Ducey’s Tantrum: Sunday’s Comic

#Redfored: Ducey Vetoes 10 Bills To Pressure Legislature To Fund Raises For Teachers
By Chris McCrory

PHOENIX – Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday responded to plans for a teacher walkout by vetoing 10 bills and calling for legislators to craft a budget that includes his plan to increase teacher pay by 20 percent by 2020.

Organizers with Arizona Educators United announced the walkout Thursday night, effective April 26. Leaders said 78 percent of the 57,000 educators who voted supported the walkout.

It is believed to be the first statewide teacher walkout in Arizona’s history.

Teachers, who in some districts were told to use sick or personal days for the walkout, may face repercussions, including being fired and replaced if the walkout continues for an extended period. By law, Arizona must provide 180 school days each year.

Friday, Ducey vetoed 10 bills on his desk, each time sending a variation of the same letter back to House Speaker J.D. Mesnard asking the speaker to send him a state budget that gives teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020 and “restores additional assistance” to schools…..

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  1. Stupid D-man, even the Democrats are smart enough to know he is liar and opportunist. He has no trust in the legislature or from the AEA. Cry us a river D-man.

  2. We’ve seen previous governor’s throw petty tantrums like this and veto legislation. It wasn’t becoming to them nor is this becoming of Governor Ducey. What a waste of tax payer funds, staff, and Legislator’s time, not to mention the public who took time to go to testify on bills they cared about to see Ducey intentionally sink these 10 bills. Make no mistake, there are other bills waiting for his signature and he didn’t tank those. One bill awaiting his signature is a tax cut. Wonder why he didn’t veto that one?

    Brewer threw her fit over medicaid expansion and tax cuts which even SHE now says was too much and too optimistic to take on! Brewer held the Legislative Session hostage. She finally got what she wanted and AZ lost big time financially for it.

    Napolitano promised everyone the sky, the moon, all day Kindergarten and more only for it to get dumped along with many other policy promises and all but drained the Rainy Day Fund. Arizona lost big time again financially with her strong arming.

    Remember when AZ mortgaged many of its public buildings? Arizonans want a real plan to pay teachers and so far, Ducey’s plan doesn’t pass the smell test. Maybe AZ can learn from our recent history.

    Governor’s aren’t Kings…Ducey has not offered a proposal that is sustainable so the 90 Legislators should hold firm to a plan that works and is sustainable.

    I support pay increases for teachers, but from what I have read in Ducey’s plan, it isn’t sustainable. Yes, it is the District’s which decide teacher pay, but we still have funds not restored from the state to take care of school facilities…ie leaky roofs, aging mechanical, HVAC, maintenance etc on school buildings. When things break, schools have to fix them…just like our aging homes and bodies…they don’t get better with age! This area of school finance has been long set aside..at least a decade. We pay taxes on these buildings. Better to care for buildings than for them to fall into complete disrepair.

    The Red for Ed group has 5 demands. In negotiation, each side has to give up some things and compromise. Time will tell if and what that will be.

    Vetoing bills because “he can” is misguided. Ducey, not sitting down with the Leaders of Red for Ed is pouting also. You take the meeting as the AZ’s Chief Executive. It doesn’t mean he should yield to demands the state can follow.

    Ducey only promised a 1% raise from the beginning of the legislative session. If his plan was an additional 9% this year, why one Earth did he wait until the 11th hour to share that with the 90 legislators tasked with putting together and passing a budget?

    He criticized the Red for Ed movement as being “political theater”…He should look in the mirror, The Governor doth protest too much.

    He has a water bill, a school safety bill, and this 2020 teacher pay plan he wants. Maybe he can’t have all of what he wants if the budget doesn’t allow it?

    JLBC (Joint Legislative Budget Council) says Ducey’s plan isn’t sustainable. There are previous tax cuts in years’ past still funneling in.

    Everyone needs to put their big boy pants on, take meetings, and talk this out to make our state government work…long into the future not just for the next election.

