Bank Robber, Getaway Driver Sentenced For Robbery Spree

Jason Matthew Wells, 50, of Tucson, was sentenced to 51 months’ imprisonment. Wells had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of armed bank robbery and aiding and abetting.

During Oct. 2017, while wearing a disguise, Wells robbed a credit union and a Wells Fargo Bank with the use of a simulated handgun. He fled the banks and entered a waiting vehicle driven by his accomplice, Richard Dennis Langlois. After the robbery of the Wells Fargo Bank, a lengthy car chase by local law enforcement ensued. Langlois eventually stopped the stolen vehicle he was driving and abandoned the vehicle. Wells was caught after a foot chase in which he ran through neighborhoods and dropped a bag containing over $10,000 in cash, his wallet, and his cellular telephone. Cash from the robbery was strewn all over a backyard he fled through during the foot chase. Officers found more cash, disguises, and an air pistol in the abandoned vehicle. Langlois got away, but was apprehended a few weeks later. Both confessed to their involvement in the robberies.

Langlois, 55, also of Tucson, also previously pleaded guilty to two counts of armed bank robbery, aiding and abetting, and was sentenced on Feb. 9, 2018, to 80 months’ imprisonment. Langlois had a more extensive criminal history.