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Unhinged newspapers unite in conspiracy against Pres. Trump

Contending news outlets are not purveyors of fake news, despite evidence to the contrary, the Boston Globe is attempting to assemble other leftist newspapers to form a united pact taking editorial aim at President Trump’s characterization of the biased press. The Daily Callerheadlined its coverage, “Boston Globe Calls For All Media Outlets To Publish Anti-Trump Editorials Next Week.”

As of Friday, about 70 publications committed to running editorials denouncing Trump’s honest assessment of the liberally skewed press — often referring to their content as “fake news.”

“Our words will differ. But at least we can agree that such attacks are alarming,” stated Marjorie Pritchard, the Boston Globe’s deputy managing editorial page editor.

MediaBias/Fact Check rates the Boston Globe, with a left-of-center bias. We’re unfamiliar with what this site considers to be out-of-bounds propagandizing, or if they would even recognize their own vulnerabilities. Since they post their methodology, we’ll give our readers the option to decide.

While claiming to be free of bias and above promoting deception, none of the newspapers touched on the fact that they overwhelmingly supported Hillary* in the 2016 election…..

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  1. This is why the press is the enemy of the people. Uniting to unseat a legitimately elected President because ” we don’t like him”. Like little school children. I remember the stupid kids who would find one person to “not like him/her, don’t play with them”. Ha! always a rebel I would make it my goal to play with that kid. Yet I was never in that “not like her” position, they just would tire of that game for awhile.
    The press trying to shove their losing candidate down our throat. They wonder why Trump labeled them an enemy, Ha! they are so blind. Well this rebel will keep supporting President Trump and I hope to God, the red wave is a Monsoon in November! We have to stamp out the blue till it’s no more than a small puddle after a Red Monsoon the likes of what we had last night.

  2. Aric — certain members of the press are responding to the first time in American history when a president continually calls them the “enemy of the people”, which is a lie. Not because they “don’t like him” as you say. You may not miss a free press, but i sure would.
    Dictators always find someone to get their followers to hate, and you follow right along on this chase. Trump is scared of what the press reports not because it’s fake, but because it’s not fake. If you think I’m wrong, please post three direct headlines from a major US paper that is actually a lie. I’ll wait here.

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