Tucson Woman Lucky For Second Amendment On Friday 13th

Carjacker brings a hatchet to a gunfight woman wins.

On April 13, 2018, just after 8:40 p.m., Tucson Police officers responded to the area of S. 6th Ave. and E. Pennsylvania Dr. for a report of a shooting.  Upon arrival, they located an adult male on the ground with an obvious gunshot wound.  The adult female shooter was on scene and complied with officer commands.   Officers immediately began rending aid to the male while summoning paramedics.  Members from the Tucson Fire Department responded to the scene and transported the male to a local area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Detectives from the Tucson Police Department Robbery Unit responded to the scene to further the investigation.  They learned the female was leaving a store in the 4400 block of S. 6th Ave.  She entered her vehicle and as she attempted to close the door an unknown male approached her and demanded her car keys while holding a hatchet.  The female was able to retrieve a handgun and told the male to leave.  As the male raised the hatchet, she shot the male.  She was able to keep the male from leaving until officers arrived on scene.

The investigation is ongoing.  The suspect remains in the hospital and charges are pending his release.

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In 2016, an Arizona legislator filed a request with the Arizona Attorney General to open an investigation into the alleged destruction of guns by the City of Tucson in violation of Arizona statute.

Later, the Attorney General’s Office issued a report finding that Tucson may have violated A.R.S. 13-3108, which provides the state with the right to regulate firearms. Section F specifically prohibits “any agency or political subdivision of this state and any law enforcement agency in this state” from facilitating “the destruction of a firearm or purchase or otherwise acquire a firearm for the purpose of destroying the firearm…”

The Attorney General’s Office then sued Tucson and in 2017, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the City can no longer destroy firearms that have been confiscated by police or turned in by citizens. The Court found that a 2005 Tucson ordinance that says the Tucson Police Department, after it seizes a gun, “shall dispose of such firearm by destroying the firearm.” The Court said the ordinance runs violated several state laws.

Tucson has the highest crime rate in Arizona.


  1. Forward this story to the NRA. They will likely put it in the “Armed Citizen” section of their publications.

    • I just sent it to my friend who writes for the NRA and was former executive editor and Chief of Shooting Illustrated for the NRA.

  2. This is fake news right? According to the left and anti’s this never happens, oh wait its because it wasn’t a man that makes it fake news. Women never carry or shoot. Guess some women think more of themselves and want to be able to come and go as they want and will protect themselves at the same time. GOOD FOR HER, we need more women and men like this.

    • Plenty of women carry. Ever wonder what’s in all those handbags besides the car keys and mascara?

    • Ha Ha! Yes…sometimes picking on the apparently vulnerable doesn’t always end as predicted. He failed to do a risk assessment before taking on the woman with a firearm.

  3. Thank God that she was able to protect herself and stop the bad guy from harming her and other innocent citizens. Fortunately, Tucson didn’t shred her gun (in violation of state law) during its former taxpayer-funded gun-buyback programs. The criminal learned a valuable lesson about bringing a knife to a gunfight. So, will Tucson start a taxpayer-funded knife and hatchet buyback program next?🤔 State Rep. Bob Thorpe

  4. Seems our resident lead collector misinterpreted his fight-or-flight response options when he mistakenly raised that hatchet.
    Lessons learned by both parties:
    Assailant: never bring a hatchet to a gun fight.
    Armed Lady: double tap to the head next time.

    The Oracle

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