Edmund Throws A Tantrum: Sunday’s Comic

From the Arizona Daily Star….


Back in 2016, some of the local Republican powers supported Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller’s re-election campaign, thinking maybe the GOP could win control of the board.

That was a little surprising because Miller, ever the firebrand, has at times criticized business-oriented Republicans like auto dealer and fundraiser Jim Click.

Those days of business Republicans supporting Miller appear to be over. More than two years before she’s up for re-election, some are already looking for a challenger.

“Enough’s enough,” said Edmund Marquez, a member of the Rio Nuevo board and longtime ally of Click and similarly inclined Republicans. “We need some better representation, someone who’s going to get things done.”

Marquez, the brother of Congressional District 2 candidate Lea Marquez Peterson, isn’t sure who will end up running. Miller herself considered running for the CD 2 nomination. I confirmed Thursday that former state representative Ethan Orr is considering challenging Miller.

“Some people who supported Ally in 2016 talked to me about running,” Orr told me. “People within the district are sick of the lack of leadership and the lack of results. I for one am sick of the roads that are crumbling in front of my house.”

Miller has made road repair her top priority, but she has indicated she’s unwilling to provide the necessary fifth vote to raise a sales tax for road repairs. She argues the county is overspending on other, less essential services.

Ousting her will be difficult, though. She beat primary challenger John Winchester, a first-time candidate, by 57 percent to 43 percent in 2016.


  1. Gee, keep up the good work Ally. You know that you have hit a nerve when the “RINO’S” are pissed because you have made their money grabs a little harder. As I have posted I can’t wait till I get out of this cesspool in Southern Arizona this fall. Might pay higher taxes in the Midwest, but I will have roads to drive on, a real paid fire department, police and sheriffs making a living wage and reasonable water and sewer rates. What a different world.

  2. I was present at a BOS meeting a few years ago when the four other members (Ray Carol had not yet retired) stripped every dollar from District 1 road repair to punish Ally Miller. Steve Christy replacing Ray Carol has done little to replace the 4-1 voting block.

  3. OK, so when are YOU going to start placing some up for election?
    “Enough’s enough,” said Edmund Marquez, a member of the Rio Nuevo board and longtime ally of Click and similarly inclined Republicans. “We need some better representation, someone who’s going to get things done.”
    Actually there really IS NOT a R party in this area, if there is it is left to play games among the supposed party chiefs since I have never heard of or from anyone representing the R party in 40 years in this area. No I dont go looking for them, but they should be jumping up and down saying HERE I AM.
    The city clowncil and the bored of stupids need to be replaced in their entirety. Just drive around and see they are PATCHING the PATCHES and then after a few days ANOTHER CHUNK of the road breaks loose within a foot or 2 of the NEW patch on the patch! And they cannot even have the cold weather to blame like they do in the east.

  4. It’s time for Ally to go. The roads in front of my house are crumbling too. We need the sales tax to fund this! Please support the tax! Then we’ll vote Miller out.

  5. And yet again, not one cross word about the other 4 turds getting the wrong job done.

    Not a peep about the job being pulled on the tax payers by the 4 cronies and the sick brained manager buying up all his future retirement hang out dives.

    This board hasn’t gotten anything done in decades but I know one thing for sure, I know where I won’t be buying cars or insurance and will be swaying friends and family to follow my lead

  6. If you’ve ever met Edmund or his sister Lea. In a matter of seconds you know you are in the presence of a coupe of prima Donna’s. They both have an inflated view of their self importance. They dominate the discussion. Control the dialogue. And don’t really care about an opposing view. For Edmund to buy his way into the political scene and act like Ally doesn’t represent her constituency is classic bloviating.

  7. What a pamper load..
    With such a powerful sphere of influence, one would imagine conditions in Pima Co. would be closer to perfect.

  8. Lying Ethan Orr?
    It may be time to run some more “Stabbed In The Back” t-shirts? Ethan Orr’s time at the State Legislature represented just how far Left a Republican in Pima County is willing to go. Az is still paying the price for the damage Ethan Orr did to this State.

  9. “It’s time for Ally to go. The roads in front of my house are crumbling too. We need the sales tax to fund this! Please support the tax! Then we’ll vote Miller out.”

    Another kool-aid drinker heard from. Ally is the only one to have ever exposed the corruption in this County. Spend, spend & lie: that’s all the other 4 supervisors & Chuck do. It’s time to drain the Pima County swamp. As for Orr, he lied throughout his 1st campaign. Traitor.

    • @John,
      Just consider the source, there’s a healthy dose of bitter partisanship attached to any of his numerous contributions.
      Singling out and blaming Ally for the endless failures of the entire Board of Stupidvisors is laughable. Not continuing to support Ally against the tidal wave of propaganda style lies is the finest definition of capitulation.
      The organizational flow chart doesn’t lie, Dingleberry who works at the pleasure of the Stupidvisors runs the show, the Stupidvisors work for the local demi-God power broker$, the voters simply matter not.
      Another tax? “BUT this time” it’s “Dedicated” to roads, as if the AZ HURF and the general fund accounts are exempt from such extravagance?
      No amount of castor oil can bust this compacted corrupt blockage of democracy loose.
      As long as the community continues to vote for Hispanic sounding names followed by the big “D”. This time honored Pima county tradition does little but promote sub standard and stagnant representatives who are bought and paid for and voting as told before the votes are ever totalled.
      Another new tax, are we really that stupid?

      The Oracle

  10. 58 years in Tucson and it’s still the Developers and Chronies running the place.

    Sorry…can’t say much else.

  11. Ally Miller is the only one who represents pima county taxpayers. Those other four represent Huckleberry! The other four need to go!

    • I agree, now try and get rid of them and see how far you get against the machine that’s Pima County. Never say never but refer to my earlier comment.

  12. Y’all bought a bowling alley full of asbestos and most likely lead paint today. Huckelberry said it will be worth $10 mil. He admits $7mil already…the other $3mil will most likely be for Asbestos abatement. All for a bowling alley appraised at $2.2 mil and the appraiser admits he didn’t even consider asbestos when he did appraisal. Another crony deal on the backs of taxpayers.

    • There’s definitive reasons that Tucson/Pima Country are the fifth poorest in the country. The sad part is…it’s acceptable, even desirable. Liberal utopia of government control and shared poverty, a badge of honor, a center of resistance. Too liberal to prosper, too stupid to change.

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