Time Is Running Out To Get Your Candidate On The Ballot

The deadline to sign a candidate’s nominating petition is fast approaching. Candidates are calling on their supporters to visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s E-Qual system to sign their campaign petition online.

Secretary of State’s Voter Authentication Portal:

How it works: The voter enters his name, birth date and Driver License/Non-Operator ID into E-Qual which is verified against the statewide voter registration database. Once the voter is verified as a registered voter, E-Qual determines which nomination petitions the voter is eligible to sign and which candidates the voter is eligible to give a $5 qualifying contribution based on the voter’s registration information. If a voter chooses to sign a nomination petition or give a $5 contribution, the voter’s signature that is on file with the statewide voter registration database is affixed to the petition or $5 Qualifying Contribution Form. The candidate must print the petition or $5 Qualifying Contribution Form to file a hard copy at the Secretary of State’s Office. Funds are transferred from the voter to the candidate via PayPal.

Candidate: A candidate accesses E-Qual through the Campaign Finance System Login. The candidate may then create and manage his nomination petition or $5 Qualifying Contribution Form.

Voter: A voter accesses E-Qual entering in his/her Driver License Number, Date of Birth, and Name (first and last). This information is validated against the statewide voter registration database and the voter is then prompted to confirm their residence address on record is still current. Once the voter’s information is validated, the voter is presented with a list of candidates that have electronic nomination petitions and/or $5 Qualifying Contribution Forms and that E-Qual has determined the voter is eligible to sign and/or contribute.

The filing deadline for candidate petitions is May 30.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you ADI! In LD 9, please help get Randall ‘Randy” Fleenor on the ballot for one of the two House seats currently held by Democrats. Randy is a true conservative and will fight for Lower Taxes; Financial Accountability; 2nd Amendment rights; Border Security; Pro-Life and Pro-Education. I know Randy to be a true Citizen Activist with both large (IBM) and small business owner experience. We can and must do better! And it starts with better representation in Phoenix! Randy can and will do that!

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