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Ducey Proposes 20% Raise For Teachers By 2020; Arizonans Voice Opinions On #Redfored
By Nicole Gimpl and Victoria Bartelt

PHOENIX – Gov. Doug Ducey announced Thursday a plan to increase teacher salaries 20 percent by 2020. This fiscal year, teachers would receive a 9 percent raise followed by a 5 percent raise next year and another 5 percent by the beginning of 2020. The 20 percent raise factors in last year’s 1 percent raise for teachers.

“Arizona teachers are the biggest difference-makers in the lives of Arizona’s children, and we need to reward them for their hard work,” Ducey said in a statement. “We will never stop our commitment to improving Arizona’s public education system because when it comes to our kids, we must never stop working for them.”

Ducey’s announcement comes after weeks of pressure from the Red For Ed movement, a nationwide effort by teachers and education advocates to increase classroom funding and teacher salaries. Arizona teachers are demanding 20-percent pay raises to address the state’s education crisis and have threatened to strike if state leaders do not respond with urgency.

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  1. Well this quote explains a lot:
    “Arizona teachers are the biggest difference-makers in the lives of Arizona’s children”
    Do you really believe that Ducey? The biggest difference-maker in the life of any child are the PARENTS. Parents consigning their children to the school system for not just their education but also socialization and development of their moral compass is one of the biggest reasons America is so screwed up these days.

  2. Hummmmm, thought that the local boards set the teachers salaries and decided how the funds of the school districts will be spent? Guess it is the state taking over the school districts now? Who would have guessed. The movement might want to start with trying to get rid of worthless administrators who contribute nothing to the education of the children except draw huge salaries for nothing. How about the worthless incompetent teachers who do nothing for the system except draw a check. How about the parents who don’t give a damn about the educational future of their children? How about the lack of discipline and multiple discipline systems for different races? How about demanding excellence from everyone in the district from the top to the bottom? I have not once heard that word. All I have heard is whining about wages, wawawawa. Like more money is magically going to increase the educational process of the children. What a lie to the taxpayer who knows better. What will the excuse be when there is no improvement. Oh, I know, we need more money,,,,, that will magically fix public education won’t it…. I call BS.

  3. Because they are terrific at protesting, and not so good at ensuring that more than 40% of AZ students achieve passing AZMerit standardized test scores, will we reward ALL teachers (those who are hard working and terrific, and those who are not) with the same 20% raises? In the business world, people are rewarded based upon their performance and accomplishments. State Rep. Bob Thorpe

  4. I don’t feel taxpayer money is going to help anything as the Administration will just get their pockets lined yet again. If we don’t stand up for ourselves the government will still continue to use funds in unwise and undetermined ways no matter what they say. I for one am sick to death of the way our entire country works in politics. Our children are being indoctrinated to be little liberal bots and if parents don’t monitor this they will continue to do so. Take a stand for your family and your students and don’t allow bad teaching! I know I haven’t allowed my children to be swayed. Hold the Administration accountable.

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