Ducey Takes Action On Bills, Key Staff Exit Expected

Governor Doug Ducey took action on 62 bills on Wednesday, clearing out all legislation remaining on the governor’s desk from the 2018 legislative session.

During the 2018 legislative session, Governor Ducey signed 346 bills and vetoed 23 bills.

The Legislative Session was highly contentious. As a result, according to sources, Ducey’s chief of staff, Kirk Adams, will be vacating his position soon. He will follow the departure of deputy chief of staff, Danny Seiden. Both men have been credited with the chaotic budget process that created a rift between the governor and legislators this year.

Full list of actions on Wednesday:

HB 2002 automobile theft authority; appropriation
HB 2004 ASRS; waiting period; repeal
HB 2062 permits; licenses; denials; agency hearings
HB 2254 minimum limits; vehicle liability insurance
HB 2478 sports authority districts; extension
HB 2498 historic preservation; rangeland improvements; requirements
SB 1091 income tax payments; bitcoin

HB 2088 pupils; concussions; parental notification
HB 2197 health professionals; workforce data
HB 2209 internet protocol; corporation commission
HB 2212 firearm possession; peace officers; definition
HB 2235 dental therapy; regulation; licensure
HB 2253 schools; exchange teachers; employment duration
HB 2307 scrap vehicles; sales
HB 2310 underground storage tanks; reimbursement claims
HB 2324 community health workers; voluntary certification
HB 2356 juvenile court; jurisdiction; age
HB 2383 HOV lanes; emergency vehicles
HB 2384 unlawful flight; vehicle impoundment
HB 2414 state employee health plan; incentives
HB 2416 appropriation; study; prime contracting classification
HB 2422 personal delivery devices
HB 2455 commercial vehicles definition; driver licenses
HB 2510 auto dealers; task force; fund
HB 2520 schools; reading requirements
HB 2522 traffic violations; penalties
HB 2526 career technical education districts
HB 2527 ticket surcharge; public safety equipment
HB 2529 assisted living; referrals; disclosure
HB 2532 occupational regulation; municipalities; counties; hearings
HB 2534 teachers; certification requirements
HB 2538 U.S. House vacancy; special election
HB 2564 court fees; EORP; state contribution
HB 2589 department of gaming omnibus
HB 2596 property taxes; procedures; abatement
HB 2648 ballot measures; paid circulator definition
HB 2649 public meetings; recordings; posting; definition
HB 2650 commercial license; defensive driving school
HB 2651 landlord tenant; security deposits
HB 2652 electric bicycles; definition; use
HB 2653 expenditure limitation; waiver of penalties
HB 2654 illegal substances education; partnership
HB 2655 real estate licenses; online classes
HB 2656 electronic wills and trusts
HB 2657 interscholastic activities; health dangers; information
SB 1039 appropriation; Arizona water protection fund
SB 1140 certificates of authority; video service
SB 1167 merit council; law enforcement qualifications
SB 1181 corporation commission; railway safety inspectors
SB 1245 appropriation; SNAP; benefit match; produce
SB 1254 school district consolidation
SB 1271 construction liability; apportionment; study
SB 1273 administrative proceedings; rules; contested cases
SB 1293 department of revenue; administrative efficiency
SB 1296 government communications; emergency response interpreters
SB 1398 unemployment; return-to-work program; suitable work
SB 1409 TPT; prime contracting; alteration; replacement
SB 1476 county sheriff; reentry planning; appropriation
SB 1478 employer contributions; EORP
SB 1496 prisoners; drug sentences; out-of-custody treatment
SB 1498 AZPOST; membership; training; AMBER alert
SB 1504 developmental disability rates; appropriation


  1. Like most entrenched rats, they always flee the sinking ship as it’s about to slip beneath the waves. Where does one go for employment after such “success”?
    With the endless parade of stupidity flowing from Douchey’s office resulting in the endless parade of impending lawsuits, it’s little wonder that Ducey’s chief of staff, Kirk Adams, will soon be vacating his position, following the departure of deputy chief of staff, Danny Seiden.
    I can only guess that with the maximum amount of damage already done, it’s well past time to move on since they have nothing left to destroy.
    Perhaps Mr. Adams can use his time off to brush up on his orator people skills, jurors like a polished witness when telling whoppers….

    The Oracle

  2. VETOED – SB 1091 income tax payments; bitcoin ; meaning it was passed first – the cashless society in progress

  3. Ducey destroyed our neighborhoods with his “airbnb law”. His big government put corporate lobbyists over 60 years of successful zoning laws by the cities in our great state.
    Go away Ducey, you failed the conservatives who elected you.

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