TFD Responds Quickly To Baby Left In Car Call

Fortunately, Tucson Fire Department personnel responded to what turned out to be a close call, when an approximately 20 month-old male infant had been left unattended in a vehicle for roughly 10 minutes.

The caregivers, a grandmother and godparent, told Tucson Fire Department personnel that they arrived at their home near 6th Avenue and Ajo but both thought the other had taken the baby out of the car. When they realized what they had done, they immediately got the baby out of the car, went inside the air conditioned home, and called 911.

The baby was wearing a diaper when paramedics arrived on scene but acting appropriately for his age and all of the baby’s vital signs were normal.

Paramedics stayed on scene to continue to monitor the baby’s vital signs, including temperature, as well as his overall mentation. The baby was not transported to the hospital.

TPD was on scene to handle the investigative aspect of the call.