Border Patrol Agents Find 18 Illegal Aliens Inside Truck

Agents stopped a box truck in Hereford and discovered illegal aliens inside

Border Patrol agents from the Brian A. Terry Station discovered 18 illegal aliens, including two children, hidden inside a box truck in Hereford Saturday afternoon and arrested the 56-year-old male driver.

Agents in the Coronado National Memorial area observed a group of suspected illegal aliens walking through the desert towards Montezuma Canyon Road as well as a box truck stopping multiple times along that same road.

Additional agents observed the truck leave the memorial area and followed behind. A short time later, the driver of the box truck self-yielded. An agent stopped behind the truck, approached the driver, and requested to search the back of the truck, to which the driver agreed and opened the rear door.

The agent subsequently discovered 18 people in the rear of the truck: 3 Guatemala nationals, 13 Mexican nationals, and 2 unaccompanied Mexican national children, inside the rear of the box truck. The truck had no source of light, fresh air ventilation or air conditioning, water, nor any means of escape from the inside.

The driver was arrested for human smuggling and all the illegal aliens were transported to the Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station to be processed for immigration violations.



  1. Where’s the outrage? Who took these children away from their parents? Build the wall and save the children. MAGA!

  2. I have yet to see any of the loud, foul-mouthed people who have insulted the President and sky-screamed over pictures of the detention centers which were taken during the Oblunder administration, at the current detention centers, reading bedtime stories to the children, providing them with clothing, food, stuffed animals, toiletries, etc. The screaming, filthy-mouthed liberals are using the accompanied and unaccompanied children of illegal aliens as political bargaining chips, not caring one jot nor tittle about “the children.” Shame on those left-wing liberals who are mostly Democrat as well as the Rino’s who refuse to pass effective legislation to finance the wall!

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