Terrorism American Style

Terrorism American Style

Our country is in serious danger of not being able to function as a nation because of government-funded destructive challenges.

On May 1st of this year, the Associated Press headlined: “Lawsuits filed to save lands for imperiled grouse.” These lawsuits included one in Idaho, filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and Western Watershed Project, and another by the Montana Wildlife Federation, the Wilderness Society, and National Audubon Society. These not-for-profit agencies have a free ride as the U.S. Justice Department funds these agencies. Alan Olsen, Executive Director of the Montana Petroleum Association questions the need for the government to rescind the sales of oil leases on huge swaths of land as it is alleged that it endangers the habitat of a chick-size ground-dwelling grouse. A key question, why should 1,800 square miles of land be set aside for birds without regard for the development of enterprise that meets the needs of our citizens?  If these agencies are so concerned about protecting these birds, why don’t they raise them in captivity and release them on other undeveloped lands?  In no uncertain terms, to file a lawsuit to rescind oil leases without verifiable proof of endangerment to the public is an act of terrorism. Our elite liberal-mindset that it is reasonable to attack the mechanisms of free enterprise is criminally and economically destroying America as effectively as the actions of ISIS and other terrorist organizations worldwide.  To overcome the continuous liberal attacks on our nation’s capacity to provide local energy sources and other valuable resources vital to America’s needs, federal funding of lawsuits to not-for-profit agencies need to be immediately stopped.

Another form of “terrorism American style” centers on the media coverage over the past year, which has been dominated with a “no crime” special investigation by Robert Mueller. Since the issue of collusion with the Russians by the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign has yet to be proven and apparently did not occur. Mueller is attempting to trip up the President with some other unauthorized investigation. His real goal is to find a reason to impeach the President.

This is the most devastating type of terrorism, as it is an illegal criminal attack on our President and our Nation. There are a lot of other unrelated issues that can be considered as anti-Trump/”American style terrorism.” President Trump recently retained, as part of his presidential law team, the former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.  Mr. Giuliani stated that the recent break in of President Trump’s personal lawyer’s office, home and hotel room by the FBI, which appeared to be a “fishing expedition” by the Mueller investigation, was a violation of the attorney-client privilege. This can be compared to this terrorism tactics by Hitler’s Nazi brown shirt activity within German y. Perhaps Mueller failed to recognize that the President’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen was retained only to protect the non-political business and personal concerns of President Trump and his family.  These services were paid for by President Trump as a part of a retainer, and any expenses in question paid by Mr. Cohen did not involve political funds or politics.  This “fishing expedition” by Mueller could be considered a diversion to shut down any speculation that Russian collusion did not exist.  It is interesting to note that Mueller is supervised by Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is threatened by a Congressional subpoena for his failure to produce relevant Justice Department documents for a Congressional review.

David V. MacCollum

These “American style terrorists” apparently do not recognize nor wish to take up with the key national issues of economy, the need for jobs, or the danger America faces by rogue nations that want nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles that can deliver anywhere in the world. Their sole objective is to constantly confront President Trump and create distraction to make it more difficult to govern the nation. President Trump has real leadership talent and is able to move ahead on issues that will enhance America’s greatness.  His success only drives the “American style terrorists” to step farther to the left in a frantic attempt to impeach the President.

On May 4th, U.S. Senior Judge T.S. Ellis III, at a hearing in Alexander, Virginia chastised Mueller’s case against Paul Manafort, as it had nothing to do with the Russian probe and was only an attempt to prosecute/impeach President Trump. Our President should not be exposed to attacks that are nothing more than “political American style” terrorism.

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