricting teacher’s rights have just given us poor lax teachers who just need a paycheck, “let these students just be society’s problem” type of attitude.

    • This proves it’s not about improving teacher’s pay, and certainly is not about the students.

      Nothing but this week’s partisan propaganda parade (aka the “Cause de jour” weekly march) against the GOP.

      They are only PROVOKING teacher unrest in states where there is elected Republican leadership.

      Democrat do not want solutions. They only want to win the next election.

      Don’t believe me? Heard about “The Dreamers” lately in the democrat media?

      Teachers are the new “dreamers”.

      Until the next targedy strikes that they can exploit.

  2. yes, and they are still planning a strike even though they are getting what they want. Wah, was, was….cry babies now…go to work and do your job. You want MORE money on top of what he’s promised. Now your just greedy.

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