Tax The… Everybody: Sunday’s Comic


  1. And this kids is what “Redfored” was really about. Redistribute the wealth to those that don’t deserve it. They lied to their employer and said that they would work for X dollars per year and then told their employers to stick it, I want more. Should have all been fired but the governor and school boards had no sack. I am glad that I am moving out of this state that has literally become a sewer of left wing idiots who think that open borders and taxing the rich will solve everything. Those people might want to look at California and see how many people are leaving that state. Stupid is as stupid does. The millennials are that stupid.

  2. It’ not only mellennials. Pima County government is a good example of voting the same people & party in over and over expecting different results. Isn’t that right, Albert?

  3. Socialist is the new American education system.. it is the problem – the indoctrination arm of the globalist ‘resistance’ that is nothing less than a coup of the government system – one world government – its the time in which we live

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