Pima County Planning Dept: Sunday’s Comic

Elias, Bronson, Valadez Play ACLU Crew In Stonegarden Melodrama

Over the course of the last several months, Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias has been playing along with pro-illegal immigrant activists, and the ACLU in their fight to stop the County from accepting Operation Stonegarden grant monies. The Kabuki-style theater has had southern Arizonans choosing sides, hurling accusations and epithets.

On Wednesday the game came to an abrupt end when documents were uncovered that prove the dog-and-pony show was just a show. According to Stonegarden federal grant documents, Elias, as chairman of the Board, approved the two Stonegarden grant contracts in question months ago…..

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  1. Looks like they have the voters figured out. We must like it but if you’re tired of the run around…CHANGE THE BOARD!!

  2. If you read the relevant section of the AZ constitution there is no doubt that the financing of World View, owned by friends of County Administrator Huckleberry and the Democrats on the Board is illegal and if not criminally so (there is no way to jail them for this transgression,) it should be. If a banker made such an illegal loan, a loan prohibited by law, the banker would be subject to a trial and a Federal prison sentence. The only ones who will receive ANY financial benefit in the case of World View are the business owners and the highly paid people initially hired to run the business but certainly not the poor and not the unemployed, the ones we should be spending economic development dollars to help. Furthermore, in a County with a poverty rate of over 20% does it ever make economic sense to spend money on such pie in the sky promises as “hundreds of jobs for the poor,” many years in the future? No sane businessman would pretend to be able to forecast more than a few business quarters in the future so promising a number of jobs for the poor and unemployed YEARS in the future is obviously fantasy land and the money would be better spent directly to help the poor. It is no longer sufficient to argue that “we get the government we deserve” because no one deserves a legislature that refuse to follow the law.

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