Collective Power Is The ONLY Answer To Fix Education Funding


As a past NYC United Federation of Teachers member, I learned as a new teacher in the 1960s that the only way to get what was needed was to strike. As a Psychotherapist in California in 1992, I again learned the importance of collective power as Santa Cruz County Mental Health wanted to pay me $13.13 per hour as licensed Master level therapist. As I protested to the Board of Supervisors in front of the press, our movement was formed. What I learned is that management would love to give all of us a raise but you had to activate the power brokers and the funding.

Governor Ducey and our current AZ legislature has not been motivated to fund education. As a matter of fact they like to use education as the place to take funding.  All of a sudden Ducey seems motivated to fix the problem, although not with real solutions, just rhetoric. We have heard from every source that he does not have any funding mechanisms to give teachers the 20 % raise. Not only that, you cannot fund part of a system. You have to fund all of it. So Ducey is not a real businessman, just a front man.

Since education has been the weak kid in the playground that the bullies like to kick around, I do not see this as a simple fix. This is why we have a unique opportunity NOW to change the way our government views education. But it will take work form all of us.

How can you help?

  1. First understand the long standing problem, and commit yourself for changing this. “We believe the children are truly our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”
  2. As our teachers strike on Thursday, join them on the picket line. Bring food and encouragement. Make a big splash. The media will be watching us.
  3. Encourage your district to close schools who have more than 30 % of teachers striking. Nothing is going on anyway. Let all education professionals join the picket line.
  4. As a parent, stay home from work. Tell your employer that you need to care for your child and their future. Take your child to the picket line and teach them about collective power. We have an important opportunity to impact the business world with this strike.
  5. Contact your AZ legislators and demand that they fix education funding and put some teeth into the legislation that prohibits the Governor to take dedicated funds from education.
  6. Reverse tax cuts. Business is doing just fine. Schools are drowning.

This is your chance Arizona to move our education system from last place. No business will relocate here with our dismal education system. Well-funded education means better outcomes for all.

Jo-Ann Marks, MA, LMFT




  1. Wow, what a true idiot. Yea, its about the kids, right? NOT. Its about the teachers that simply want more money for pumping out a crap product that can’t compete in today’s world. Don’t blame it on the lack of funding, place the blame where it belongs on the Unions for protecting weak and incompetent teachers. The administrators who have never met a raise for themselves that they simply didn’t think that they deserved. Lets try the boards of education for the top heavy budgets the at times place less than 50% of the district’s resources in the classroom where they should be in the first place. Now come the parents who have absolutely no interest in the education of their children and don’t do anything to encourage education at home let alone at the schools. And guess who is going to pay for this entire mess caused by administrators and boards at the LOCAL level? You got that right, the taxpayer once again. I am just so happy. The idiots are running the asylum.

    • Please do not attack me or call me names. You show your ignorance with your bully tactics. Your information is wrong concerning admin costs. You also appear to be poorly educated and lack manners. A good education can help. Sorry you missed that part.

      • NEW FLASH: This is the State of Arizona, in the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic.

        This is NOT a “collective”.

        • By the way. School administration all the way up to the superintendent of schools supports full funding for schools. The current ducey admin has done nothing to improve education. No large corporations will move here with a school system ranked last. Schools are the future for every occupation.

      • “No large corporations will move here with a school system ranked last. Schools are the future for every occupation.”


        Corporations are leaving the Socialist State of California.

        We have several hi-tech companies moving here or opening businesses here.

        There is a mass exodus out of CA.

        Bill Gates is investing in AZ. For a “Smart” City. We may become another Silicon Valley if not already.

        This strike is a democrat party campaign rally for failed democrat candidate for Superintendent of Schools David Garcia for Governor.

        You keep making it about Gov Ducey. Which reveals with all your education you fail to understand how this state works.

        That’s the problem with today’s democrat party leadership. They don’t care how much damage they leave in their wake in their quest for power.

