#RedforEd “Damage Will Take Long To Heal,” Teachers Still Fearful

“My school which was once a safe and nurturing place has become a political minefield. Teachers are wearing RedforEd shirts in front of students, being aggressive with all employees about their beliefs but not listening to those who may agree. Teachers are holding RedforEd meetings before professional developments, making it uncomfortable to all involved. The school and grounds are adorned with red ribbons tied around every fence, tree, and building. The liaison for my school stated that we will not be like the Oklahoma teachers and back down. It has divided the staff and I’m fearing that the damage will take long to heal.” – Email dated April 24 to Rep. Kelly Townsend

Leading up to and during the teachers’ strike in April, Arizona legislators were flooded with emails in support and against the underlying political campaign known as #RedforEd. That campaign has swept across the country as part of an effort to elect democrats to office in November.

Initially, the #Redfored movement was portrayed as a nonpartisan effort to increase pay for educators. Many teachers jumped on board the bandwagon and welcomed the call for a walkout by the Arizona Education Association (AEA) and the newly formed Arizona Educators United (AEU).

While much of the media attention was solely focused on the leaders of the movement, AEA’s Joe Thomas and AEU’s Noah Karvelis and Derek Harris, those who stood in opposition were largely ignored.

Not only were those opposed ignored, according to emails recently obtained by the Arizona Daily Independent, they were forced into silence due to the tactics of their fellow educators in some instances.

“Every day we were confronted by scared teachers and confused families. Their struggles were not apparent to the public, but they were the driving force for me. It was their pain that prompted me to grow impatient with the political maneuvers of the unions and their foot soldiers’ hateful rhetoric,” said Townsend. “The RedforEd operators called on us to listen, but they were clearly not willing to listen to all teachers.”

Among the teachers, who have experienced retaliation for their resistance to the #RedforEd movement is Chandler Unified School District substitute teacher, Jennifer Hill. Last week, Hill addressed that retaliation during the Call to the Audience portion of the Chandler Unified School District Governing Board meeting.

On Wednesday, May 9, as Hill spoke the audience gasped and intermittently clapped as she exposed the treatment she has endured at the hands of fellow teachers and political operatives.

Hill is one of the forces behind the growing #Purpleforparents movement. The tenor toward teachers has changed negatively all across the state and the #RedforEd, has caused many families to make plans to abandon tradition public schools in favor of charter schools, private schools, and even homeschooling.

“Arizona has a wonderful voucher program, tax credits for schools, tuition assistance by tax payers; is open-enrollment, open school choice, non-union, right-to-work, and free enterprise for businesses,” Hill told the Arizona Daily Independent. “On a positive note, the #RedforEd “movement” in Arizona has caused citizens to open their eyes, walk through their children’s schools, attend board meetings, and question the very bureaucracy embedded in our education system.”

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  1. well channel 13 news poked a big HOLE in the argument about the poor teachers having to buy school supplies. They had a matrix up and it went something like this 0-250, 250-400, 400-500, average costs around 275$. They then announced that the teachers get a reimbursed $250 for purchase of school supplies! So guess what guys its all a large pile of crap. I guess they need to tell the parents to go buy and provide for their kids instead of the new cell phones or hair do’s, or…………..

  2. I have been against the movement. Disappointed the teachers put the kids last and themselves first. Where do the teachers think all this money is going to come from? The citizens are already taxed to death. They are not the only first line government employees who are underpaid. All the school districts need to become more efficient and downsized, then maybe the extra money can be used to pay the remaining staff

    • Which movement? the redfored or the Proposition 305 Arizona’s expanded school-voucher program?,which would give parents more opportunities to select a superior school than the run of the mill redfored type school.

  3. When we vote for school vouchers the money per child leaves that school and follows the child to the new hopefully better school, Leman, Sonoran Science Academy or Basis Charter schools. Also to private schools.
    That leaves the old useless school losing that money and possibly not needing some of their teachers resulting in layoffs, resulting in teachers competing for positions. Maybe just maybe we would start to have better teachers but I doubt it, schools have become liberal indoctrination centers. It might take a couple of generations to clean up the school boards to get back to teaching real education.

  4. the problem with this problem is it has superseded the voter – taxpayer that pays for and uses the services; NO THANKS – Tell them to pound sand and stay on strike – close the districts. If they walked out hand them their papers. Being held hostage to RedPaint is BS!

  5. Governor Ducey is equally responsible with Redfored for the terrible situation we now find ourselves in. No responsible political leader would have continued to demand the legislature pass his proposed increase in education funding as long as the teachers continued with their illegal strike. Having done so, Ducey legitimized, in the eyes of many, Redfored (an organization unknown to virtually all of us fourweeks ago) and its tactics, the teachers` strike and the school districts` irresponsible behavior of dancing to the tune of Redfored and the teachers with respect to the closure of schools. Furthermore, the increase in funding also glosses over the fact that the main culprit regarding low or inadequate teacher pay is the school districts that negotiate teacher pay packages, NOT the Arizona State taxpayers. For these reasons alone, Governor Ducey must not be re-elected in November.

  6. Imagine if one of the students wore a ‘Make America Great, Again’ ball cap or shirt to school. They would be told to remove it.

    There are charter schools spring up everywhere. This is why.
    I just noticed another huge charter school being built at Golf Links/Houghton (Leeman).

    I would NEVER send my kids to a public school, anymore. They are no longer for education, they are for liberal indoctrination.

