“Lewis Arthur” Of False Sex-Trafficking Report Arrested By TPD

The man who generated fake news about a long-abandoned homeless camp he claimed was used by child sex-traffickers Michael “Lewis Arthur” Meyer, was arrested on Sunday by Tucson police.

Meyer, who is best known as “Lewis Arthur,” was arrested at the site of the abandoned homeless camp located within the Cemex Concrete Company property located near I-19 and Valencia within the Tucson City Limits. Meyer was arrested for trespassing on the Cemex property and for an outstanding warrant associated with an assault charge after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

Meyer was transported to the Pima County Jail where he was booked on the warrant and the new trespassing charge.


Prior to his arrest, Meyer “occupied” a tower on the Cemex property for 9 days. Meyer has a history of such actions dating back to 2014 at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and repeated violations in the State of Arizona. He engaged in criminal trespass activities in Surprise, AZ; established a homeless encampment in Phoenix and another in Mesa, AZ.

Meyer recently became associated with a homeless encampment on private property behind Santa Rita Park in Tucson. According to authorities, the encampment produced a series of public safety concerns for the property owner. After being informed that his encampment was no longer welcome behind Santa Rita, Meyer directed his efforts elsewhere. He eventually found the abandoned homeless encampment on Cemex property and fictitiously declared, without evidence or corroboration, that the area was the site of a sex-trafficking ring.

Meyer’s bizarre claims were then reported by media outlets and garnered Meyer national attention.

Meyer’s various representations and claims were thoroughly investigated by the Tucson Police Department (TPD). No evidence of sex-trafficking was located as a result of the Tucson Police investigation. At one point several weeks ago, Meyer agreed to vacate the Cemex property. Contrary to this agreement, Meyer chose to return and trespass by illegally occupying the tower on the Cemex property, according to TPD.

Despite continued efforts to work with Meyer by city officials and community members, the Tucson Police Department has received complaints from various members of the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association as well as from other community residents that Meyer and some of his followers have threatened and intimidated them.

Through social media, Meyer has made multiple threatening and hostile remarks directed towards various elected and appointed officials.

TPD reports that it is working with Cemex executives to limit access to their property. Authorities will also be working with various homeless advocacy groups and other social service groups to help relocate any homeless individuals impacted by the closure of Meyer-associated encampments in Tucson involving trespass on private property, according to TPD.


  1. Despite continued efforts to work with Meyer by city officials and community members

    My only question is why do people try to legitimize this ass. He is trash and the trash needs to be taken out on a regular basis. You are told not to trespass and you continue to do so, do you think that the “city” officials would negotiate with us? You bet not and we would be in the back of a police car on our way to jail. How far has this country fallen when this man, a liar and a total waste of humanity has more rights than you and I do. Oh, its the liberal way, I forgot, I am sooooo sorry.

  2. Documentation is posted on facebook that Veterans administration workers are forbidden from setting foot on the camp property to assist veterans, the very few that there actually are, as most have been driven away. Original members of VoP have turned on Lewis and are making youtube videos explaining in detail the acts of deceit, theft, harassment, intimidation, violence, and drug use they have personally witnessed. Could the reason for banning legitimate outreach workers be because of weapons and drugs and alcohol use going on at the camps? How is he squatting and trespassing on private property, the owners want him gone, Lewis threatens the owners and anyone else with impunity, and no one does anything about this? How is a non-registered charity with no non-profit status collecting donations, things of value, and that is not considered income by the IRS and the state AG? How is this not wire fraud, using the postal service for fraud? He couldn’t even manage to fill out a one page form to declare VETERANS on Patrol a veterans group? Where are the cease & desist orders, to protect the public? People are there in inhumane conditions, without running water, in the heat, with no qualified personnel providing any sort of services to veterans. He continues to make claims that surrounding ranchers are participating in human sex trafficking, along with businesses, the mayor, the reservation, the police, going as far as doxxing law enforcement, and he has not been indicted yet? What will it take, will there be a shootout and someone gets killed before he is stopped? He is on video knocking on doors looking for drug dealers, intimidating residents. What if someone answers the door and thinks he is a home invader and opens fire? Then what? He has stated that IF they find any victims of trafficking, which they never have, they will refuse to turn them over for the medical and other care they need, that is abusive and grotesque, which shows his state of mind, deranged and raging. End this before someone gets killed. Before there is a stand-off, which is clearly what he wants for the attention it would bring. Trespassing with AR15s is felony trespass. Driving around with no license. End this. The public should be protected from making donations on emotional appeal to a fraudulent illegitimate organization, private property owners should have the rule of law enforced that they pay their taxes for, and citizens should be protected from threats, false accusations, violations of privacy, intimidation, and mayhem.

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