    • You bring up a good point. I felt when i attended school we were indoctrinated and sold an untrue story about America and the motives of taking whatever we wanted from others. Manifest destiny. HA. Take whatever you want. It is your destiny. We created the bully class. Might makes right. Todays kids are being educated right now on the picket lines and are joining the process of change. Our corrupt govt rewards greed and shares it with their donors. Honest hard working americans like the dedicated teachers who choose their profession are the most important members of society. Who will teach the scientists and doctors? Teachers. Please examine what you can do to change the indocrination and create thoughtful students who are not sheep and who can fight for their rights.

      • So you adhere to the Howard Zinn revisionist History philosophy? America is Evil right? And you are willing to pass that along to this next generation so the victims can keep piling up?

        • I am sorry you keep making assumptions. Everything is not black and white.america is a country and therefore has no goodness or evil. There are enlightened leaders and bullies. I hope we can someday move to a govt that has room for all viewpoints snd shades of grey.

  2. Thanks, Ms. Marks. Go teachers!! Solidarity Forever!! Without unions there would have never been a middle class in America. The attacks on labor since Reagan busted PATCO have seen that middle class shrink, and even today workers — including teachers — are being left behind while corporate cronies use the Trump tax cuts to enrich themselves.

    • They are THE “DEMOCRAT” party who can’t win elections at the ballot box so they

      Now they are exploiting our public school students and unionized teachers ONLY IN STATES WHERE WE HAVE A GOP MAJORITY STATE HOUSE.

      This is organized insurrection.

      They do not care about the teachers who will be losing their JOBS or the hourly workers who lose their paychecks, and they will drag this STRIKE (NOT a “walkout”) out as long as they can as they still think this is how to win the election.

      They still don’t get it. There is a REASON we have a GOP majority in our state capitol.


      • By the way. School administration all the way up to the superintendent of schools supports full funding for schools. The current ducey admin has done nothing to improve education. No large corporations will move here with a school system ranked last. Schools are the future for every occupation.

        • Ms Marks unfortunately the evidence is that Administrators take care of themselves and their staff first and teachers may get what ever might be left over.

          The School boards are responsible for how the district spends it’s money and clearly most just go with what the Superintendent recommends and do little work to investigate what is happening. Just look at TUSD.

  3. How about teaching children that are citizens of this Country and State. All others should pay for their education in our grade schools. How about teaching for knowledge as in the basics, and not so they can pass a State and federal required test. How about a requirment that every childs parents or what ever come to the school, and meet with the teachers four times a year or more as needed.

  4. Up early today eh Al lannon. Thanks for your Marxist comments. Now I know this teacher strike is not right for students or citizens of the state of Arizona.
    Have you been contacted by anyone in Washington state who is missing a “community organizer” clown. Can’t wait to see you in “the dustbin of history” where people like you belong.

    • Why so angry. I am sorry you do not have the ability to engage in thoughful discussion and need to brand people who disagree as villians. Sorry You did not have a good education.

  5. Look to the Chicago Teacher’s Union model, it has bankrupted the state of Illinois, along with the other aggressive, corrupt unions. The irony of the IL story is that so many of those teachers, on the receiving end of endless union strikes, are now basking in Arizona’s sun, and giving IL taxpayers revenues to their new home.

  6. Why so angry. I am sorry you do not have the ability to engage in thoughful discussion and need to brand people who disagree as villians. Sorry You did not have a good education.

  7. Not once does it mention the tax exempt benefit package that started for her in the 60’s in NY. As time the world has adjusted itself after WW2. The sweet icing that all the baby boomers grew up with thinking it was just here and normal. Ms Marks time was then and now, a myopic world of identity politics. Just look at the monies in the deregulation 5 plaintiffs, basically 2 judges if you account for the agreement of the “Head Master” then to the judge. Just between the court ordered legal representation for all parties and reimbursed cost for courts.

    Lets get into the cost of forced busing for TUSD while this has caused an exodus of the district. Curriculum that is racially focused and directed new monies taken by the administration.

    Wadges are stagnate new Pima county sales tax and property tax. Coupled with automation increased demands for boomers to claim unfunded pension benefits (did she protest that)

    The property values are so low slump block poorly insulated 1100 square foot built up roof, dog patch, lots of hodge podge additions, some well kept, still elderly growing, blighting neighborhoods. I guessed we all missed that part of education. Coupled that the demagoguery of blue that wont promote from within the community but hold a stronghold of a few (Huckleberry) as you say power brokers as you say. Inside Flowing Wells has community support as it has passed every bond election. Shall we talk charter my daughter teaches at one.

