Pima County’s Historian: Sunday’s Comic

At the August 7, Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting Chairman Richard Elias presented an official proclamation to the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission proclaiming the month of August the City of Tucson’s 243rd anniversary. Elias asked for a “round of applause for the Native Americans who shared their ancestral land with us.” Historian and activist, Albert Lannon, in his Call to the Public remarks, advised Elias, “Actually, foreign invaders occupied their land and with cannons, guns, swords, hangings, beatings, rapes, forced labor and disease killed 95 percent of the Native people. Happy Birthday, Tucson!” In a rare response to a Call to the Public comment, Elias said, “That’s true, but we’ve moved on from there.”


  1. Look up the word PRESENTATISM. Fits perfectly with all of today’s phony accusations. Just movin’ on. Join me, Albert.

    • Yes, and I will continue to call out those who cover up that past up or use it to justify racist attitudes. Let us learn from our past so that we don’t repeat it. And let’s stop naming schools, streets, and neighborhoods after mass murderers.

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