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Chris Wallace Surprised At ‘How B****y’ Comey’s Book Is
By Christian Datoc

“Fox New Sunday” host Chris Wallace dismantled James Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, during a Friday morning hit on Fox.

Wallace opened by stating he “may be the only person in America who hasn’t” received a copy of the book — set to be released next week — before saying he is surprised at “how little new there is in the book.”

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  1. If every Hilary voter wrote a book they would most likely all be the same as FBI man (Full of Bitchy Information ).

  2. If Comey’s lips are moving he’s lying. Under oath he’s only just misleading and blatantly untruthful.
    He’s a typical swamp rat jockeying for a better seat on the sinking ship of rabid liberalism.
    Under Comey’s “leadership” the once unquestionably trusted FBI has sunk into little more then the favorite politically driven police of the left.
    If such transgressions occurred under conservative circumstances, the looney left would call it out and demand investigations, firings and further federal oversight. But since the federal employment rosters are heavily tainted with partisan leftest, in the name of fairness the left is too busy giving each other high fives.
    Proving once again that if it wasn’t for double standards, the lying, cheating looser left would have no standards.

    The Oracle

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