    The state is not the only funding of the schools Pima county has a huge responsibility. As we shall remember our county supervisor Sharon Bronson stated “We dont have the minimal education to attract bushiness to Pima County”

  8. No anger Ms marks just get sick of fakes who think they are a genius about all aspects of society because of some letters behind there name.
    Do you make assumptions about your clients education as well. Always found that people who feel the need to tell people how smart they are, aren’t.

  9. A huge part of my property taxes already go to schools. If they need more money, they need to figure out how to become more efficient and perhaps those people that actually have kids in school can pay an additional fee just like many do to send their kids to private school. A huge part of my property taxes already go to schools. If they need more money, they need to figure out how to become more efficient and perhaps those people that actually have kids in school can pay an additional fee just like many do to send their kids to private school. Everyone in government just wants to raise taxes on everybody else Instead of cutting overall government budgets and putting the money where it is really needed. Too many people in government have high paying jobs that hardly do anything. It does not seem like anyone want to address that problem first before raising taxes

  10. It is the Socialist way, takers take from the makers. It is all good until you run out of makers.
    Why do these “American” Socialists think that what has happened in the rest of the world, will not happen here? Do you really think you are that much smarter?

  11. ” No business will relocate here with our dismal education system.”

    The AZ Star has an article this morning stating that Caterpillar came here because of the Loop along the Rillito. Home Goods? tax cuts. Amazon? Tax cuts.

    People run off at the mouth over tax cuts for the wealthy but if they would open their eyes they would say it benefits all.

    Corporations will never come to Tucson for Public Education (K-12), but they willcome if part of the benefit is a robust Private School offering for their employees looking to better their children.

    It helps to know the truth.

    • I am glad catepillar decided to relo to tucson. Name another company?. Despite low housing prices, there is not enough to interest companies. Phoenix had this same problem in the 80s until they choose to reinvest in highways and other infrastructure. There is plenty of money but ducey is not an advocate of public education. Money goes to his cronies.

      • There is no Economy HERE IN PC to support more taxes. If you look the largest employers are all GOVERNMENT entities. Pima co, TUSD, COT, UA, DMAFB then all the other school districts and the few non government entities are tied hip to hip with GOVERNMENT entities. The city clowncil, and bos are all ANTI-BUSINESS and do all they can to keep the local population poor and dumb. Oh yes they had IBM but ran it out of the area, they then had slime fast and it left, then they claimed to have a bean cannery and it never appeared. They have not used the taxes they collect to IMPROVE quality of life here in the area and now they are trying to SUE THE FEDS for their (bos) malfeasance an example is the arivaca road on the news yesterday. Where does it end? To have a tax base you need an economy, but with the highest tax rate in the state, pc just moves on and on with trying to RAISE taxes without the aid of a real economic engine. You want a raise and want higher taxes what will the end result be for you? NOTHING, it will just remain the same and then there will be bitching about the TAXES. As to investing personal funds in the classroom, where are the parents. Why are the books being destroyed, where is the accountability on the family? Oh thats right its not fair to expect parents to be parents and be held responsible for their little angels is it. They dont send in the required supplies then the kid does with out. They dont buy/lease the books and then pay for damaged/destroyed then little johnnie or jennie do without.

        No this is just a never ending story of whining and crying yet you and your cohorts FAIL to hold those actually accountable accountable. Yes, the school bored, the district admin all fail in their due diligence to you and the students. You also sign contracts to work at X$ yet now want to stop the school year. Do you realize that you as even a new teacher make more than the required support staff that makes your job possible? Bus drivers and monitors, janitors, facility workers etc. No where in your push is there any mention of support for them.

        Oh well you should get the idea here.

  12. Holding children (students) as hostages for ransom to negotiate for money is despicable. Voters rejected most school bonds because we see an educational system that is not doing its job. Arizona and the USA as a whole has seen the decline of education when compared to other countries – USA has not been in the top ten countries in education for decades. Jobs returning to USA without a qualified work force will have to go to better educated countries. Better pay should demand better education for our children – odds are against the children receiving better education.

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