Woman Indicted For Forging Bacteria Test Results On Southern AZ Drinking Water Samples

A State Grand Jury indicted Karen L. Hartwell for allegedly altering water sample test results. Hartwell is accused of changing test results for drinking water samples that tested positive for bacteria.

Hartwell is facing felony charges of Fraudulent Schemes & Practices and Forgery.

Hartwell allegedly altered 13 drinking water test results for 6 different southern Arizona water districts that were clients of her company, YL Tech. The State alleges Hartwell then submitted the altered results to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. It is alleged that in each of the 13 altered test results, Hartwell modified the testing paperwork with a computer program to replace a positive coliform test result with a negative result. Coliform is a category of bacteria that drinking water quality rules require be tested for on a monthly basis.


  1. Jail time, and be forced to pay the health bills for anyone that got sick because of the false reports.

  2. No indication as to her motives for endangering the lives of countless people, betraying the public’s trust and overriding existing safeguards?
    She should be forcefully buried in a hole up to the head for the weekend at the local dog park, let her a greater understanding of precious bodily fluids.

    The Oracle

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