A Lines Item: Sunday’s Comic

From MCRC Briefs:

The $23,000 Fine That The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) Levied against the AZGOP for improperly reporting some expenditures 4-12-18-briefs is drawing some interesting commentary. According to the Yellow Sheet Report, AZGOP Executive Director Matt Kenney emphasized the problems occurred before he and Chairman Jonathan Lines were in their current positions. Some folks are quick to point out that Lines was the AZGOP Treasurer while former Chairman Robert Graham held the gavel. That was before Lines became the AZGOP Chairman. Shortly after Lines became AZGOP Chairman, he announced that Graham had the AZGOP with roughly $200,000 in legal debts. Debts that Lines, as the former treasurer claimed he knew nothing about. Here we are – one year later – with a $23,000 fine levied against the party for errant reporting that surfaced during an audit.

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