Wicked Writer Of The West: Sunday’s Comic

Laurie Roberts recites rumors and smears in her constant attacks on conservatives. Tim Jeffries is her latest target.

Who will be next?

Jeffries is running For a seat in the Arizona Senate. Expect the likes of Roberts to attack the devout Catholic in the ugliest ways….

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  1. The Establishment Class will die a long slow death, to the detriment of the citizens of this Great State and Country.

  2. I wonder how close Laurie Roberts and Michelle Ugenti-Rita are in real life? Perhaps a lobbyists or two can fill us in one this.

  3. It is amazing to me the “crap” that people believe, that one has such low morals as to attack a person they don’t even know. I personally know Tim Jeffries to be a man of integrity and morality; a man that does what’s right. This type of man is rare in todays society! Arizona needs Mr. Jeffries to stand up for the citizens of this great state, how can it be OK for this writer to smear the great name of a great man? Shame on all of the wicked writers that do not write with integrity, but rather with hate.

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