1. And you expect what from McSally? The truth? She is a McCain puppet and needs to be on the sidelines looking for another line of work. Anyone but McSally/McCain.

  2. NO ONE that McCAIN SUPPORTS like leftwinglea.com. Brandon Martin is the CD2 candidate that is smart, supports PDJT and can actually debate and win the election. DEPLORABLES get out there and work for him in the primaries.

  3. For authenticity and accessibility vote for Dr. Kelli Ward, a true, conservative Republican who we can finally trust to represent us in the US Senate. We are tired of the political lies and establishment shenanigans. Martha is one of them.

  4. Kelly Ward is the one I’m backing. I’ve never heard Ms Sally back our President until now?? She has always been close to McCain, Flake and yes Grijalva!

  5. Martha McSally is a McCain, Flake, Ducey, Marquez-Peterson “Republican” and they are all fakes. It is time for Republican voters, the people who actually win elections, to reject them all and take back the Republican Party from them and their corporate donors.

    • never heard of poor little wodney did ya? He is the guy who couldnt make it on the cot clowncil and again up in east la! Now he is running down here again for something. Just watch the ads for the dims running for whatever, synima, ann whats her name both a couple of wacko’s

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