Garcia’s New Campaign Slogan: Sunday’s Comic

Garcia Under Fire, Surrounded By Controversy, Enemies

Republicans and Democrats are taking their best shots gubernatorial candidate David Garcia these days. Garcia is a prime target as the frontrunner in the Democratic Primary race.
Garcia came under fire this week when his digital director, Xenia Orona, was forced to step down after PJ Media exposed her “anti-Arizona, anti-America, and anti-police tweets.”

On Friday, law enforcement personnel denounced Orona’s and Garcia’s complicity in “anti-police rhetoric,” at a press conference in Phoenix.


Among her older tweets was in which she wrote, “An open letter to Arizona: F— you.” In another, Orona tweeted, “ICE is abusive and needs to be abolished. But also, watch me speak exclusively Spanish in public at every given opportunity #ftp” (fuck the police)….

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  1. Garcia gained national infamy this past week for having no problem with minor girls as young as 13 getting ABORTIONS w/o parental consent!

  2. I wouldn’t vote for this joker, anyone who hires someone like that who is out to make sure he doesn’t win. Ah hahah!

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