Gallego On ICE: Sunday’s Comic

Gallego Threatens Law Enforcement, Government Officials In Tweet

Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego threatened government officials and law enforcement officers in a tweet this week. Gallego ominously advised officials that they “will not be safe because you were just following orders.”

Gallego retweeted a tweet from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ….



  2. Why isn’t the FOP and AZCOPS jumping in on this?

    When Gallego first entered AZ politics I was hopeful a combat US Marine would help Arizona. Unfortunately he represented my former District only promoting hate of others and stirring the race card. Instead of promoting Arizona and attempting to improve conditions for our citizens, I watched as he is embraces Marxist ideas all while promoting the anti-law enforcement culture. Not much difference between Gallego and Grijalva except around 30 years age. Will Gallego be so passionate when a law enforcement officer is injured or killed because of his actions? Gallego said the death of a fellow marine inspired him to get into politics. Serving in a combat zone apparently Gallego has witnessed the last moments of a person killed in combat. Having watched people pass due to violence and accidents I can note the suffering, fear, calling for loved ones as they drift away is a horrible thing to witness. I think what Gallego said is unconscionable, especially for a man who says he lost friends in combat.

    What will the death of ICE Agent inspire him to do?

      • ICE has a high percentage of Hispanic employees, they can mobilize and energize friends and families to vote this degenerate out. BTW, some have written me and asked if I noticed his loose reference to the Nuremberg trails after WWII. I purposely avoiding giving him credit of malicious creativity.

  3. This is hardly news, it’s sadly to be expected when politically motivated racist Latinos unabashedly place racial heritage over established American law and order.
    Historically claiming to represent the constitution and the home district constituency, the notion of collective representation seems to only flow down racial lines, giving the impression that equal representation outside of race seems to evaporate like a mirage once elected.
    It has happened at TUSD, it is happening with this racist pig (Gallego) and it is happening daily with or own darling of bigotry, Rãul as he continues to aggressivly hobble federal agents with counterproductive oversight requirements that have less to do with increasing thier effectiveness and more to do with prohibiting them from fulfilling their job description.
    It would be considered overtly racist to not vote for someone for public office based solely or directly on thier race, but once in office, the Latino community in particular seems to openly morph into a single vision of pro-Latino agendas at America’s expense.
    This “vision” of abandoning the representation of non Latinos to promote a Latino only agenda is indefensible as anything but blatant RACISM.
    Of course laughably right on cue, the looney left, the sworn dedicated protectors of all inclusive diversity will ignore the facts, side step reality, spew venomous hate out of both orifices and justify as if to legitimize thier racist agenda as somehow warranted for correcting past injustices.
    While central and South America, and Mexico in particular, continues to fulfill their chosen destiny to be a third rate toilet by openly embracing the normality of political graft, professional corruption and political instability and free range narco terrorism, America’s looney left is once again delusional in its belief that abolishing our borders and pulling America down will somehow pull Mexico and her neighbors up.
    We are a land of laws, and if Rep. Gallego can’t grasp or comprehend that concept he shouldn’t run his face and commit perjury when he solemnly swears to uphold his oath of office.
    This POS needs to be voted out of politics, not because he’s a Latino, but because he has failed miserably as a human being, his comments are flat out racist.

    The Oracle

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