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Bolding Offended By Syms’ Reference To Rapper’s Racial Slur

On Wednesday, Rep. Reginald Bolding took to the floor to expresses his outrage over quotes included in an opinion piece in the Arizona Republic penned by Rep. Maria Syms.  Syms cited quotes by rapper Lamar Kendrick in her article questioning the motives of Arizona Teachers United leaders Noah Karvelis and Derek Harris.

Syms wrote of Karvelis:

Let’s focus on Noah Karvelis. You would likely not want your children boarding his intellectual ark — or sitting in his exotic classroom.

He’s the media darling, teaching two years in Arizona with a provisional certificate. He prides himself on teaching the hip hop music of Kendrick Lamar (whose lyrics include “we hate Popo [police], wanna kill us dead in the street for sure…”) to 10-year-olds, indoctrinating them in “social movements and societal change” and “socioeconomic and racial privilege.”

In his online rants, Karvelis takes inspiration from virulently anti-American sources. He urges people to embrace ’60s radical Angela Davis, but neglects to mention her leadership of Communist Party USA.

He admires the teachings of Howard Zinn, another crank who was fired from Spelman College for “radicalizing students,” and he said President George W. Bush is the “moral equivalent” of vicious Islamic terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Ever expansive in his fondness for red revolution, Karvelis also credits the teachings of long-distance Communist academic Noam Chomsky.

Sym’s original version included Kendrick’s complete lyrics which include the use of a racial epithet. That word is used extensively in Kendrick’s works. For example…

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  1. And this guy is a teacher? WTF? If my kid came home and told me what was going on in music class (and this is what he teaches) I would personally go to the school and demand that he be fired and kick his ass after he left the grounds. The man doesn’t deserve to be a teacher, let alone lead a group of sheep to slaughter like he and his other “idiot” fill in teacher are doing. Who loses, the kids (who this is supposed to be all about), the parents and the taxpayer. The liberal left must be so proud of this dumbass.

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