    • Not true at all. The hats and shirts are all over my kid’s school. The kids are mix and get along. The teachers are ultra-careful in not taking political sides. The comments here are alarmist and represent few and far between teachers. People tend to see what they want to see. Brainwashed deplorables are a menace to our society.

  7. If you want your children to really have an education take them out of the school system, and home school them or a private school. In the school systme they only teach to pass the State and Federal required tests.

  8. I agree more money needs to be invested into our children’s future. However, these teachers do not deserve a dime until they earn it. Our current education ranking is nothing less than a fail! The lack of solid funding for the kids is only a part of it. Horrible instructors is the other part of it.

  9. #Redfored had the children witness teachers that voted to accept a contract and then violated it. Yet they expect students to obey all their rules. The hypocritical position taken by teachers whipped into a hatred frenzy of our Governor is shameful.

    Let’s call it what it is:


  10. Curiosity got the best of me so I wasted 20 minutes trying to find a grammatical use of too as Ray S suggests and only found examples of the way the ADI used “to” in it’s title. To was not used as an adverb but a preposition indicating a direction.

  11. Perhaps the “Ed” in RedforEd should stand for Educational Dysfunction. The online news source WND ran an article by Bob Unruh, “School Board Warned About Illegal, Obscene Classroom Instruction,” regarding the Sunnyside School District. It covered the proposed “new” curriculum for kindergarten to 12th grade known as “Rights, Respect, Responsibility,” also known as the 3R’s curriculum. If you believe that teachers statewide demanding more money is an affront to taxpayers, the proposed 3R’s indoctrination should enrage every parent into yanking their children out of any district which adopts and teaches any part of the 3R’s, which does not in any way cover the rights, nor does it respect, nor does it teach responsibility to students. With Ducey’s full support and a major rise in our taxes, the 3R’s indoctrination will spread throughout the state in all districts unless the parents take a stand against it.

  12. Remember in Christian school, no one is pushing a kid to believe in God, but yes It’s a Christian school so there is Chapel and mentions of God and Jesus, if a person is not religious, then don’t send your kid there and then expect the school to stay mum on the subject of God. There are other equally good Charter schools around K-12.
    But lets face it most private schools are religious and I believe they did wonders for the great daughter I have, who now is 22 y/o and a great human being, she’s definitely better than me and isn’t that what all parents want? a better version of themselves?

  13. I will never return my children to the classroom again. I have had nothing but issues with poor quality of education in two different schools in my area. This redfored was the last straw. My daughter is only 1st grade. School is supposed to be a safe place to flourish their minds qnd ignite imagination. Instead I found indoctrination not just with this “Movement” but also pushing hatred twords political parties before this. The other things that I have seen with teachers and posting outright hate messages and attacks on both parents and fellow teachers is outrageous. These so called educators are anything but.

    • Glad to see that you woke up to the damage these teachers are doing to our kids. Even at my daughters great charter school, there was an incident when I saw that in Spanish class (what?) they would be studying che guevara. I said oh no you don’t. I went to that teacher asking her just what the heck did that butcher have to do with Spanish speaking class, no answer. So I pulled my daughter from her class. That teacher only taught that one semester and was not hired to teach there further.
      It is a worthy endeavor to investigate alternative education, which can mean home schooled ( if your a stay at home mom) Charter schools and I can only recommend two, and of course private school.
      I didn’t pay that much for my daughters tuition in grades 1-4 at a Christian school, that all kinds of kids went to, from Protestant,Catholic and non religious that kids attended. By the time she was ready for high school I then sent her to one of the best two Charter schools.
      In Christian school the only things asked of kids is Love of God and respect to others, kind words and a friendly atmosphere. In the Charter school was future goals, with no bullying and cliques, but plenty of challenges and life long friendships formed.
      Good luck to you,

  14. they want a fight, give them one… let the RED people fear the can of worms they have opened

  15. The antics of the #RedforEd movement has severely damaged the goal of gaining more funding via the ballot. The goal of taxing “the rich” to line their pockets is going to be severely setback by both the strike and the Commiefornia-like progressive income tax proposal.

  16. Never forget that these haters exploited our children to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars. Despicable. I certainly will never support public education again.

  17. “Has become a political minefield. Teachers are wearing RedforEd shirts in front of students, being aggressive with all employees about their believes but not listening to those who may agree.”
    I posted about this BS that the ADMINISTRATORS and BOARDS allowed to continue unabated. The also allowed the teachers to use taxpayer money to take vacation or sick leave to pay for their days off that added to the school year. Administration allowed the teachers to paint their car windows with the BS “redfored” slogan on their car windows and park them on school property. Spineless bas^%tards all. But they knew if the teachers got more money, so would they. They have to be so proud. An ILLEGAL strike supported by the administration and by the Governor who was also spineless. Should have said, what you are doing is illegal and get back to work. But then who could expect anything more from a group led by two millennials that believe in socialism and one isn’t even a certified teacher for God’s sake. As I said before, I call BS on this whole movement. it was NEVER about the kids, it was always about the adults and the indoctrination of the kids. Don’t ever want to hear it was about the kids. They are the ones that got screwed.

  18. Never underestimate the unintended consequences of politics. For every action there is a separate and equal reaction. If TUSD doesn’t spend the additional state aid on teachers, my prediction is the continued loss of students will be very detrimental to the district. The lack of leadership and governance coming out of central administration during Adelita Grijalva’s tenure has been must painful to watch.

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