    • your comments do point out 1 thing, the need for maintenance on buildings not teacher pay raises. My wife and I work and make less together than what the beginning teachers do so where are the comments on things like that? That is what is important if the teachers want more IMO. You cant get blood from turnips and no matter how hard you squeeze it still wont happen. In pima what economy is there that will support teacher pay raises? Thats right there is none. Same in almost all counties but maricopa. in pima the largest employers are all paid for by the tax payers, the county employees, the school district employees (tusd is largest), DMAFB the UA. Raytheon and whatever is left are just part of the system that relies on gov’t funding also. So WHERE are the $$ to come from? You get a raise, want higher taxes and the net result is you are back where you started but with a higher tax bill. What is so hard to understand about that?

      Other states often cited as paying more are still having the SAME ISSUES as in az and tusd. DUMB KIDS but the teachers get more to keep them that way. Just read other news outlets and see for yourself. Throwing money is not the answer. yes kalif pays more but it also COSTS more to live there, and recent news article tell how people are trying to escape from kalif, there was an article here the other day. Uhauls to kalif less than $200, uhauls FROM kalif in excess of $1000! That should tell you something.

      Douchey and the other professional pols need to be kicked out, but the parties are what determine who is able to run and who will not. NEITHER party puts forth QUALITY candidates so we are forced to pick hopefully the lesser of the 2 evils. The 3d parties just have not even gotten a leg up and their candidates are not much better it would seem as they pol what less than 2% if that. The same is true for pima, put d behind the name and run on party line politics as that is what people seem to look for. How do you think the bos and city clowncil can survive by even trying to justify the people they run for elective offices. Talk about INCOMPETENTS.

      So maybe you can find a few good QUALIFIED candidates and let them get out to MEET the people, not just set up a website, telling all how great they are. To many rely it seems on social media postings to have an agenda, but guess what, many do not follow/use these type of sites so they remain incognito to the vast majority and then wonder why.

  3. This going is to blow up on somebody. I am betting the teachers. They got a raise and promise for more. And now the unions are pressing them for more. Meanwhile. Parents and kids will be left out in the cold. D Man will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to solve this one.

    • Right! and you notice the ONLY states where the unions are PROVOKING UNREST with teachers is in states where we have ELECTED GOP leadership.
      This may be real to the teachers, but the leaders who are PROVOKING this current chapter of the “leftist protest culture” will never let this issue be resolved as they LOVE to divide as a means of campaigning. It’s about bashing Doug Ducey & anything GOP.

      Doug Ducey could give them a 300% raise and actually have a way to pay for it but it WOULDN’T BE ENOUGH for the union leader’s bosses.

      They also want to distract from the HISTORIC SUCCESSES being won by President Trump both domestic and on the international.


      How do I know? I witnessed yesterday my hardcore leftist teacher sister, who owns 2 homes and now a 24′ travel trailer, and who has retired TWICE from the school system but is now teaching again (at a SALARY SHE ACCEPTED AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SCHOOL YEAR) with a teachers friend of hers (who has been retired since 2006 but also owned TWO HOMES before she was able to retire and move to the one in Prescott) as they sat there and attacked Doug Ducey “he should go to hell”. When I mentioned the FACT that the Governor NOR the legislature sets their salaries, it made no difference.

      My sister is a totalitarian B*tch. Always has been.

      I would NEVER put a child in public schools today.

      These useful idiots have no clue how real life works.


      My sister went to work in a school district many years ago becasue she couldn’t get fired form a govt job . SHE TOLD ME THAT. Every couple of years she was moving around in the school system, moving from one school to the next becasue there is always someone who she can’t get along with.

      Years later she went and got her teaching degree so she could MAKE MORE $$$$.

      Then she cried to once over the phone that she wasn’t making that much more…. wahh wahhhh wahh.

      She never lost her cadillac health insurance. I DID.

      I just NOW bought my FIRST HOME. I have not health insurance since 2014

      She works only part of the year. I TRY TO WORK ALL YEAR.

      I don’t think the #REDFORED is wining any voters. I hope its pissing them off and we go to full school vouchers as a result.

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