Marlow Chiquito Sentenced For Murder, Kidnapping Of His Mother

Today Marlow Chiquito, age 33, was sentenced to prison for 25 years flat for 2nd Degree Murder and 10.5 years for kidnapping in connection to the murder of Maggie Chiquito.

On May 4, 2017 officers were called to an apartment complex after Maggie Chiquito’s husband found her body with obvious signs of trauma from being cut several times across her neck. He told officers he had left Maggie in the apartment with her son Marlow Chiquito and the two had been arguing throughout the day.

A short time later, officers found the defendant walking around yelling out noises and wearing clothing covered in blood. He told investigators he had consumed both alcohol and methamphetamine prior to taking a knife from the kitchen and cutting his mother’s throat while she was sitting in a chair. He admitted that she had told him to stop his attack, but he continued anyway.