La Cage aux Foul: Sunday’s Comic

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Fake news lemmings leap off Boston Globe’s cliff

ollowing in lockstep with the far left Boston Globe, what was reported as approximately 300 national newspapers ran editorials Thursday, condemning President Trump’s view that much of what is reported about him, his family and his administration is “fake news.”

This truth called for an in-unison reactionary response to what have been relentless attacks based on contrivances of Russian collusion and the supposedly vile acts of separating children from their illegal invader parents who were being held as they awaited adjudication. Such separation takes place in courtrooms across America each and every day as criminal parents are held awaiting sentencing or are actually incarcerated. In the instances of illegal border crossers being held, the policy dates back several administrations — crescendoing during the terms of Barack Obama. But leftist Obama was beloved by the press, and was given a pass on detainments, which were not covered during his administration…..

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