Cochise County Warning Residents Of Verizon Customer Scam


The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a new scam that has targeted several Verizon customers in Cochise County.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the customers said the Verizon store that they had received calls from someone claiming to be from Verizona advising that their accounts had potentially been compromised and in order to confirm and/or stop the action, the customer needed to provide some basic information as well as the last for digits of their social security number.

Verizon representatives have advised the Sheriff’s Office that their company will not call you about fraud to your account, but rather send emails or text messages to confirm such things as additional phones added, etc…

Verizon also advised that the telephone number for them is 800-922-0204 and the calls received by the potential victims was 800-922-0202 leading the unsuspecting person perhaps believing that the call was legitimate.

If you have any questions about your Verizon account, call the correct number or go to your nearest store.

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