Energy Shortage Possible As California Battles Multiple Problems

Heat and wildfires in California are distorting the energy market and bringing supply problems to the entire western states energy market, including Mohave Electric Cooperative and its members.

As a result, Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) is asking members to do everything possible to conserve energy for several days until the crisis subsides, particularly during the prime-use hours of 2-10 p.m.

“There are some simple things members can do to conserve, such as grilling outside instead of using the stove and oven,” said Tyler Carlson, CEO of MEC. “If there is a need to do laundry, dry the clothes outside instead of the dryer. Turn lights and fans off and turn the air conditioner up a few extra degrees.”

The problems in California mean less energy is available on the market throughout the western region.

“This is one of the problems of becoming overly dependent on a single power supply,” Carlson said. “California has shuttered many traditional power generation resources and the current events are stressing the western region power market upon which Arizona and other western states rely.”

The issues in California are causing pricing and availability problems for which western power companies could not be prepared. Major suppliers are indicating they may not have power to sell.

“This is cause for concern over the next few days,” Carlson said, “Our members conserving energy will avoid a worsening of the situation while MEC works diligently with our power suppliers to resolve the problem.”


  1. “…which western power companies could not be prepared.” Wait??? What??? The Democrats running California have constantly demonized all forms of electric generation except for Wind and Solar. And NONE of the CEOs of Western Power companies saw this coming? A lot of CEOs need to lose their jobs.

  2. Sorry, not going to turn off my AC because the idiot Californians hate electric power production (unless it occurs in Arizona). Let them live with the consequences of their own stupidity. And how about we protect our own power supply in the same way we protect our own water supply.

  3. But the world is safe from styrofoam, straws and plastic shopping bags.
    Seriously where are your priorities?

    The Oracle

    • Remember when the mantra was “save the trees, don’t use paper”? So we lost our paper bags and straws for cheap plastic. Now they tell us not to use plastic and switch to paper…but what about the poor trees? Guess they don’t matter (this year). And why is the libtard coast dumping all their plastic straws and bags in the Pacific ocean anyway?

    • Short and Sweet, Marana. Good post. Seriously, the Californians want to leave the Union? I used to be adamantly against it. I’m of the mind now that if they give up San Diego and a protective strip of land from Arizona to San Diego, LET THEM GO. Their wacko leftist dogma is infecting the country. Time to cut off the gangrene that is California.

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